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NFL Disrespect Drive the Budweiser Clydesdales Away?

‘In my humble opinion’ by R.T. Fitch

First time in recent memory; the horses give the Stupid Bowl the cold shoulder

I don’t watch the game; (just a bunch of bulked-up, overpaid males running around a field playing with their balls) but I always look forward to previewing the commercials that are played during the event and of course, the tales told by the Clydesdale’s mini-movies are always the favorite.

Be they patriotic, remember the 911 one, or about being more than you thought you could be; they almost always bring a tear to your eye…but not in this year of gross disrespect and inflated egos, no ponies.

I am not sure why they will not be there, but one thing is for certain; there will be a lot fewer people watching this event than there have been in the past.

This year’s NFL ratings have been abysmal while those who make 30 times the wages of their fans disrespect the flag that many of us served under and know patriots who have died for it, full stop.  (I tried not to comment on this over the past year but it has just got a tad out of hand)

But, good ole Budweiser has posted an internet commercial, below, and after viewing it I am acutely aware that it would offend the NFL and its crybaby management as it shows a flag (oh no) being raised and uses the word, ‘Country’.

“We can’t have that, it is too controversial just like the AMVET ad that showed an American Flag and said, ‘Let’s Stand’, damn those trouble makers.

See for yourself:

Ohhhhhh, all that subtle patriotism might just scare the jock strap right off from one of those sniveling little sissies on the sidelines…BOO!

In memory of years gone by let’s wash our minds out and take a little tour of what the horses DID tell us in their novellas sponsored by adult beverages.  Join us at the end of the ride for some pretty cool viewing alternatives to the numb-skull head bashing of American Football.







2009 (bonus: there were two this year!)


2011 wasn’t very Clydesdale-y, so we skipped it… moving on to 2012:




Now the annual advent of the “Stupid” Bowl is just that for Terry, her parents and myself as it is our excuse to get silly, wicked “Stupid” and spend the afternoon/evening laughing our collective asses off watching:

The Puppy Bowl – on Animal Planet


The Kitten Bowl – on The Hallmark Channel

Pick your favorite, furry flavor (or watch both at the same time like we do) and have the very greatest of times.  No politics, no statements, no stupidity; just maybe a little tinkle here and a little poopy there but even when that occurs with a little one its funny.

So you can still have a good time with the critters while grown men try to give each other permanent brain damage and call it a game.

Enjoy and have fun!!!

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  1. Due to the disrespect shown shown to Old Glory and my Country, and sanctioned by the NFL, I won’t be watching the game on Sunday. It won’t matter to any of them, but it matters to me. Thanks for sharing the won’t be seen Bud Clydesdale commercial – they must have been gelded, or they’d be standing up for their right to an opinion (JMO). I’ll be spending time with my horses instead. ❤️


  2. THANK YOU, R.T. for putting them all in one place. What a joy! I love them all….the horses, the dogs, the music, the humor, and the heart tugs. They were the best part of any Super Bowl…and if Bud doesn’t realize that, too bad. The animals were too good for them, then.


  3. And yet….what country do we live in? Do we live in North Korea where your family is literally starved to death if you dont show proper adoration for the leader and a fawning ‘love’ of country? No. We live in America, built on the very important and unique principle that the minority have as much right to publicly voice or hold an opinion that the majority does not. Hence people have the right to display a personal protest at what they consider to be gross miscarriage of justice sanctioned by the majority. Dont belittle this valuable and singular trait that America is built upon. It has served us well for the last 250 years. Ironically it seems to me, those most likely to get all bunched up over someone taking a kneel during the preliminary to a football game conveniently forget that African Americans have served valiantly for centuries now in the US military. Oh yes, those same folks also forget that immigrants too serve, fight and die, for this country, even today.

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    • My feelings exactly. I realize these players make millions from this “sport” but frankly, I have respect for the ones who are “taking a knee” in response to how this minority has been treated and in some places still is being treated. Honestly, I don’t believe they are dis-respecting the flag or what it means – this issue needs to be addressed – & their actions have brought it into the public.


