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THE TRUTH #3 – The timeline of kill buyer Tom Davis, who bought almost 1,800 wild horses & burros from the BLM, including BLM emails about him

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THE TRUTH #3 – The timeline of  kill buyer Tom Davis, who bought almost 1,800 wild horses & burros from the BLM, including BLM emails about him

NOTE:  Besides the fact that the Bureau of Land Management sold one person almost 1,800 wild horses and burros, some other issues that really stand out in the timeline below are:

16 of these sales were authorized by “Virtual Migration Person” instead of a person’s name, indicating a lack of accountability by the BLM.  Who, exactly, authorized these sales?

1 /11/2012 – On 1/11/12, Lester T. Duke (BLM Burns, Oregon) sent an email to BLM’s Bea Wade, regarding 50 sale authority horses, noting that a “large portion”of the mares were “possibly pregnant.”  Sally Spencer sent an email on 2/23/12 that Tom Davis would purchase the horses, starting with the load of mares from Burns, Oregon. (About a week later, the BLM sold Tom Davis 32 horses from the Burns, OR corrals. 19 of these horses were mares)

4/24/2012 – The BLM, already alerted that Tom Davis was suspected of selling horses to slaughter, sold Davis another 106 mares (27 years old to 11 years old) from Indian Lakes Rd. facility in Fallon, NV.  Sally Spencer authorized this sale.

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  1. The truth should be known and never let up on them. It proves that the BLM had always been a rogue agency.we’ve said it how many gazillion times? Salazar was a big party part of it. We’ve known that. Sally Jewell was complicit in it. Now this other clown. I continue too hear the same retoric repeated for 15 years or however long that I’ve been involved (HR503 was the first bill that I got actively involved in),




  3. 5/17/2012 – Sally Spencer sent out an email, marked “High” importance, to 21 people

    Joe Stratton,
    Roger Oyler,
    Amy Dumas,
    Fran Ackley,
    Karen Malloy,
    Christopher Robbins,
    Jared Bybee,
    Robert Mitchell,
    Alan Shepherd,
    Rob Sharp,
    Robert Hopper,
    Gus Warr,
    June Wendlandt,
    Joan Guilfoyle,
    Mary D’Aversa,
    Dean Bolstadt,
    Jeff Krause,
    Tom Gorey,
    Debbie Collins,
    Lili Thomas,
    Bea Wade)
    and BLM_WO_260 WHB Communications, telling them a reporter was calling about Tom Davis. Spencer asked Joe Stratton to send out a message to all facility managers and the state leads to send a message out to all WHB Specialists that if they were asked “specifics” about a purchaser, they shouldn’t respond for privacy issues…”


  4. 5/31/2012 – Sally Spencer emails Dave Philipps a response to his questions regarding Tom Davis.

    6/10/2012 –-Dave Philipps sends email to Tom Gorey informing him “I have documentation that the buyer has taken almost all of the horses immediately to the Mexican border in Texas.”

    6/14/2012 – BLM’s Tom Gorey emails
    Sally Spencer and
    Joan Guilfoyle
    regarding journalist Dave Philipps contacting WO BLM regarding article he was writing about BLM’s sale (of almost 1,800) wild horses to one buyer (Tom Davis). Tom Gorey notes this article “is expected to be extremely critical of the BLM.”

    This same day, there were numerous emails between BLM’s
    Tom Gorey,
    Joan Guilfoyle,
    Jeff Krause,
    Mike Pool, and
    Celia Boddington,


    • PROPUBLICA 2012
      Reader Comment

      one semiload(40 ave. horses per load) cost Mr Davis 400 dollars to purchase..that same load of horses would bring @ 600 a head at slaughter -a profit of 26,600..Mr Davis took approx..minimum..6-7 loads..netting him a profit of between $141,600-$165,200..thats just in one transaction at Canon City…on top of that..we the taxpayer PAID to have the BLM ship those horses to the mexico border..or where ever he sent them..The adobe horses are large and fat coming off the range..they would bring more than an average price at on the other hand..we the taxpayer paid millions to round up , process vacdinate and geld these wild horses that we sold to this kill buyer..OF COURSE..there is an incentive built into to this flawed system..for someone to buy them for slaughter


  5. Here is documentation of just one of MANY times you and I paid to have OUR horses hauled to La Jara, Colorado where Tom Davis lived.

    Dollars Obligated $3,900
    Current Contract Value $3,900
    Major Agency Dept. of the Interior
    Modified Contracting Agency 1422: Bureau of Land Management
    Contracting Agency Bureau of Land Management
    Contracting Office OR020
    Major Funding Agency Dept. of the Interior
    Date Signed 03/02/2010
    Ultimate Completion Date 03/05/2010
    IDV Type Purchase Order (PO)
    Type of Contract Pricing Fixed Price
    Letter Contract X


  6. Excerpts of a December 2010 email sent to BLM [Sally Spencer] regarding the sale of our wild horses [to Tom Davis] and Sally’s response:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I understand that you are selling about 255 Colorado horses this week to
    someone for “ag deferral” … but the fact is they are going to slaughter
    to be dog food or someones “special” dinner in France? Please tell me
    this is NOT true. Please tell me who this person is and where their
    property is and what their wild horse background is and what kind of
    watering system they have on the property and how much hay they have on
    hand and how much they are paying BLM per head and how many acres they
    have available and what kind of fencing they have and who their
    veterinarian is (name & address) and what their “intent” is and if they
    have previously adopted from BLM. These are MY horses and I need to know.
    These are the same questions you asked ME when filling out the BLM sale
    authority questionnaire so I know you have the answers – I need to know
    and I need to know now, please.

    Sally’s response:
    “Thank you for your interest in the Wild Horse and Burro Program. Our goal
    is to find good long term care for the horses. Before someone can purchase
    a horse, they need to complete the attached questionnaire. We then spend
    quite a bit of time talking with the interested purchaser on what their
    plans are for the horse(s). We sell horses with the following intent
    Purchaser agrees not to knowingly sell or transfer ownership of any listed
    wild horse(s) and/or burro(s) to any person or organization with an
    intention to resell, trade, or give away the animal(s) for processing into
    commercial products.
    If we become aware of someone we have sold horses to who then sells or
    transfer ownership to any person who sells them to slaughter, we turn them
    over to the Department of Justice for prosecution and we will not sell or
    adopt to that person again.
    The person who is interested in purchasing horses from Canon City has
    purchased horses from us in the past. He has placed horses with
    individuals who have property and are interested in having a few (four or
    five) wild horses running on their property.
    We have other individuals who are interested in purchasing Adobe Town
    horses currently at Canon City and we will work with them to make sure that
    they will be able to provide good long term care for the horses.
    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Sally”


    • In the government, there is an illegal activity know as “underground rulemaking”. This is exactly what has been done and continues to be done by the Bureau of Land Management.
      I quote, “Staff has taken an adversarial approach and has engaged in
      underground rulemaking resulting in additional regulation for the sole purpose of advancing its agenda.”


  7. all these people & no one had the guts to stand up & say this is wrong, this is against the law!! unbelievable, I hope their actions haunt them ’til the time they leave this life, then the Devil can have them!!


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