Three reasons Karen Budd-Falen is unfit to lead the Bureau of Land Management

SOURCE:  medium.com

Credit: Bureau of Land Management »» Budd-Falen Law Offices, Facebook

With a career dedicated to undermining public lands and public servants, Budd-Falen is uniquely unqualified for the director’s post

by Greg Zimmerman

Rumors are swirling that President Trump will nominate Wyoming lawyer Karen Budd-Falen to direct the Bureau of Land Management.

Budd-Falen is uniquely unqualified to oversee the BLM, a department charged with managing 258 million acres of America’s public lands — and nearly 700 million acres of oil, gas, and other minerals — on behalf of the American public. She has spent her career fighting against the very existence of U.S. public lands, filing frivolous lawsuits against the BLM, working to subvert public land managers, supporting unpopular efforts to dispose of public lands, and even aligning herself with fringe extremists.

Here are three important reasons Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and the Trump administration should look elsewhere rather than nominate Budd-Falen to run one of America’s most important agencies.

Budd-Falen sympathizes with the Bundy family and other anti-public lands extremists; she also wrote their playbook

For decades Karen Budd-Falen has been a leading voice in the the so-called “county rights movement” — an offshoot of the fringe county supremacy movement which holds that county sheriffs have ultimate authority over the federal government and can choose whether or not to enforce U.S. laws.

In the early 1990s she drafted Catron County, New Mexico’s “comprehensive land use & policy plan” which effectively declared the U.S. government is subservient to the county’s “custom and culture” — suggesting land managers could not regulate grazing, logging, and other uses of public lands.

The Catron ordinance is a detailed handbook for county supremacists and anti-public land extremists who’ve led multiple armed standoffs with public land managers and law enforcement. The land use plan goes so far as to claim that BLM land managers “undermined the practice of democracy….” The model plan drafted by Budd-Falen spread to dozens of counties across the West, and while most counties avoided testing the laws in court, a state court did invalidate a Catron-style ordinance in Boundary County, Idaho.

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  1. It seems that this nomination is following a pattern set in motion by the new administration: find someone who dislikes the current department, who has fought or stands against it (EPA, Dept. of Educ., Housing…) and allow them to dismantle the organization and set it up for private takeover (Friedman economics). As much as horse lovers have railed against the BLM, the agency may soon become our best friend in the Save the Mustangs movement.

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  2. Only three reasons? This gal has been all gung ho for states rights & against any attempt to cut back on grazing allotments – of course, against our wild horses & burros – and I imagine, very happy about removals (killing) of wild predators. Of course shes this administration’s 1st choice for director of the BLM – as Judy said – thats the prevailing reason for putting someone in charge – at this point.


  3. Isn’t there ANYONE who really cares about the land and the wildlife? Seems to me that they just want to destroy everything except the cattle and the cattle tear up the lands. so disheartening the way our nation is going.


  4. I wish people generally would speak up more, and put their money where there mouths are. As long as people eat beef without question or without demanding protections for other life surrounding the industry (and this goes for the energy industry too), the cattle barons are going to rule, and as brutally as in the 1800s. This is terrible, putting this person in charge of the BLM. And people wonder why the agencies are not trusted!

    I am more thankful than ever that I gave up red meat.

    Someone posted a link at TWN where a judge in Utah ‘tossed’ (into the round file I hope) a lawsuit to remove all wild horses!


  5. #NoHorseSlaughter #AmericanWildHorses belong to the American People…my taxes …my horses #DERANGEDWAR no provision to allow kill buyers to buy or sell horses for slaughter …. Scientific proof horses can be managed in population & birth control … American wild horses are A resource for the environment …


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