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Assateague Wild Horse Struck and Killed by Park Vehicle


The National Park Service says one of its vehicles struck and killed a wild horse on Assateague Island early Sunday morning. 

N2BHS-ALQ (Connie’s Girl) was struck and killed Sunday morning on Assateague Island (Photo: NPS)

NPS officials said the chestnut mare, N2BHS-ALQ (Connie’s Girl) was standing in the road on curve on Bayberry drive in the predawn hours, before first light when the park vehicle struck the hind quarter of the horse. The park employee was uninjured and the incident is under investigation.

N2BHS-ALQ was born in April 2018 to mare N2BHS-AL (Ms. Macky) with the likely sire N9BM-E (Yankee). The band frequented the developed area and campgrounds of Assateague Island National Seashore and Assateague State Park.Wildlife, including the horses roam freely throughout their island habitat, including park roads.

Officials said N2BHS-ALQ is the 34th horse to be hit and killed on the island since 1982; another 17 horses have been hit and injured.

The National Park Service reminds everyone to be alert when driving on Assateague Island, especially at night.

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  1. OK – I have to ask – I have tried three times now to post something that refers to WHE – nothing questionable (at least I didnt think so) and none of the three were printed. Just wondering – how come?


      • Thanks Icy – have really puzzled over this – felt bad about it because in my opinion (!) Laura & her volunteers have worked really hard for years trying to do the right thing by our wild horses. Again – thanks for the reply.


  2. JACKASS! You should have your license pulled and be fired. What do you think your job is about? Joy riding in the dark? Or were you drunk? I cant even.


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