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Scandal-plagued, Horse Hating Zinke Back in Politics?!

by Chris Saeger of Western Values Project

“Zinke’s time in office was marred by scandal and self interest”

Zinke’s long list of unethical practices still haunt the DoI

Ryan Zinke’s Interior Department felt a lot like a horror movie. And now? We might be getting a sequel. According to The Hill, “Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is not ruling out a return to politics despite leaving the Trump administration marred by ethical issues.”

Zinke’s time in office was marred by scandal and self interest. We can’t trust him to defend our public lands. Add your name to tell Zinke: Stay out of public service!

In case you’ve forgotten about Ryan Zinke’s outrageous behavior, here’s a reminder of some of his worst moments running the Interior Department:

      • Zinke was under at least 18 different federal investigations.
      • He had to be investigated for his role in a land development deal in Whitefish, Montana involving a group backed by the chairman of Halliburton, which received assistance from a nonprofit foundation established by Zinke and his family.
      • He tried to sell off public lands from the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.
      • Zinke’s use of his public office for personal gain was referred to the Department of Justice for a criminal investigation, and days after the Interior ethics watchdog referred that investigation to the Justice Department, Zinke reportedly moved to fire and replace her with a political appointee.
      • The Inspector General issued a report disclosing that Interior Department ethics officials were troubled by Zinke’s decision to allow his wife to travel with him.

As Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke put personal gain ahead of our public lands and public interest. We can’t trust him to behave any differently his second time around.

Add your name to DEMAND he stay out of politics and public service >>>

Thank you for joining the fight,

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  1. Ryan Zinke was an embarrassment as Interior secretary. DAVID BERNHARDT would be DANGEROUS

    Ryan Zinke was an embarrassment as secretary of the Interior, making headlines for his prolific personal and political use of airplanes and helicopters at government expense, and for various displays of pomposity….
    All the while, though, the Trump administration’s business of shrinking national monument lands and opening up precious and sensitive areas to oil drilling and mining was carried out by Zinke’s LOWER-PROFILE and much more DANGEROUS DEPUTY, oil industry ATTORNEY and LOBBYIST DAVID BERNARDT

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  2. Zimmerman should face prosecution for his behavior and banned forever from from holding any public office. He certainly shouldn’t be allowed near any national monuments or wildlife.

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