Horse Slaughter

THE TRUTH #5 – Kill buyer Tom Davis admitted to DoI OIG investigators that he knew wild horses went to “kill plants” (slaughter)

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THE TRUTH #5 – Kill buyer Tom Davis admitted to DoI OIG investigators that he knew wild horses went to “kill plants” (slaughter).

The pages below are from the transcript of a DoI OIG interview with Tom Davis, in connection with the DoI OIG’s investigation into kill buyer Tom Davis selling wild horses & burros to slaughter, where they had horrific deaths.

Tom Davis talks about selling wild horses to Charro Rodeo, and then also admits he knew that wild horses were going to the “kill plant.”


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  1. Thank u. This is again reasons why we need to sue to save the horses. You said you were NOT going to however, the White Paper, the conflict of Interests, the serious connections between Pro horse slaughter and the Bureau that supposed to prevent it. These are all evidence that they never intended to do the sole job they were supposed to do. Just their lies of starvation alone would win the suit. The White Paper is evidence and admissions of slaughter that I have from the Canadian side accepting horses that are branded. There’s A LOT of reasoning for a new suit. These things need aired by a Judge and an immediate injection to stop any transfer of horses if Congress approves this insanity. These healthy horses were fed to die.Theres a passinate argument for an Attorney in there regarding the truth. These horses are not in holding or pastures they are in a Death trap. A virtual nightmare of horse hatred trying to saash our American Wild Horses and our American History and Spirit. Compelling argument can be brought that this is abuse of the Bureau by conniving to lower the budget and putting out propaganda terrifying the public the horses with starve gruesome deaths. They inflate numbers, and traumatize American readers who aren’t informed into believing horses have destroyed the Entire West while millions of cattle will be left behind to do what? Graze? A Judge will see how crazy that actually is. If the wild horses must go then all cattle wouldn’t have grazing either he or she will ask why are not All cattle being removed? The point is were at the tipping point. The money was spent on continual roundups spurred by false data inflated propaganda and it’s illegal to lie to the public and manipulate them. That’s called fraud. The lies and truth don’t have balance in articles, they paint morbid pictures of absolutely dying horses and terrify people into believing abusive slaughter or abusively selling an masse for whatever purpose is a solution. That not a solution that was their original plan. Please reconsider a suit. It’s time to allow the Passio of the people to Win for the Horses. They say People are misinformed and lack knowledge of the Wild Horses etc. That’s not true. They just investigated yet another rancher for killing a horse during training and another for tying a horse to keep it calm for shoeing. It was hotties on the ground on its side for 6 hours and died as a result. These are not trainers or shoers. Real horse people train and their horses wind up ridden not dying. We need to break the hold the ranchers have on the horses future once and for all. The Old West is gone and it’s time for a New One without abuse and without slaughter.

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  2. There had been increased activity with these roundups lately. Then it comes up that connections he knew were involved in the whole complex story. These horses sent to long term pastures are in reality feedlots. That’s the way they do cattle. Note..most of the long term pastures are owned by livestock companies. That’s why they’ve been disappearing. Nothing is being done. Pastures are private so nobody can see just how many horses are going out the back door. I’ve not been fooled for one minute. Why nothing had been done seriously yup date is beyond me. Now here’s the proof.. Better get busy before you lose them all.

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  3. I agree with ColtsWesternShop regarding legal action. We really need an injunction until we can get behind this Iron Curtain and expose everything that is going on. The propaganda war that our opponents is waging is mind-boggling, and has infiltrated into every little nook and cranny of our society, it seems! Alas, we are out of time, especially given the latest cast of characters that has slithered into the halls of our government. They want to finish these animals off, and, in the process, finish us off.


  4. “”25 and 30″” year old stallions, gelded where some hack-Vet– pulled testes out of the sack and left testes attached by cord to “dry out” The BLM sold- gave free? trailers full of horses for davies to sell to Mexican rodeo/a slaughter house IN Mexico. And how did this man manage to smuggle trailers full of 100s of wild horses over the Mexican border past our USDA livestock border authorities? These horses were tripped to death in in those stupid rodeos. What horrible, evil people in our BLM Federal agency. Thieves and smugglers. Makes me sick to know all those beautiful vibrantly HEALTHY 20++ year old stallions and mares were given FREE to men like davies and slowly tortured to death.


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