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Hack Black Friday and Help Out Our Wild Horses and Burros

This Black Friday, score deals at and AmazonSmile donates to Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

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  1. Turner Classic Movies must be on our side. This week they showed two movies back to back
    The first movie, Snowfire, is the story of a Wild Stallion and a little girl who loved him and helped him remain in the wild.
    They followed that movie with Black Beauty.
    The message put forth to a large audience was…Wild Horses belong in the Wild and bad things can happen to them when they land in the hands of uncaring and unscrupulous buyers.

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    • Told some folks today about the movies “Spirit” and the “Cloud” series, along with information on Wild Horse Annie. They are just becoming tuned in to wild horses and their fate, so I give thanks for two more generations starting to pay attention and care about our shared future.

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