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CCTV to be compulsory in English slaughterhouses

Source:  Horse & Hound

CCTV to be compulsory for slaughterhouses

by Lucy Elder

CCTV will be compulsory in all English slaughterhouses under plans revealed by environment secretary Michael Gove today (11 August).

Mr Gove said the measures he is setting out “will reinforce our status as a global leader” in animal welfare.

Under the new plans, footage would be available to the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) official vets, who monitor and enforce animal welfare standards in slaughterhouses.

A six-week consultation on the proposals has started and the plans are likely to go before parliament early next year.

British Veterinary Association president Gudrun Ravetz welcomed the plans, in particular the commitment to official FSA vets having unrestricted access to footage.

The government has also confirmed it is updating the welfare codes for chickens, pigs, dogs, cats and horses.

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  1. The damage we are doing to our only home, planet Earth, would be greatly reduced if we stop treating other creatures as beings we are compelled to eat. We would be healthier and the animal suffering would be diminished, yet the moral divide between dogs and cats and the others we call “farm animals” could hardly be wider. I have been attacked for protesting a restaurant serving foie gras, while people walked by with their little poodles on leashes and sneered the meanest words.


    • We are impervious to mean words. ‘Slaughterhouse closed’ are the ones I pay attention to. ‘Abusers arrested’ is another one.

      You’ve all heard of the shark draggers from FL? There’s either new photos or video of one of the shooting cats with a bow an arrow!


  2. This is a crock of shit!! There is NO humane equine slaughter. Some will alwsys find ways around it. Our country is a fine example. This is why we in Illinois pushed anf finally closed the last slaughter plant in the US. All the quotes from the quote authorities is a crock of shit because I know first hand from those who workrf in the plant. And the foals taken from their moms and killed so the mare could be slaughtetered! Never will it humane!!! Some humanes need to take the blinders off!!

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    • I agree with you, Gail. There is NO HUMANE EQUINE SLAUGHTER. Just keep in mind we post “news” in the media here for discussion and debate, because that’s how many people new to these issues can learn – from comments like yours. We don’t necessarily personally agree with everything in each post.

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    • I cant forget the FOIAs from USDA several years ago about the poor little mare who gave birth in the corral where the horses are picked up to cross the border – they put her on the truck & took the foal to a DUMP! and killed it. The nights I cant sleep – thats what goes thru my mind. As I remember, the USDA vets who supposedly inspect the horses rate right up there with the BLM bureaucracy!


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