Month: September 2017

Outing Enemies of Horses & Burros

Citizens Against Equine Slaughter CAES has never been interested in making sure we play political popularity games. We don’t need new friends, or photo opportunities to get support. We have science, sound fiscal, humane solutions. We just are not lining pockets to get it done. If you are […]

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Feel Good Sunday: Photobombed by Horses

“Last week a reader dressed me down, just a bit, for deviating off the course of equine advocacy with our traditional “Feel Good Sundays” and a part of me is in full agreement, BUT we will continue to attempt to bring a smile to your lips and an uplift to your heart on this day of rest. Granted, we may slam an article of concern down on the table later in the day but at least we can start the day with a little bit of equine sunshine. Have faith and please be safe, my friends.” ~ R.T.

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