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Willie Nelson to receive Equine Advocates Award for his work to end horse slaughter at Virtual Gala & Telethon

by Equine Advocates

Hosted by Bebe Neuwirth

Willie Nelson  CHATHAM, NY – As one of America’s most beloved musicians and performers, Willie Nelson has been bestowed with countless awards and accolades over the years. On September 26th, he will receive another well-deserved honor, but this one is for his work and dedication to end the slaughter of America’s horses.

Nelson will accept Equine Advocates 2020 Safe Home Equine Protection Award during a special online gala and telethon that will be broadcast on several social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and through Equine Advocates’ website.

The program will be hosted by two-time Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress, Bebe Neuwirth, who was the recipient of this award in 2009.

“Willie Nelson is a national treasure,” said Equine Advocates’ president, Susan Wagner. “He doesn’t just talk the talk, but he walks the walk. Willie not only has rescued horses directly from slaughter, but has been active in pushing for a federal ban of this repulsive practice that is opposed by the vast majority of Americans. He also has been very outspoken about this issue, resulting in greater public awareness of the cruel fate suffered by tens of thousands of wild and domestic U.S.-bred equines every year. Some of the horses Willie has rescued appear in the music video for his 2020 Grammy Award-winning performance of the song, ‘Ride Me Back Home’ which has become an instant anti-horse slaughter anthem. We are so proud to be presenting him with this humanitarian award for all he has done to protect horses from slaughter and abuse.”

The broadcast will begin at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time on Saturday, September 26th. Please check your time zone for the start of the program in your area. Also, please visit Equine Advocates website or official Facebook page for more details and periodic updates.

Founded in 1996, Equine Advocates is a national, non-profit equine protection organization based in Chatham, NY. Its mission is to rescue, protect and prevent the abuse of equines through education, investigation, rescue operations, the dissemination of information to the public and through the operation of a horse sanctuary for slaughter-bound, abused and neglected equines.

You don’t have to wait for the Gala to support Equine Advocates: Donate Now!

Stay tuned for more developments and surprises as new and exciting additions to the program.

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  1. This subject seems like a monumental task. It continues on & ON. After all these years, not much has changed and the killing goes on. It seems like a perpetuation of a Government Job. When President Nixon signed the “Wild Free & Roaming Act”, it didn’t mean a thing, The killing continued. This is our History, why not PROMOTE our Wild Mustangs and their families, also the Burro, that the people love. 80% of the people want this. Congratulations to those who have been honored for this service to the Horses and to those who love them.

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  2. Good for Willie Nelson. I can’t listen to his song “Ride Me Back Home” without breaking into a very ugly cry. It is a very touching piece. Great to see a celebrity use his platform for something positive for the horses.

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  3. I’ve always loved Willie, and knowing he was such an amazing horse advocate and rescuer made me love him even more. Thank you Willie for all you have done and continue to do for the horses.

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  4. God bless you Willie for your hard work and wonderful effort to try to promote what needs to be done for the mustangs in your country. They need people like you and millions of others who sign,write plead for their land to be returned to them and free of cattle and sheep. Those holding yards need to be destroyed and the mustangs freed.
    We have the same struggle here in Australia with our brumby horses, with numbers being inflated and they being blamed for erosion and fires…all the crap under the sun just so the Dept can have their annual shoot from helicopters at massive cost to the tax payers and lethal to the horses and foals.
    It just keeps happening year in year out and no matter the Governments.
    Thank you Willie for that most beautiful song, even though it made me cry.

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