Equine Rescue

Wild Horse Freedom Federation Prez Speaks Out, LIVE

**Join Us**LIVE INTERVIEW**Animal Advocates Radio

“Voices Carry For Animals #366″

Blog Talk Radio on Thursday – Aug 25th @ 7:00 pm est
Listen to Live show by calling (310) 982-4270 press 1 to Speak to Guest
Hosted by Debbie Dahmer aka “Mama Bear”

Guests will be: R.T. Fitch – President and Co-Founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Moose and R.T.

Topic will be: “Major Announcement for Wild Horse Freedom Federation”

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  1. Finally got to listen to the Animal Advocates broadcast. I’m so sorry to hear about Terry’s injury but how great is it that shes come thru all of it and back to driving! Cannot imagine what both of you have gone thru over the past couple years. Sorry about WHFF but you can only spread yourself so far.
    Look forward to more information here.

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