Wild Horses/Mustangs

Day 18 of the Checkerboard Roundup Where Less and Less Horses Will Be Free

Source:  wildhoofbeats.com

Day 18 of the Checkerboard Roundup Where Less and Less Horses Will Be Free

by Carol J. Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Stallion Running Away

Stallion Running Away


And a very little foal

And a little foal

On the way out to the Checkerboard Area in Adobe Town, we saw a group of horses, several families, that we surprised as we drove by. I knew that they would not be here when we headed back to Rock Springs, and I wished I could tell them to hide as they ran away.

Very far away

Very far away

When we were shown our location for observation near the Haystacks, a unique formation of hills, we set up and soon realized that we would see very little – between the distance to the trap and the ridges and sagebrush in the way, we only got quick glimpses very far away.

The little family on the ridge

The little family on the ridge

Looking at us

Looking at us

Starting down the hill as the stallion watches

Starting down the hill as the stallion watches

But we soon became very lucky because there were horses coming down the rock formation! A little family, with a stunning sorrel stallion, his grey mare and her grey look alike filly. They looked down at us, and I realized they were going to come down the steep formation to get away from the helicopter, which was behind the butte.  READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE HERE.

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  3. I just happened to turn on The Smithsonian Channel this morning, and they had a program Aerial America-Nevada where I heard the narrator say that wild herds of Mustangs DOUBLE in size (!!) every 4 years, and that they are causing a lot of damage to the land. I am going to contact the Smithsonian and the program both to enlighten them to the truth. Will urge them to look up the facts at The Cloud Foundation’s site, Return to Freedom or AWHPC sites and educate themselves! Pro-slaughter bastards are always finding ways to spread their dam lies!!


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