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Missouri State Rep Would Welcome Tainted Horse Meat on the Table

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“The Safeguard American Food Exports Act — would bar horse slaughter in the U.S. and ban horse shipments to Mexico”

Advocates for horses worry that U.S. restrictions against slaughtering the animals in this country soon could come to an end, and one Missouri lawmaker says he welcomes that.

Slaughtering horses isn’t illegal in the U.S. but has been barred by a technicality, in that over the previous two presidential administrations no federal money was appropriated for U.S. Department of Agriculture inspections of processing plants. With such oversight, the meat could not be sold.

The last horse slaughter plant in the U.S. closed a decade ago, but that hasn’t stopped horses from being exported to Mexico for slaughter despite efforts by places like Greenwood Stables and Equine Horse Rescue near Peabody in south-central Kansas, The Kansas City Star (http://bit.ly/2nK408T ) reported.

A measure introduced in both houses of Congress — the Safeguard American Food Exports Act — would bar horse slaughter in the U.S. and ban horse shipments to Mexico, and a Humane Society spokeswoman said recently she expects a “major battle over horse slaughter” this year.

Republican Missouri state Rep. Warren Love says he welcomes that legislative fight. The Osceola rancher considers horses livestock, calls slaughter a form of euthanasia and says the demise of slaughter severely damaged the horse industry. He hopes that changes under President Donald Trump, proclaiming, “There’s a new sheriff in town.”

Trump has not issued any opinion on the matter, though he has called for a repeal of other business regulations.

At Kansas’ Greenwood Stables and Equine Horse Rescue, run by 20-year-old college student Saje Bayes and her mother, Amy Bayes, the tandem has a working relationship with a man who buys horses to resell them to Mexican slaughter plants.

The man lets them have dibs on any horse they think they can find a home for. Last year, that amounted to 700 horses — a fraction of the number the man drove to Mexico.

“The picking is the worst thing ever,” said Bayes, a Newton librarian. “He puts up with a lot from us. He lets us pull horses he would rather we not. He gives us a chance to find them homes. He’s been nice. We’re not friends by any means, and he knows what side I’m on. We just agree to disagree.”

Critics said horses during the road trips to Mexico typically don’t get food or water and must stand in crowded trailers for journeys that can last 36 hours.

Cindy Gendron, manager of the national Homes for Horses Coalition, believes horses clearly are different from cattle, noting that “Americans don’t eat horse meat.”

One reason for that: Drugs that are injected into horses. But horse meat from Mexico has gone to Europe until 2014, when the European Union banned the import after an audit cited inhumane practices at Mexican slaughterhouses. Much of the meat now goes to Asia and the Middle East.

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  1. Obviously this representative does not look at the whole picture of the horrific treatment of these horse’s the conditions and inhumane treatment of these horse’s. The intensely stressful treatment and the horrendous act of cruelty that keeps happening over and over again. Really would be appalled if this was my heartless, disturbing representative to my State. In my opinion this is a sick individual who should not be in this position.


  2. I live in Missouri and I am ashamed that he is a rep. of this state! He is a stupid uncaring man that needs to be run out of office!!


  3. I also live in Missouri, & am also ashamed of Rep. Warren Love & any/all others who think like him. The “horse industry” is alive & well, as far as I know, & prices on horses has gone up, our fellow horse friends/ranches, are still having new babies, horse shows are doing fine, horse related tack & products are selling as good as ever. It’s idiots like him that try to sway unknowing people into believing untruths. Horse slaughter is what it is, slaughter. Slaughter, as we all know, is NOT “euthanasia”, or any “type” of euthanasia, it IS barbaric, cruel, disgusting, inhumane. Horses are companion animals, NOT “food”, &, most certainly not safe to be used as “food”!!Even now, most horse barns/stables that have a horse die of either natural causes, or had to be put down by a licensed vet, have to call an animal cremation place to pick them up, can not call a renderer (thank God!) due to all the toxic chemicals used in & on our domestic horses. Horrific!


