The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: It’s All About the Dragons

a ridicules OpEd by R.T. Fitch

“Sanity has nothing to do with it!!!”

Alright, get out your stones, prepare to throw, call me a Lemming but…like millions of others I will be tuning into GOT tonight.  Let the rock throwing begin!!!!

But hey, this didn’t come easy to me.  I ignored all the hoopla for 7 years until one night, sitting alone in a snow-covered old farmhouse in central Maine I saw a film clip of a nude blonde girl, standing up out of a fire with three baby dragons clinging to her nubile body.  I WAS IN!

Get your minds out of the gutter, not because of the girl (dirty ole man meter did kick-up a notch or two) but because of the dragons, silly.

I inhaled 7 years of episodes in about 6 weeks and it turned my reality upside down for a bit.  I was enthralled with the shocking twists of the story telling and the magic of the dragons sprinkled in for good measure.

Yippee, dragons and it was all out there on HBO and did I dig it?  You can bet your flame breathing lizard I did…but again, it was because of the dragons not the girl and the promise of steamy sex scenes and bloody violence, which I ignored, of course.  (It’s Sunday, I better be careful about dancing with the truth.)

You see, dragons and I go way back…waaaaay back as in the early 70s I picked up a book entitled “Dragonflight” by Anne McCaffrey and I was hooked…a Dragonrider of Pern was what I wanted to be when I grew up. Didn’t happen though, not the dragonrider thing but the growing up part, still working on that.

My fascination was born from the bond as to how the right rider was picked and the love and mutual devotion between rider and dragon that was so strong that if one died, the other would parish from grief.  Now that is what I would label as true devotion.  Found out later in life that after a divorce or so the “ex” never perished or exhibited remorse or even slowed down for a sec, so much for pulling that off with a human, lessons learned…back to the dragons.

So as life progressed, I read every book I could on dragons, watched every movie that had “dragon” in the title and continued to see the common thread of loyalty that was projected by the impossible flying geckos. (Not true in anything relating to the tales of the Hobbit, though, as that was one really mean, but exceedingly wealthy, lizard.)

To this day I think the screenwriters of the hit movie “Avatar” ripped a page, or two, out of Anne McCaffrey’s books with the way the winged steeds were connected to their riders.

The final “Dragon Straw” is that after six years of working behind the Great Chinese Firewall I gained the knowledge that I am not a Chinese Zodiac Snake, as I believed my entire life, but instead the oldest and wisest  Water Dragon that can possibly exist as my birthday is the last day of the Water Dragon’s rule.  It’s in my blood.  (interject evil laugh at this point)

Tonight, I will be transfixed before the boob tube in full movie watching regalia, big bowl of Kettle Corn and a pitcher of Wrangler Iced Tea, awaiting the last episode and beyond curious as to how they pick up the pieces of one of the most fantastically crafted story telling twists I have ever seen a dragon be a part of, stunning!!!!  (Last week took some digesting but as a pseudo-story teller myself, I give the screenwriters a standing ovation; I didn’t see that one coming!)

Today, it is not about riding horses but instead about riding dragons and raining retribution and revenge down upon the heads of both the guilty and the innocent.  AHA, ya gotta love it.

Tighten up your cinch, grab the hand of your significant other because we are all going on a magical ride, tonight, and leaving reality and the troubles of the everyday world far, far behind.

Fly on Drogon!!!!!


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  1. R.T, don’t feel bad. It was R2D2’s fauld. Star Wars was aired again this week-end on nation-wide television.
    “”Never work with Children of Animals.” …or robots..they always steal the best scenes.

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