The Force of the Horse

The Wild Horses and Burros Thank YOU

by R.T. Fitch

Yesterday, Thanksgiving, you did not hear too much from us here at SFTHH and Wild Horse Freedom Federation with good reason, we took the day off.  Outside of our post for Hacking Black Friday and supporting WHFF we were a little on the quite side, because…drum-roll; we were spending time with our families, too.

Candid Family T-Day shot: Terry and her parents

For me it was up at 02:30 to catch an early flight out of Omaha for Houston; I actually got home so early that I had my car’s driver drop me off at our gate and as I walked down the driveway, with my backpack slung over my shoulder, I startled the living daylights of Terry and Roxy the border collie as they unknowingly exited the house to head for the barn and the horse’s breakfast.  Little Roxy realized it was me midway through her first bark which caught in her throat as she jumped straight up in the air.  A happy homecoming which was capped off with my trail buddy, Moose, grabbing my hat by the brim, and mumbling, “Where the hell have you been?” through his large, Belgium lips.  (Been gone since the beginning of Sept. but daddy is busy so that mom can buy hay and batteries for the cat toys.)

Terry made a home cooked traditional dinner and although many friends wanted to share the day with us we stuck with Terry’s mom and dad as our exclusive guests so as not to dilute our attention and to thank God for yet another year with them.  We feel that our time together is quickly drawing to a close so we embrace moments where we can be a family, together.

So with that being said, as we sat down to Thanksgiving dinner, Terry’s dad asked me to give grace as he often does at these rare family meals.

Although not a man of faith, I identify more with being a man of spirit and as we held hands, closed our eyes, bowed our heads I was overwhelmed with how much we actually had to be thankful for, surely more than I could list prior to eating a meal, so I fell silent for a moment as a giant wave of gratitude swept over me.  The wave washed the film and dust of life off from my soul and opened my eyes to the fact that with sincere gratitude comes the great feeling of honesty and pureness of heart.  We are actually lucky to be able to express our thanks to all that is good in life and in so doing we grant that goodness more power and further diminish that which is evil.  Good really, really triumphs over evil and that is a fight that all of us are engaged in each and everyday…and for your collective love of life, of all this is right, I give great thanks.

Thanks for standing with us, thanks for the care and compassion that you express for the horses, burros and other fellow passengers on this great spaceship called earth.  Thanks, in this time and age, for giving a damn.  You are all a rare breed, indeed.

So today, we take another break as we hope that if you do shop online you will swing on by Amazon Smile who has pledged to donate to WHFF if you shop with them, this day.

And get ready, we are preparing several pre-holiday events that will not only help with your holiday gift shopping but also aide in getting the word out and helping to further fund our mutual cause.  Remember, we are all reluctant volunteers in this fight but we are not ones to give up or budge an inch for our beliefs and morals.

Be safe, my friends, and stay tuned.


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  1. “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”
    Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

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  2. Yes, RT bless you and your family! We thank you and the thousands of people around the country who care and fight so hard for our horses, burros and other equines. As I gave thanks yesterday, I thought about my little Arabian made, Ariel who was a victim of the New Holland Kill Pen and the recent Qurab I saved from the Bastrap Kill Pen in August. She was on the Arabian Kill Pen and Auction site where several said they wanted.her. In the 11th hour NO one made that final commitment to take her. My heart sank because she appeared to be the best of both breeds! Shipping at approx 6 am. Well, I saved this girl who the kill buyer said was 6. Young to be there..However upon inspection in quarantine the vet said.she was more like 4.5! Yikes!! Too old for s youngster! When she arrived at the barn with bumps and scratches from her traumatic experience. I realized she was meant to live and NOT be served on someone’s dinner plate! She greets Jan Emerson who owns the barn with her baby whinny and the need for her much needed meal! Did I need another horse? But God has a plan and we sometimes don’t see it. But thank the Lord for people like you who keep us abreast of what us going on. I also give thanks to all people who went to the polls who voted and now have given us control of the House and some Senate seats. I feel 2019 will be a better year for ALL OUR equines! And who knows perhaps we will finally get the Safe Act passed. They say third time around gets things done!

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  3. “We all have a soul family, the ones that ignite and support our truth. They feed something in us we weren’t aware we needed before them. They’ll make you face yourself and become raw and authentic. You’ll roam but never too far from eachother for the invisible thread of connectedness; once opened can never be locked. They are the ones who will see you through all the important days of your life no matter what tributes and trials you face. They’ll just be there, in presence, in synchronicity or in spirit.”
    Nikki Rowe

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  4. Many, many thanks to you R.T. & family, grandmagregg, Louie C., and to all the beautiful, caring souls who appear here… love all your comments today!
    We are Heart Warriors, and we are not giving up, no matter how complicated this battle becomes!
    I am so grateful to be alive in the here & now with all of you… we were meant to do this!

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  5. Like many of the folks on RT’S site, I traveled over this Thanksgiving holiday, and many times I feel overwhelmed at the situation we find ourselves in with the mustangs.
    I had a long drive by myself and was able to do a lot of thinking.
    This song played many times on the drive, the folks on hear have all decided not to just “sit it out”
    I am proud to be here with all of you, who have decided to dance.”


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