The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Video~Rescued Circus Lions Touch Grass For The First Time

Source: The Dodo

“Admittedly we are stepping a little bit outside of our normal comfort zone of wild horses and burros BUT, and there is always a but, the devastation that mankind rains down upon this planet is not limited to just wild equines, no living creature seems to be free of notice and torture.  My first and primary cause was and will forever be the whales and dolphins; it is Miss Terry who pulled me over into the realm of Equines and all things hooved.

But while in Tanzania, several years ago, on our own private photography safari Terry and I became alarmed at the plight of the Big 5 on the continent of Africa, particularly the big cats, rhinos and elephants.  It appears that even in sanctuaries they are not safe from poachers and butchers who murder them for portions of their bodies or simply for the sport of killing an animal only for the lust of spilling blood…okay, full stop, this is Feel Good Sunday and not an opinion piece.  Sorry, sometimes I just can’t help myself.

Enjoy this video and give thanks that there are folks all over the world who share our love of this planet and all the magnificent fellow passengers who inhabit it with us.  Super cool people, gotta love them.!” ~ R.T.

These two lions spent their whole lives — 8 years! — in a tiny circus cage. Now rescuers are here and they’re about to find out just how happy life’s about to get. To help Animal Defenders International save more animals like Tarzan and Tanya, you can support them here:

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  1. RT – definitely a good feeling video! Of course went on to watch the one with a calf & piglet too!
    We ALL really really need some good feelings right now – thanks


  2. ALL wild animals deserve to be as free as possible and respected and NO NO NO animal deserves to be put through what Tarzan and Tanya endured for so many years. Blessings to those dedicated persons who saved Tarzan and Tanya and also to all persons with big hearts who every day do whatever they can to be the voice of animals. Thank you all.


  3. What a wonderful outcome for these two! Fleet of Angels is deeply committed to educating the public on the importance of keeping bonded equines and other animals with non-solitary natures together, as their emotional needs play as critical a role in their well being as does tending to their physical care. This is such a great example of that aspect being a consideration in how the rescue of these two was facilitated. It put a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. Thank you, RT, for sharing this story.

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