The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Video~God Bless the USA

Proud to be an American

“I was hoping for a moment of light, a second of shining and perhaps a glimpse of better days, but it appears that may not be the case.

As a veteran of two armed conflicts I did not pledge my life for the mess that we live in, today, BUT that does not push me towards claiming defeat nor does it weaken my resolve.

We will claim our country back, we will return to leading the word towards democracy and peace, but we have to remove the feckless leaders that were blindly installed into power and select new leaders with backbones, resolve, are honest and hold tight to their moral compass’s.

Meanwhile, I celebrate what my sisters and brothers have fought and died for…it is for them that I help Lady Liberty hold up her torch.” ~ R.T.


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  1. Well, not to rain on anyone’s parade, but I was much more proud of this country before the last few weeks when our supposed “Supremes” ran amok undoing many of the rights of American citizens. Sorry if this is “political” but this affects each & every one of us. Not only humans but the animals – many of which will likely have NO protections.
    Sorry RT – but frankly, I’m scared for all of us.

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  2. I agree with axelsmom20. Sad day for our horses and all other animals. Makes me sick to think of what is happening that no one can stop!
    Good song by Lee, but I’m not proud of the USA right now. I guess we have to fight harder. I hope we can get more influential people involved to help and join our voices.
    Fight the right is my motto now!

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  3. USA used to be a great country with great leaders and great morals, but the world has watched the decay of morals. What happened to Love your neighbor? More and more people are hating their neighbor. This is nothing to be proud of. Be kind to one another. Care about everyone! What about the people who are not free today? I know a man who has been locked up for 15 years, with an unfair trial and lying witnesses. He cannot afford the legal costs to go back to court. Who is helping people like him? For him and others, it is certainly not the land of freedom. If anyone with compassion and interest would like to help get justice and freedom for this young man, please get in touch. God says to visit the prisons and help those who need help. Well, this American needs help to get his freedom back. He needs justice. I am praying for a miracle for him. God bless us all! BTW: Abortion is not part of your consitution. It has only been around for x number of years. They made a mistake making it legal. Now they are trying to make things right. We have to speak for the voiceless babies who God created. God gives life and takes life. Not humans. Women, you care about your bodies, get your tubes tied, use protection. Abortion is not birth control, it is murder of babies. Stop sinning or use protection! That is YOUR responsibility! So take responsibility. Stop confusing righteousness with unrighteousness. Stop listening to satan, and listen to God and Jesus, that will make America great again!

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