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Joe Exotic shot a Horse and Fed it to His Tigers, Producer says

By as published on the Daily News

There’s been no shortage of wild Joe Exotic stories since the premiere of Netflix’s “Tiger King,” but here’s another one from a man who worked up close and personal with the infamously strange and abusive zookeeper.

Rick Kirkham lived at Exotic’s zoo for a year, producing a reality web series for the eventual convicted felon and giving him the moniker “Tiger King.” He told TMZ that the new Netflix series is “so accurate it’s frightening.” But he has another horrible Joe Exotic tale to tell.

According to Kirkham, one day when he was at the zoo “a poor old woman” arrived with a horse trailer. He says that the woman was crying, asking Exotic to care for the horse because it was too old for her to do so properly. Exotic agreed, but almost immediately after the woman left, he shot the horse in the head, cut it up, and fed it to the tigers.

As Kirkham tells it, Joe Exotic — real name Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage — was so uniquely wild that Netflix’s seven-part docuseries could have been even longer.

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  1. Close this IDIOT Down, NOW. This is inhumane treatment of animals and he needs to close down, put his animals in a zoo and get out of town. Enough of people exploiting animals!!!! They are really cruel and mindless people who should Never have animals!!! Post on facebook and let people know who this man is, a torturer!!!

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  2. I don’t get what the fascination is with this abusive, disgusting man. I haven’t watched the show and never will after hearing about the abuse he put tigers through, as well as how it sensationalizes big cat breeders and the cruel treatment of the animals they own. It’s appalling to me how so many Netfilx viewers see this monster as a hero. Sad that this man has shot to fame from the abuse and exploitation of animals.

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    • I absolutely will not watch it either. I’m disappointed that Netflix is showing it. If it were a true expose’ that would be one thing but from what I am hearing it is not.

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  3. I am miffed that these heinous abased perpetrators get all this attention and fame for being cruel to other beings! Why aren’t the Netflix and other companies applauding the beautiful side of humanity’s protection of our unique native wildlife?
    There are so many brave souls that that have given their very lives to save forests and wildlife with personal documentation of their ordeals that make for interesting watching or reading. Do these companies think that honouring these perpetrators is good news for our younger generation to be following and copying?
    As for the brain numbed people who exalt perpetrators like him should wake up. One in five animal perpetrators move on to child and spousal abusers. Need any more reasons of why not praise this cruelty?


    • Sad that people have to make an effort in order to see the truth in these animal “shows”. There are far too many that are on this same level. Seems the ones who are actively HELPING anmals dont get the “ratings”! Got to be exciting & different etc!! I mean – look at the ratings of these so-called “reality” shows. THATS what people want to watch????????????


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