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Feel Good Sunday II: Video ~ March for the Mustangs 2010

by R.T. Fitch – Pres/Co-Founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

9 Years Ago?  A tug at the Heart Strings

I thought that I had finished with the blog, this morning.  I posted the delightful story of a little wild foal brought back to health by some really super kind individuals and I thought my job was done.  But before I could get up from the computer and move on with my Sunday a little tease from Facebook flashed across my screen saying that I had memories from 9 years ago this past week with Terry Fitch, John Holland, Vicki Tobin, Ginger Kathrens and Simone Netherlands.  Of course, I had to take a peek and in doing so, my physiological contentment blew right out the window.

There before me was the amateur video I had put together 9 years ago, this past week, documenting a massive DC demonstration that was staged in an effort to get the past Administration to act on behalf of our federally protected wild horses and burros and STOP the BLM from ripping the equines from their rightful range and destroying their families and freedom…obviously, that did not happen.  But what DID happen was that we all came together, multitudes of separate organizations and individuals, to speak in one voice on behalf of those who could not speak for themselves.  Holy Crap, Batman, what an accomplishment!!!!

But, and there is always a butt when we are speaking of the BLM, we are still fighting, still investigating, still suing and still collaborating.  Good thing?  I believe so, but I would much rather be to the point where we had stopped the madness called “roundups” and were focused on monitoring and education versus legal action.

In viewing the video I cannot help but shed a tear as several depicted advocates who are no longer with us; I mean that they have crossed the bridge and no longer grace we who are left behind with their presence.  It is bittersweet and the pain of loss is real, but the motivation to press on in their honor is alive and strong.

You will recognize a lot of folks in this video, some have moved on or become burned out but the hard core still live on, fighting, sharing and speaking out.  God bless you guys, when ya’all said that you were in this for the long haul you were not handing out a bunch of bull, you meant it.

So thanks to all of you who fight on, who read, who investigate and educate.  You are the hope, the future and the warriors who, eventually, will win this battle.

I pledge to hang in there, fight to the death and in the end good will prevail.  My only hope is that I will be around long enough to celebrate with you.

Let’s make it happen.

(when viewing the vid go to full screen, you may be surprised at who you see)

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  1. Pretty darn sad that we really havent come that far in 9 years – with all the hard work done by so many wonderful people -and STILL our wild horses continue to be harassed, brutalized and SLAUGHTERED! Far too many us citizens staying silent!

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  2. I totally agree with Maggie! What a struggle for us to protect the innocent ones who have only our voices to represent them. But we will continue to fight for their right to exist on their own land, no matter what the greedy politicians try to do to erase them from history. All for the sake of greed & $$.

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    • Well said Louie!! That is so VERY TRUE! We should nominate RT & Ginger Kathrens to be on the CNN HEROES. Not sure how to do that myself yet.

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      • Kathleen, you can write (or email) a letter in support of Ginger so that she remains on the Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board.

        A voice for the the voiceless: TCF Director Ginger Kathrens to apply as Humane Advisor to BLM
        “Ginger has done her damnedest to protect the wild ones but it has been an uphill battle. Let’s keep her on the Board and support her to the best of our ability.” ~ R.T.
        How can you help?

        It doesn’t take much time at all. Here are the simple details:
        1) Write a short letter in support of Ginger Kathren’s renomination to the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. Some points to make:
        • 25 years spent documenting wild horses
        • Her award-winning series of Cloud films reintroduced America to their wild horses
        • Tireless advocate for the preservation of wild horses and our public lands
        • Thought leader in the horse advocacy community, her voice and opinion are widely respected
        • Committed to working with the BLM to find humane management solutions

        2) Mail your letter to the address below before April 1, 2019

        Division of Wild Horses and Burros, US Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management
        1849 C Street NW, Room 2134 LM
        Attn: Dorothea Boothe, WO-260
        Washington, DC 20240


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