Horse News

Video: ~ Bucking Tradition

by Action for Animals

“Rodeo – An all American sport? Or a systematic form of animal brutality? Uncover the truth with our award winning documentary short – Bucking Tradition. The film’s brutal and honest look at animal abuse on the rodeo circuit lead to critical acclaim, winning Best Overall Film and Best Animal Welfare Film award…”

“We often cringe in horror at the animal cruelty we see inflicted in the name of “sport” around the world such as those committed in the bullfighting ring but are blind to the blatant abuse of animals right in our own backyard on the rodeo circuit. Bucking Tradition did a masterful job at depicting the often-irreparable injuries suffered by bulls and calves at hundreds of these events across the country every year, all in the name of carrying on one of the last remaining traditions of the American West.”

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