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Court tells Welfare Ranchers to stay off Public Land

Source: Tri-State Livestock News (what Welfare Ranchers read)

In my humble opinion: “If it is possible to be on the wrong side of any issue, self-proclaimed horse eater Dave “Doink” Duquette will be there.  Welfare ranchers and Doink make a perfect mix for misinformation, lies and lets get something for nothing.  Losers, each and every one.  Doink is a reoccurring nightmare that just keeps slithering back into sane consciousness like some sort of malignant cancer.  A cure for this parasitical ailment is long overdue. Oh Dave, parasitical means blood-sucking and ailment means sickness, knew you would have trouble figuring that out, I aim to please.” ~ R.T.

The judge and Hammond Ranches, Inc, came to an agreement to extend a temporary restraining order that prevents the Hammond family cattle from grazing their Mud Creek Allotment and the Hardie Summer allotment, according to a tweet by Maxine Bernstein.

The June 28, 2019, mediation was to determine whether an injunction to prevent the Hammonds from grazing those two allotments ought to be be granted. Judge Michael Simon had granted a temporary restraining order June 5, that was set to run out 28 days later.

The June 28, 2019 agreement will keep the Hammonds from grazing those two allotments until at least July 17, at which time the judge will determine whether or not to grand the injunction.

Three anti-grazing groups, Western Watersheds Project, the Center for Biological Diversity and Wildearth Guardians filed at restraining order and filed for an injunction last month to prevent Hammond Ranches Inc., run by Dwight Hammond Jr. and son Steven Hammond from grazing their BLM-administered permit rangeland.

The BLM recognized the need for Hammond cattle to graze their allotments, which have remained ungrazed for five years and are dangerously overgrown, presenting serious fire risk, according to the BLM and the Hammonds’ neighbors. However the anti-grazing litigations groups claimed that the grazing would disturb sage grouse habitat and did not address the concern of fire danger.

U.S. District Judge Michael H. Simon determined that the BLM had not conducted the necessary studies and that the Hardie Allotment and Mud Creek Allotment would suffer “irreparable harm” if the Hammonds were to turn cattle onto them.

Protect the Harvest’s Dave Duquette met recently with the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt. Duquette said Bernhardt is “One hundred percent behind the Hammonds and their ability to graze there,” Duquette is confident in Bernhardt’s support of reversing the legal actions. “He’s just trying ot figure out how to deal with it,” said Duquette.

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  1. Thank You Judge, if the Government will not keep the ranchers off public land it is my hope the Judges on the Bench Now will do it. The Wild Horses & Burros belong to us, the people, public. not businesses who are feeding their Cattle & Sheep for nearly nothing and the Horses are in the way. They are slaughtering our Horses, all, and shipping out of our country where it is O K to eat Horse Meat. These animals have given their life to the people and should be left alone on our land to survive. We should make sure they have food and water. There are Evil people everywhere, they only care about self, cruelty abounds with these animals and it Has to Stop. We have to Ban Horse Slaughter, and the laws should be updated to become a Federal Offense when this cruelty happens. We owe the Horses, they have always been maligned and they have to be on the endangered list. The BLM Chases the horses to pen them and keep them in no shelter, in feces and urine, This is outrageous, not acceptable, all for the Welfare Rancher, I say no more!! Thank You

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  2. America’s public lands belong to all Americans and must be managed for the broader interests of the American people and not for the narrow interests of a handful of local or corporate users who personally profit from grazing livestock on these public lands. I am appalled that my land is being managed as if it were a private livestock feedlot rather than the common heritage of all Americans today and future American generations. The federal government does not own lands in the West. These are not “state lands” and not “federal lands” and not even “government lands”. They are public lands. The American people own the public lands in the West and they are to be administered on behalf of all Americans by the national government under laws and regulations.

    “What can be done to address the problems associated with public lands livestock grazing? There is a simple answer: end it. Get the cows and sheep off, let the wild creatures reclaim their native habitat, and send the ranchers a bill for the cost of restoration”

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  3. Bernhardt is “One hundred percent behind the Hammonds and their ability to graze there,” “… long as they don’t find gas and oil or any of the other of America’s natural resources on that allotment.
    Wild Horse and Burro advocates have tried to warn ranchers..FIRST the horses and THEN the cows
    We should ALL be on the same side because the Robber Barons are back and they are after America’s Public Lands


  4. Not directly related but emblematic of how people scam our system to access taxpayer funds (USDA oversees the USFS and thus those wild horses). I wonder if any of those receiving these funds are also being paid to keep wild horses in long term holding?

    U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican who has long fought for subsidy limits, say it’s the latest example of how loopholes in federal farm subsidy programs allow large farms to collect far more than the supposed caps on that aid. …Grassley said in a statement to AP that some of the nation’s largest farms are receiving huge subsidies “through underhanded legal tricks. They’re getting richer off the backs of taxpayers while young and beginning farmers are priced out of the profession. This needs to end. The Department of Agriculture needs to re-evaluate its rules for awarding federal funds and conduct more thorough oversight of where it’s funneling taxpayer dollars.” … About 83 percent of the aid under the Market Facilitation Program has gone to soybean farmers because they’ve suffered the most under China’s retaliatory tariffs. The program sets a $125,000 cap in each of three categories of commodities: one for soybeans and other row crops, one for pork and dairy, and one for cherries and almonds. But each qualified family member or business partner gets their own $125,000 cap for each category. Farmers who produce both soybeans and hogs, for example, would have separate caps for each and could thus collect $250,000. But there are legal ways around those caps, and the data show that farmers are using them.

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