The Force of the Horse

You Turn a Blind Eye….


You turn a blind eye, you push away the inevitable and your denial is so complete that when the day comes it cuts you down at your knees, rips your heart out, tramples your soul and stuns your brain. 

You have failed, and with that failure another  gentle soul crosses the bridge as the reins slip through your hands, leaving you alone and broken.

After a devastating battle with EPM, Moose has laid down his head and left his pain behind. 

His suffering has ended, while ours has been extended and intensified.

The gentle giant who graced our land has moved on, and the void that has opened in our souls seems unfathomable.

His hoof prints shall forever remain imprinted upon our hearts.

We miss you Moose, you shall never be forgotten.

May we one day join you in the peace that is yours.

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  1. RT and Terry – I am so very sorry – never ever gets to be less hard to let go of yet another wonderful creature that has given you the wonderful gift of knowing and caring for him. Their lives are so short compared to ours – we know that from the beginning. I know you have others in his “herd” who are missing him and grieve for him in their own way. Honestly, whether its a horse or dog or cat – or for any of the other world – all of us are so lucky to have known them even for a short while.

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  2. It’s never easy but all of us that have gone through this know that we must not dwell on our friends’ deaths. We know we must think only of the wonderful times we had together and how lucky we were to have known them and for them to have accepted us into their lives and hearts.

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  3. Thank you for your kind words, everyone. We move on…as I did that morning that I found him. The other horses needed to be fed, the dogs needed breakfast, even the Koi look to me for food along with the wild birds and their feeders. Must tend to the living and cherish the limited time that we have.

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  4. My sincere condolences, RT and Terri. This horse soul has been released to go back to his Higher Home from which he came at birth. Thanks for giving him such TLC

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