  4. First definition that comes up for me:

    euthanasia |ˌyo͞oTHəˈnāZHə|
    the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. The practice is illegal in most countries.
    ORIGIN early 17th cent. (in the sense ‘easy death’): from Greek, from eu ‘well’ + thanatos ‘death.’


  5. Anyway to make it harder for meatmen to collect horses from Auctions to batch for shipments to slaughterhouses? Right now it seems so easy for anyone to steal horses, poach a group of wild horses, grab some free horses and just bring them to any auction and make quick money. Within a day or two and faked Vet records a criminal has cash in hand. If these were stolen cattle people would never get away with this crime. Why is that? The auctions are a front for stolen horses and accept documents that could be forged. Auctions don’t even photograph loose horses sold to meatmen. I remember reading 50,000 horses are stolen every year in America and never seen again. Cattle have an accepted ID system and records of medications.


    • Quite often cattle are scanned as they enter or exit trailers – either using microchips or scannable ID tags. The trailers are equipped with the scanners, so maybe there’d be a way to do something similar for any horses being transported. Only a few states still require brand inspections but a national requirement for microchips (or similar) might be one way to monitor horse trafficking and help locate stolen animals.



  6. Warren Love is just another clear example of the dumbness that regrettably permeates most rural conservative politicians these days, I am afraid to say.

    A man devoid of vision and a clear political program, he simply resorts to trolling horse advocates and HSUS in order to stir the pot and rally the extreme camps, and thus look like he is doing something instead of shuffling his bureaucratic cards until he can collect his pension.

    But most importantly that than is the self-evident narrowness of his knowledge of equines, equine industry or the meat one, despite him calling himself a “rancher” (a part time profession doesn’t qualify you as an expert on a matter, note that the guy that lives across the street plants spinach and raises chickens but you don’t regard him as being an expert in agricultural trade or economy simply because he grows stuff in his place, he is simply some guy that raises chickens and grows stuff).

    If the federal appropriations ban were to disappear tomorrow, I can guarantee Mr. Love that no horse slaughter plant will appear in Missouri, and likely in any other place in the country, unless some crazy person with deep pockets wants to spend its money on a failed enterprise that produces no revenues only to make an ideological point (that they don’t like regulations and don’t want anybody controlling the way the agribusiness industry conducts its business, even if regulations in a modern society are necessary). Too much trouble for a statement that can be made in a single phrase with zero spending.

    The guys that sell the meat, Mr. Love, won’t let you have any of their business and, anyways, the place where a good percentage of the horses going to slaughter actually go to be eating won’t buy US meat for a series of factors such as price and even international relations. Horsemeat trading is mostly about buying ultra cheap animals well bellow the price of beef cattle and turning them into that or something comparable through different ways. The profit is in the price difference, as far as that place I was referring to is concerned.

    Rather than saying in public things he doesn’t have a clue about to go in line with his current party line, and rally support through the same old cheapo slogans, I suggest Mr. Love to limit himself to become a good administrator, although it is evident he is not fitted for that role, and administrate his district correctly, least be that citizens realize the same job could be performed way better by somebody who takes the time to inform himself of the matter at hand instead of parroting barroom chatter.

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  7. Missouri state rep shares article calling Abraham Lincoln a ‘tyrant’

    A Republican in the Missouri House of Representatives celebrated Abraham Lincoln’s birthday by sharing a blog post that calls the 16th president the “greatest tyrant and despot in American history.”

    Warren Love, an Osceola Republican, shared the post, which concludes with a lament that “John Wilkes Booth did not act four years earlier,” on his Facebook account. Stephen Webber, the chair of the Missouri Democratic Party, took a screenshot of Love’s post that he shared on Twitter.



    • Well, this says it all. Guess he also wants to own human beings to feed them toxic horsemeat from his slaughter plant.

      I stumbled across many pro-slaughter twats in the past 14 years but this is one that takes the price.


      • Did you also read the “comments”? Apparently this guy was preaching to the choir there!!! Twat or Twit – they both fit!


      • Nope… didn’t read the comments. Surely we can find some precious gems there. I have to admit that my choice of words was bad… they are simply plain stupid.


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