BLM’s website down Thursday night

Well, the ONLY source for any BLM information on the worldwide web that hasn’t been completely erased, the new minimalist BLM website, has been down.

The BLM should extend the deadlines on all planning documents since the public wasn’t able to access their website to get any information for hours tonight.  I doubt if the BLM website is “overloaded,” so in the future, if they know that work is to be done on the website and that it may be offline, they should let the public know ahead of time.  On the bright side, maybe they’re adding some of the tens of thousands of pages about the Wild Horse & Burro Program that they wiped off the internet.

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  1. The nuclear waste storage fight warms up

    Where should America stash its spent nuclear fuel? A decades-old plan to create a central dumping site in Nevada’s Yucca Mountain stalled out during the Obama administration, with Nevada powerhouse Harry Reid leading Democrats in the Senate. But the Trump administration has re-opened that dormant fight over the past few months, and it’s starting to really heat up. First, Trump requested $120 million in his 2018 budget to restart the licensing process for the Yucca site. Then, in June,
    Energy Secretary Rick Perry
    announced that he was reconstituting the key office that oversaw the Nevada site for long-term waste storage, setting off protests from Nevada lawmakers and forcing Perry to walk back some of this comments.

    This week, the National Regulatory Commission released a memo—dated July 31-directing staff to conduct preliminary “information-gathering” on restarting the licensing process. This is a small step, a $110,000 effort to “re-establish infrastructure” to get the licensing process underway. But it’s another sign that Trump is serious about storing nuclear waste in the Yucca site. This fight is just getting underway.


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