Equine Rescue

Feel Good Sunday: ‘Video’ – Former Wild Horse Finds Home After Five Year Wait

Source: The Dodo

“Headed down the BLM Wild Horse Slaughter Pipeline a 3 Strikes Horse gets a new lease on life…”

“Although the only place for a wild horse or burro IS the wild we must take time to acknowledge and tip our hats to those who rescue and rehab the wild ones who have lost their freedom and family, forever.  Today we thank those who attempt to intercede and save the voiceless who are headed for a cruel and ghoulish fate across our borders.  Thanks and may God bless you all.” ~ R.T.

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  1. Well said R T and the video says many things so well but the most important thing was, “She became way more than a number”.


  2. That is the goal with our wild horses – because the BLM treats them that way – it needs to change. They shouldnt be allowed to get away with that.


  3. Oh, this made my tear up!! But so very happy that it had a wonderful ending for this 3-strikes horse!! Thanks, RT for sharing!! Can anyone tell me what 3-strikes horse brand looks like? I know all about them, but didn’t realize that they had a unique brand (thanks to the BLM dummies). God bless them all!!


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