The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Dog and Horse Best Friends Are Inseparable

“We are a little slow on the draw, again, this Sunday but as my wife Terry likes to say, ‘Life Happens’.   So for today there is no need for fanfare or a lot of typed words, just sit back, relax, smile and let the pictures do the talking. 

Warning, though…you are going to feel good after viewing this.  If you want to continue feeling miserable, DON’T WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!” ~ R.T.

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  1. This was a much needed video for “Feel Good Sunday” Thanks for sharing! Just finished watching Elton John’s clip (once again on you-tube.) song was “SOMEDAY WE’LL LIVE LIKE HORSES”. He will be doing his final concerts this year. So wish that he could help spread the truth about the wild horses & burros close to extinction thanks to Trump administration. If we could just contact Elton John….


  2. The video clip that I previously mentioned was “Live Like Horses”… Live with Elton John, Pavorotti & friends (like Sheryl Crowe & others) who truly believe in equine welfare! Please watch, if you have a chance..


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