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Man Behind Controversial Horse Video Charged with Animal Cruelty

Warning: Video Could Be Disturbing To Most

The following is a news release from the Teton County Wyoming Sheriff’s Office.

On Friday, August 25, a Teton County Deputy Sheriff issued Forrest Stearns a citation for cruelty to animals, a misdemeanor in the State of Wyoming. The cruelty to animals case stemmed from an incident that occurred on Tuesday, August 8, whereby Mr. Stearns was videotaped next to a horse he had tied to the ground. The horse eventually died.

Earlier on August 25, Deputy Doug Raffelson interviewed a witness to the incident involving Forrest Stearns tying the horse to the ground. The witness had left the area soon after the incident of August 8 and went on a backpacking trip and therefore was unavailable for an interview. The witness had not returned to the area until this week.

The witness was able to provide credible evidence that the horse was tied to the ground for a minimum of three hours. Prior to receiving this statement, investigators did not believe there was enough substantiation of evidence to warrant the citation. Forrest Stearns was issued a misdemeanor citation and given a court date of August 31, 2017.

The case will be forwarded to the Teton County and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for the possible filing of the charges.

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  1. This man should have the same torture done to him! He is continually being mean & hateful to every horse he comes in contact with. He shouldn’t be allowed by law to ever own or handle another equine!! POS!!!!


  2. This is one sick, depraved man. He already has a rap sheet for harming people, so makes sense he would get his anger out on a helpless horse.


  3. That horse had already been struggling quite a while before the filming started, and was clearly having trouble breathing due to being stretched so hard front to back. No water, no shade, horse sweating profusely, then left there it seems overnight, tied up, and left to die?

    It’s impossible to justify how this would in any way “teach” a horse to give up his hooves to this man, or anyone ever after (should he have survived). Obviously if this guy owned this horse and was responsible for his “training” it had already failed or there would have been no such lethal trouble.


  4. Well, thank goodness!
    Prosecution is due!
    A innocent,helpless animal died by this thug’s hand and it’s clear he had no remorse!


  5. This has to stop , authorities have to take immediate action when reported and throw the book at this devil. Karma will get this man and I hope he suffers more than that horse did.


  6. This man is the representation of the ranchers who want wild horses gone bc they are unmanageable…. yeah the only thing unmanageable is ranchers like this guy


    • Is there any evidence this man is a rancher, or that this horse was once a wild horse? He is described as an outfitter/guide and it is presumed this is his own domestic horse.

      Where are America’s journalists anymore?

      Who owned this horse, and what was his name? If he was a BLM or USFS adopted horse, there should be information on his freeze brand to help tell his story. Was there a vet who determined the cause of death as “heart attack” as this man later claimed? Why wasn’t the man’s vet called to tranquilize this horse if he was so unhandled he was afraid to give his hoof to this man? (I’ve known plenty of horses in my life whose owners do exactly this to avoid problems, and the drugs are amnesiac so the horse is not traumatized by shoeing). Did this horse show evidence of any other abuses on that day or any other? Did they bury him or haul him to a landfill, and if buried, are there others there as well?

      Very little information is online, and every photo I’ve seen posted crops out the horse’s hogtied and bloodied legs – why? This is the harsh truth of what this man did over a prolonged time that ended this helpless horse’s life, for what?


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