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Western Values Project to Pruitt and EPA: Help us hold Interior accountable

by as published on Western Values Project

Watchdog group files FOIA request to learn what the EPA knows about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

After The Atlantic reported that embattled Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt’s communications team has been pushing negative stories attacking embattled Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Western Values Project (WVP) submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the EPA to find out what they know about Secretary Zinke.

For more than a year, the Montana-based Western Values Project has filed various FOIA requests with the Department of Interior, published a comprehensive research site on the Department at and released numerous reports on the Interior Department’s troubling conduct that has undermined the nation’s public lands.

In response to The Atlantic story, Western Values Project Executive Director Chris Saeger released the following statement:

We have a simple request of Administrator Pruitt: make public all the material your team has been pushing on Secretary Zinke. The public has a right to know what EPA officials are saying behind closed doors to reporters about their ethically-challenged colleagues in the cabinet. Western Values Project aims to hold policymakers to account, and we appreciate the staff at the Environmental Protection Agency helping expose any wrongdoing that Secretary Zinke’s been involved in.”

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    • I agree with you to a good extent Maggie, but also consider this: people who are part of the same administration (whether Democratic or Republican) may hesitate to expose each other out of fear of tarnishing the reputation of the President. This is why I believe that that Zinke did something so bad that even someone like Pruitt thought to himself, “I can’t stay silent about this, regardless if the President chooses to hold it against me for speaking out.”


      • Now THAT’s a scary thought! Altho its really hard to believe that theres anything Pruitt, like Zinke, would hesitate to do to further his own agenda. And agendas seem to be all that matters – not the right thing.

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  1. Our country is a disaster of mega proportions! Our environments every.where are in jeopardy! And WE seem not to be able to do a thing about it! The laws of the land and regulations are only for.a few. But those hand picked Dumpster appointees are free to run rapid and continually break laws! I have never seen our country in such peril! Our allies have even come under attack by the Mental Midget in Washington. Just disgusting!! Its hard to stay focused when you advance 10,steps and are sent back 20! May God help us!

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  2. I thought Scott Pruitt wasn’t anywhere near as much of an environmentalist as the EPA administrator in the previous administration, as least that’s what I’ve read. If he has dirt on Zinke, you KNOW something is up.


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