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Wild Horse Hater Ryan “Dinky” Zinke Now Claims To Be A Born-Again Conservationist

by Todd Wilkinson as published on The Mountain Journal

“From the father of bloody horse slaughter comes yet another new angle used to confuse and confound the American people.  A true embarrassment to American values!” ~ R.T.

After angering millions of Americans for his brazen anti-environmental agenda, can the Interior Secretary win back the trust of citizens?

Dinky: “Trust me, those horses behind me would be finger licken good on your Memorial Day grill. I tried to get um in Montana 10 years ago and now I have the wild horses marked for dinner, stay tuned.”

Ryan Zinke did something recently he should have done the first week he took over the helm of the Interior Department in 2017 and began flying his own flag: meeting with a diverse array of American conservation leaders whose groups, in turn, represent tens of millions of people who care about environmental protection.

One person who was in the room told me: “It was just a meeting, nothing more. The Secretary doing a lot of smooth talking. Anyone who believes he’s a born-again conservationist is a fool.”

The person said that akin to when Zinke, a former Congressman from Montana, went through confirmation hearings to become Interior Secretary, he claimed he’d be emulating Theodore Roosevelt. “Instead,” the individual said, “the decisions he’s made have caused even some hook and bullet organizations to distance themselves from him.”

Zinke has his own personal agenda and we don’t yet know what it is.  Some have speculated he intends to run for governor in Montana or the U.S. senate or that he has positioned himself to pull in millions serving on the board of directors for maybe a fossil fuel or mining or chemical company after he leaves Washington D.C.

A person inside the Interior Department told me that Zinke finally realizes that his actions have ignited a backlash among conservationists he thought he held in the palm of his hand.

I’ve had an ongoing request to do a comprehensive interview with Zinke going back a year now.  When he was a Congressman he told me he’d be happy to do an interview any time. Now his young press secretary, Heather Swift, who possesses no real acumen for Western issues, said she “didn’t think it would be in the best interests of the Secretary to sit down for an in-depth interview.”

A couple of things: when I told a few former Interior press secretaries I know who have served under both Republican and Democrat Interior Secretaries of Swift’s attempts to control the press, they replied that Zinke and Ms. Swift are mistaken if they believe interviews are only granted to advance Zinke’s personal best interests.

He is obligated to answer tough questions about his stewardship of the people’s landscape—hundreds of millions of acres of public land under his authority—and which belong to all citizens. Further, U.S. taxpayers fund the salaries of Zinke and Swift, not a political party nor special interests who hold sway in the swamp.

To date, Zinke has, for the most part, only courted press opportunities with reporters whom he knows will not subject him to probing inquires.  I know many reporters nationwide who are also frustrated by Swift’s evasive behavior.

She has aggressively tried to deflect reporters eager to ask Zinke about his policies favoring, for example, the energy industry over the protection of finite things such as clean water and air, wildlife habitat and the fact that morale of federal land management agencies has gone into steep decline under Zinke’s command…(CONTINUED)

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  1. Just another example of the stellar human beings promoted to the cabinet! Strange (!) they all have the same personality defects – VERY thin skinned, out for what they can get, and absolutely no comprehension as to what their job actually entails. (theres more, but you all know that).

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  3. “didn’t think it would be in the best interests of the Secretary to sit down for an in-depth interview.”

    Don’t these people take an oath of office to serve the American people, whose best interest they are sworn to safeguard? Even though he was appointed he was vetted first. Why is there no shred of accountability in our government anymore? Are we still a country or now just another darkly veiled corporation?

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    Tillerson, the Truth and Ryan Zinke’s Interior Department

    MAY 25, 2018

    Ironically, Tillerson’s call for truth rang out just as news that the Interior Department official Zinke put in charge of reviewing 27 national monuments for reduction previously acknowledged: “Essentially, barring a surprise, there is no new information that’s going to be submitted.” That he made his announcement prior to receiving millions of public comments saying “hands off” the monuments shows just what a facetious charade Zinke and Interior pulled by acting like public comments made a difference in their national monument decisions.

    Apparently Zinke’s “appreciation” for all the members of the public who weighed in on the national monuments is one of the “alternative realities” of which Tillerson warned. Considering that a rather astounding 2.4 million people took the time to comment and 99.5 percent opposed reduction or elimination of national monuments, it’s obvious Zinke and his Department of Interior had predetermined the outcome.

    If truth were a valued commodity in this administration they would have said “we’re opening up as much public land as possible to private resource extraction” — which is just what they did at the behest of the oil, gas, coal, uranium, logging, ranching and other development interests.

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  5. Our tax dollars are being used in a way that most of us vehemently protest, all the while zinky hendrickson, vlisack etc etc,. protect the harvest and any number of others + organizations that are absolutely BOGUS in their intent, and where is all this money going into whoms pockets, forgetting to add charles stenholm, the premier lobbyist on “the hill” for horsemeat, whose stopping them, when will they be held accountable for literally stealing our hard earned tax monies to fund round ups=ship to slaughter etc etc?? Where does it all end??


    • Any shared future America will come into sharp focus in next November’s elections. We all must search our souls and vote for those willing to take a position on matters we hold dear.

      Without that I feel any remaining pride I have in my country will be forever flushed away.


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