Horse Slaughter

Wild Horse and Burro Hater Zinke continues to add lobbyists and DC insiders to Interior

Source: Western Values

Ahead of potential confirmation votes, check out profiles of Interior nominees at

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee is expected to vote on the nominations of Joseph Balash and Ryan Nelson to the Interior Department. Ahead of the vote, Western Values Project has taken a look at how the revolving door continues to spin between special interests, their lobbyists, and Secretary Ryan Zinke’s Interior Department.

Both nominees have been well documented on Western Values Project’s website for their lengthy histories of favoring big donors and special interests.

“Secretary Zinke is continuing to fill his cabinet with special interests and Washington insiders. While Interior continues to stack the deck with staff from the oil and gas industry, they seem set on ignoring the outdoor industry that our communities rely on. That explains why sportsmen, hunters and anglers are turning against the Secretary,” said Chris Saeger, Executive Director of the Western Values Project. “Balash and Nelson are merely the latest examples of Zinke’s refusal to keep his promise to preserve public lands and uphold his Montana values. With these nominations, it’s abundantly clear that Secretary Zinke does not value the outdoor heritage and public lands that communities in the West rely on.”

Joseph Balash

Joseph Balash, nominated to be assistant secretary of the Interior, land and minerals management, has a long history of favoring special interests over people in his home state of Alaska. In 2013, Balash was cited as one of the “key players on Gov. Sean Parnell’s bill to lower oil taxes.” In 2014, Balash used his time as the commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources to claim nearly 20,000 acres of the National Arctic and Wildlife Refuge to be offered for oil and gas leasing. He then approved lowered royalty rates on several leases operated by oil company Caelus Energy.

Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson, nominated to be solicitor of the Interior, has a background in using power to silence critics. During the George W. Bush administration, Nelson used his time as deputy attorney general for the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division to argue against environmental groups and activists. Nelson has since spent his time in the private sector acting as general counsel to the health care product company Melaleuca, Inc. and its CEO Frank VanderSloot. Both Melaleuca and VanderSloot have used lawsuits and other bullying tactics to attack journalists and other critics.

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  1. I am writing this to those that’s hold the lives of the people’s, wild Mustangs.
    These wild horses are a major part of this country’s history. The Calvary,
    The land rush of the 1800’s.
    All freight used to build this great country.
    World War One, World War Two.
    There ancestors gave there lives to help build and defend, This great Country. And now those in government, want to give BLM there death sentence.
    That is so wrong Please give these Wild Mustangs, the right to live.

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  2. These Beautiful Wild Horses and Burros shouldn’t be Slaughtered and become some one dinner . These horses and burros Ancestors help make and build this country . The Mustangs were used for the Pony Express . I am sure everyone knows of that . When the army ( Cavalry) was out west using the Thoroughbreds they found that they couldn’t do what the Mustang could . The thoroughbreds couldn’t climb steep rocky terrain like the mustang could . These animals should not be harmed in anyway and left alone . The cattle should be taken of the Mustangs land that the Government said they could roam free and wild on, and not be harmed or rounded up . For slaughter and human consumption .

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    On Sunday November 22nd, as on the previous Friday (as reported in the Denver Post and 5280 Denver’s Magazine), a plane and banner message critical of Secretary Salazar will be flying over Denver, prior to the Denver Broncos game. Frustrated and angry over continued Wild Horse round-ups, the message sponsors are working toward a conversation on the real issues on our public lands discussed in this press release.

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    • salazar the little man, with a little appendage I;ll just bet, and a small mind to complete the whole picture, he+his buddy tom davis the horse shipper, and horse eater must be stopped at all venues

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  4. Zinke is a goon that must be punished, a good place to start is reporting him to the Humane Society, but we must never stop there and never quit as he has been relentless in the killing and slaughter of so many innocent defenseless animals.

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