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Write you Senators to Save America’s Wild Horses and Burros

An urgent message from Grandma Gregg:

“I am emailing as many senators as possible using this below message.

photo by Carol Walker


I oppose funding for the plan to roundup and remove 130,000 wild horses and burros from our public lands. I oppose sterilization of wild mares. I oppose sending wild horses and burros to slaughter. I oppose fraud within our government. The current BLM funding bill is based on falsified data.

Fraud goes beyond telling a lie. When it comes to proving intent for fraud, courts look at what the liar could gain if someone believes the lie. If the liar benefits from someone believing and acting on the lie, that shows intent. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) post their Wild Horse and Burro Herd statistics annually and it is full of fabricated and deceitful statements showing biologically impossible annual herd increases. BLM states that as of March 1, 2019 there were 88,090 wild horses and burros on our public lands. To manufacture that number the BLM uses fictitious herd census numbers that are not supported by science.

WHY is this so important? Why does it go beyond being just a lie but actual fraud? Because these are the figures that BLM gives to Congress when requesting funding for wild horse and burro capture and management plans. One example of many, the BLM recently stated that the wild horses on the Black Rock Herd Management Area had a 418% increase in ONE year (this would require a herd of 88 horses to produce 368 successful foals in one year which would require every single horse – including the stallions! – to each produce more than four surviving foals in one year). This is biologically impossible and fraudulent.

The current disastrous Bureau of Land Management (BLM) funding proposal, which is being pushed by the National Cattleman’s Association and other organizations calls for the roundup and removal of over 130,000 wild horses and burros from our public lands over 10 years – more than actually even exist in the wild. This will stockpile thousands more wild horses and burros in holding facilities and will ultimately lead to thousands of them being slaughtered. The proposal also endorses dangerous sterilization techniques on wild mares and skewing sex ratios of herds which will destroy the genetic viability of any wild horses and burros that remain free. This is a plan for the extinction of America’s wild horses and burros and is opposed by US citizens and must be stopped and voted against by you, my Senator.

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  1. I am watching from Canada, and simply can’t believe what is happening in the U.S. Supposed horse advocates joining the other side and agreeing to dart the mares with the dangerous pesticide PZP, agreeing to round-ups and sales of wild horses to anyone that comes along. This is only the beginning.

    I do not know your legislation regarding the wild horses, but know they are supposed to be protected, although it surely doesn’t seem that way. I believe there is something in your legislation that states that the wild horses cannot be sold to slaughter. They get around this by selling to someone that claims they want to keep the horses, and once that happens, they can do anything they want with them.

    Somehow there must be a follow-up of those sales. If you can prove the wild horses went to slaughter after they left the BLM holding facility, you can go after BLM.

    Many of those mares have been darted with PZP. It clearly states on EPA’s website, that PZP must not enter the food chain. As far as I know there is no scientific evidence on how long it takes PZP to clear, if it does at all. PZP also passes through the placenta and mares milk, so it isn’t just the mares that carry PZP. Lots of scientific evidence on this. (1)

    Canadian slaughter plants will take any horse that comes over the border. While there is very little market in Canada for horsemeat, there is a huge overseas market. That European market has very strict laws on the humane treatment of slaughter animals, and has, on several occasions, stopped buying horsemeat from Canada due to the cruelty involved. They have also stopped buying due to Canada’s non-existent documentation of a drug history for each horse. Currently Canada uses an EID (Equine Information Document) that lists all drugs the horse has had in the last six months. These EID’s are a joke. Most of those documents are filled out at the side of the auction ring, once the kill buyer has purchased the horse at auction. This documentation was so bad, that the European markets insisted on a 6th month holding stipulation, so that some drugs may pass out.

    If you can convince the European buyers that many U.S. horses are injected with PZP, or other banned substances like bute, they will not buy horsemeat from Canada. If Canada loses its European market, it will not buy horses from the U.S.

    Animal Angels were the organization responsible for informing the European markets of the dangers of buying from Canada (and other countries). (2)

    Canadian Horse Defence Coalition has all kinds of documentation on its website proving that Canada does not do a good job of making sure all EID’s are valid. (3)

    If you can block the market, the horses will have to stay in the U.S. Stockpiling horses in BLM holding facilities is very expensive. The easiest and cheapest place for the horses is on the range. It might be less expensive for the Government to pay the cattle ranchers to keep their cattle off the range, than to stockpile all those horses in pens.

    Hope this helps.

    Virginia Fisher

    1. Sacco AG, Subramanian MG, Yurewicz EC. (1981) Passage of zona antibodies via placenta and milk following active immunization of female mice with porcine zonae pellucidae. J Reprod Immunol. 1981 Dec;3(6):313-22. Retrieved from



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  2. Wonderful letter Grandma Gregg, spelling out the deceit and fraud associated with the BLM and their fabricated numbers. This is what I keep trying to get across to people I am educating about this issue…that we wild horse advocates are not just “bleeding hearts” who love animals, but that this wild horse issue goes deeper, and the BLM is making up absolute lies about the wild horse numbers.This amounts to extortion for the American people who are paying to have wild horses rounded up and warehoused. It’s all based on lies! .I also am emailing as many senators as I can to give my voice for our wild ones however I can. Thank you Grandma Gregg for being so tireless in your fight.

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  3. Great letter! Thank you Grandma Gregg! I saw a video on UTube a fellow but didn’t catch his name! Tall lanky fellow who spoke about the set up the BLM! He stated he had proof the BLM trucked horses in to areas to make areas inflated with horse numbers for pictures and what not! He also said he had documentation that some of starving horses were in fact not off the range, but from BLM holding pens! A set he said he and his friend had documented! I had NO idea, but clearly see how bad it really is! These folks live out in the West and have said, it’s going to be WAR to save them! I am ready! I will retype Grandma Gregg’s letter, make copies and have everyone I know sign them! My Senators are not close to my house. However, my protest signs and letters will be submitted! I want this letter sent to EVERY DEMOCRATIC candidate and I want a response! This will help me weed out my choice! If you destroy animals, you WILL destroy people! I just wish I could find that Utube video! What an impact this could make!

    I know Senator Dick Durbin.from Illinois supported this after numerous calls to his office. I’m irrate and outraged! One can only hope there is some nice way to amend the $35 million to BLM and that other idiotic group of non horse people!

    Just shameful and disgusting!

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  4. This is about saving our national treasures.. our wild horses and burros. The time must not be wasted.. we must act now!! Please, everyone, call the White House.. call your representatives! We are their voices and hopes! 🐴🙏

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  5. Thank you for your letter which further motivates me to write the Senators. Also, thank you for John’s video that unabashedly tells the sorry state of affairs of our wild horses on public lands and in captivity.

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