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Video ~ Corolla wild horses chased by dog

Source: 13NewsNow.com

According to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, this isn’t the first time an off-leash dog has attacked the horses. One dog even bit a horse.

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  1. My question would be who is sitting in the truck watching this? It would seem that if this has happened before – wouldnt it be time to track down the owners of these dogs & possibly fine or penalize them? Common sense, maybe?


  2. If the dog owners don’t care about the horses they might think about the safety of their dogs. One good kick could pretty much end a dog’s career.


    • Louie – I simply dont understand why in an area that belongs (more or less) to wild horses, there isnt an effort to have the dogs picked up AND/or make sure the owners are taken to task! And yeah – from the looks of the likely stallion he could definitely do some damage. I wonder if at that point the owner would be “heard from”! Obviously NOT a responsible dog owner.


      • I wonder something too Maggie. Do you suppose any of those are dogs that vacationing owners left because they couldn’t find them before leaving. That does happen and dogs do form packs..it’s just in their nature.


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