The Force of the Horse

Hey, There WERE Cyldesdales at the Super Bowl…

“In my most humble opinion” by R.T. Fitch

“It was Patriotic…”

Hey, I said if there was no kneeling at the National Anthem I would do something I have never done before, as in watch the entire game, (Drum Roll) and I did.  With Patriots and Eagles playing it doesn’t get any more patriotic than that, so before I rode off to LaLa Land afloat several industrial sized Wrangle Iced Teas I noted a few ads where we did get a few brief glimpses of horses and they were Clydesdales to boot.

The first ad was for the Voice, I think…hard to say as it seemed like some sort of a nightmare that you have when the Tea comes to haunt you after midnight.  It was so unsettling that I actually sat my drink down and stared at it for a moment but once I realized that I could focus on it and the ad was over I felt better.  But there is a horse in it, check it out.

Now the next ad had almost the same effect upon me, but after watching it a few times, now, I have to say that it was one of the more clever and original ads that I have seen…and yes, we have a horse in it, actually two.  Tighten up your cinch for this one.

And of course Bud did have an ad, it was without horses but it was not without heart.  Pure genius and true, we have friends who still cannot get into their homes due to the flooding of Harvey.  We had 20′ of water in our back pastures and the house and barn survived with the flood waters only inches away.  Thanks Bud for the good deeds you did for Houston and elsewhere.

And finally, as we posted last week, for all of us Clydesdale lovers Bud DID give us a nod with an internet ad that feeds the equine need in us, thanks for the shout out Bud.

…Hey, what was that halftime show all about, I really didn’t have THAT much Tea, did I?

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  1. Kitty i an attorney and was Instrumental in stopping horse slaughter. Hmmmm. We need to pull together from all sides no matter what. I am not animal rights and I just want to clarify My goal is stop horse slaughter and abuse / neglect of All equines, burros, donkeys, etc. SO we need to call on all resources no matter what or where to stomp out the crime of horse slaughter.


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