Horse News

Wild Horse & Burro TWITTER STORM

ReTweet to everyone you know and have them retweet, make some calls and let it rip,  See you on Facebook tonight

they belong to all of US! We live by these words !

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  1. To our precious Wild Horses & Burros… We have your back, to protect you & save you!! And we will FIGHT this current administration until the very end. NO MATTER WHAT! THANK YOU RT, TERRY, & SOO MANY OTHER DEVOTED ORGS TO SAVE THESE INNOCENT ONES!!


  2. Maybe we should name some wild horses Donald, Don Jr., Melania, Barron, Ivanka etc. and send photos. Picasso of course is priceless, so maybe Remington, Renoir, Russell, Degas??? At least those might then be spared.


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