      • That said – football is NOT my thing – as far as I’m concerned – yeah, the amount of money spent is ridiculous. Putting it on the same level as the American flag and anthem? More ridiculous. The number of young men with concussions from this “game” – certainly should give us a pause to think about it. All in an attempt to make millions – which the NFL DOES!
        OK – have said my piece now will go eat breakfast.


  4. I’m disappointed in your misunderstanding of why some people have been kneeling during the national anthem. They kneel to honor the victims of unnecessary violence, not to dishonor the flag (how could kneeling before something be disrespectful, anyway — wouldn’t it be the opposite?). I’m not sure how this misinterpretation got started — racist attitudes, perhaps? — but it is not correct!

    I and some other citizens of my town knelt at a recent event where the national anthem was played — the least I could do, while I sang along as I always have.


    • Let me get one thing straight, this is a Blog:

      a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.

      Secondly, I start it out with the disclaimer “In my Humble Opinion”

      Thirdly, my opinion of a pampered, ingrate who never suffered social injustice in his life and wears socks with pigs in cops uniforms and chooses to manipulate our beloved national anthem is one of abject outrage BECAUSE:

      In the early seventies I was in the Air Force Band of the Pacific stationed at Hickam AFB on Oahu, Hawaii. One of our normal duties was to meet the aircraft on the tarmac that were carrying the bodies of American soldiers from Vietnam back to the mainland.

      Sometimes the aircraft, depending on the type, would refuel and continue on with no fanfare. But other times the flagged draped coffins would be transferred to another aircraft and being that Hickam was the first U.S. soil that the departed touched their relatives may elect to meet them there and accompany them home. If that were the case; we would play the Star Spangled Banner to the wails of young mothers, children, parents and friends. It was gut wrenching, it was heartbreaking, it was forever burned into my soul.

      So when I hear the National Anthem, regardless of where it is, I stand, put my hand over my heart and stillhear those cries. I have never NOT cried during the anthem for not only those who paid the price but for those who were left behind with shattered lives and will spend the rest of their waking years with that tremendous loss.

      So when I see these ‘people’ who have never served, never sacrificed take a knee…it insults all who gave them the right to make complete asses out of themselves. They can do it, others sacrificed so they could/can; but they shouldn’t…out of respect, compassion and understanding.

      This is something I rarely discuss, and I have stayed out of the fray, but I owe a salute to those who died and a parting shot at those who do not give a rat’s ass.

      I can add more stories of those I loved and cared for that died in service but the above should suffice for now as it already brings back too many dark memories.

      Again, ‘In MY Humble Opinion”

      Be safe.


  5. I agree with amanda m, and omniviewer. Taking a knee is not meant in disrespect, it is to display distress. We have this thing called Freedom of Speech in this country. It IS what our great service men and women fight for every day. And we are nothing but grateful. Perhaps the time and place of the display can be discussed, but the act is not one of disrespect for our great country or flag. I am sorry if you and others misunderstand the gesture. Certainly not the intent.


  6. Why in the world would you insult NFL football fans and the game when you are trying to raise money to support wild horses? Why in God’s name would you write “just a bunch of bulked-up, overpaid males running around a field playing with their balls” about football to people who are donating money to you. It is completely reckless to insult potential donors. I’m not sending you any more money.


    • Please read my above comments and:

      1.) You do not send ME money.

      2.) My personal opinions do not reflect the collective opinion of the BoD of Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

      3.) I closed the tongue-in-cheek post with happy, fun alternatives. How can you be pissed after reading about puppies and kittens?

      4.) Get over it!


  7. So very glad we have the freedom to voice our differing opinions, even here, still, on this blog, so thank RT for your opinion as well as your open forum.

    This character sets our national experiment apart from so many others. In my opinion, as soon as there is a litmus test which “proves” one patriotic or not, we have pretty much lost sight of that and descend down a very slippery slope indeed. Some people choose to serve, some endured the draft (and in the case of The Vietnam War, a horrific post-war welcome home), some managed to avoid service altogether, but all remain Americans.

    Respecting free thought and free speech represents to me the highest form of honoring all. It’s kind of like love, if it’s forced it is fake, if freely given it is magnificent and emblematic of the best of the American ideal.

    Here’s to our complicated, convoluted country, one and all!

    My team: THE CLYDES!


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