The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Laugh of the Week

“Sorry gang, I don’t mean to demean or overshadow our earlier Feel Good Sunday installment but I just could not resist the urge to include the funniest moment that I had this week.  Although this video, below, is a commercial it speaks to where a lot of us have been, MANY TIMES!  I showed it to Terry and we mutually had a great laugh but she quickly sobered up and said, “‘t was a good marketing move not to highlight a woman.’  I replied with, ‘No comparison intended,’ with all of my fingers crossed behind my back!!!’ ” ~ R.T.

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  1. Glad u saw this! I had seen this week’s ago & had been showing it to everyone. It is without a doubt one of funniest commercials ever!! Those horses are the bomb!!!


  2. LOL! Have seen way to many people trying to back up a trailer with hilarious results! I agree with Terry! Great marketing for the commercial to have a man instead of a woman driving & trying to accomplish the task at hand. Fingers crossed behind your back? Glad that you have a sense of humor, RT!!!! Thanks for the clip! The horse’s opinions say it all!!! Thanks for sharing & giving us a real “Feel Good Sunday” laugh before we get back to reality Monday.


  3. OH hell RT…I should’ve sent you my video clips of my turkeys in the backyard. No it isn’t horse related but these guys are free to roam the neighborhood. I’ve heard them since I moved in but up to a month ago they never stopped by for a visit!

    One of the biggest reasons I love them is that they are free. They remind me of our mustangs. Since I can’t have a horse in my life….and these guys aren’t mine…I consider their visits the second best option!


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