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Video: How Wolves Change Rivers

Video by Chris and Dawn Agnos

“Here at ‘Straight from the Horse’s Heart‘ and ‘Wild Horse Freedom Federation‘ we believe that nature takes care of nature and the misguided intervention of man usually leads to ecological disaster; primarily due to the need of greed to monetize all that is natural.

The wild equines of North America have been around since the dawn of time, in fact, they first evolved in North America as documented in recovered fossils and through scientific research.  But that is not what the land and cattle barons want you to hear.  To them, the horses are feral and are the cockroaches of the west when in reality it is the welfare cattle and sheep that are the foreigners that bring destruction to our native public lands.

This brief video, released in 2014, documents how, when left alone, nature not only manages herself but can heal and regain her gusto and vigor.  We believe that the same would be true of the horses and burros; we are not against predation as it is natural and nature would seek it’s own balance.  The federal governments plan to kill off/murder our national treasures for the misguided benefit of the few is NOT where we need to go.  Please download our free pamphlet from the link at the bottom of this page.  Enjoy the video. Be safe.” ~ R.T.

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  1. Thanks, R.C. FYI, I grew up in Dickinson, on the south side of Dickinson Bayou where the great Coastal prairie begins and runs all the way to the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay. As a boy, I heard the prairie wolves howl at night, literally every night of my childhood, because in those days we slept without AC. At age four, my mother chased a wolf away as I played outside on our back porch. I don’t remember much about the wolves of my childhood beyond the never ending chorus I would hear in those days before air conditioning sealed us of forever from living with the outdoors – indoors. I suppose I last heard the wolves howel in Galveston County somewhere around 1956, but I’m guessing at that. Nonetheless, it was very real. I need to add that I saw them from afar on my father’s rice farm when the land was freshly plowed and their natural habitat was gone. I’m so blessed to have been a child during the last gasp of the frontier as our fathers knew it. I heard wolves.


  2. Allowing nature to make the decisions should always be our first choice – our best practice method – our outline to follow. Great video!


  3. This fantastic video demonstrates how God intended nature to keep in balance all around our world. When we humans interfere with this balance, i.e., decimating wolf and bear populations, eliminating wild horses and burros from their natural habitats, etc., we upset nature itself. Our government has been making terrible decisions re the lives of these wild animals in the past several years. Instead of protecting them from harm, the government is creating harm towards them. This needs to change now. Signing petitions, calling Representatives and Senators and “hoping” that our Congress will pass bills to keep our “wild ones” safe, doesn’t seem to solve the problems. Most people I talk to here in the Midwest don’t even know that our government is involved in any of these issues. I’m very bothered that any of our wild horses and burros have been and will be torn away from their habitats and rounded up. I’m very bothered that wolves, bears and their cubs would be killed in their dens. My question is why? Who does this benefit? We are responsible as stewards of this earth for their protection, not their annihilation!

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