Equine Rescue

Wild Horses: National Treasure Mismanaged & Looted

Wild Horse Fire Brigade

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PLEASE consider supporting our work and mission to naturally save American wild horses via our plan titled the ‘Natural Wildfire Abatement and Forest Protection Plan’ aka; Wild Horse Fire Brigade
WHFB’s mission is: Reducing catastrophic wildfire and toxic smoke (greenhouse gas) and saving at-risk American wild horses through better natural resource management.
The beneficiaries of this program include these stakeholders:
1. Timber Industry – (trees are made fire-resilient by wild horses)
2. Forest and wildlife enthusiasts – (helps protect wilderness areas and wildlife)
3. Water Resources & Fisheries – (less post-wildfire erosion and debris flows)
4. Hunting Industry – (more natural prey species in the forest reduces depredation and collapse of western deer populations and livestock)
5. Livestock Industry – (more prey species in deep wilderness draws apex predators back into deep wilderness and out of the WUI and livestock production areas)
6. Insurance Industry – (reduced frequency, size and intensity of wildfires results in reduced loss and casualties across multiple market segments)
7. Climate Change/Crisis – (reduced wildfires and reduced need for prescribed fire and emissions of greenhouse gases ‘smoke’)
8. WHFB’s culture and programs are synchronous with best ESG practices.

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    • Man can’t take away the horses’ land like they did the indigenous land of Indians, or can they? Thats what is happening ; history repeating itself only it’s being done to the horses instead of the Indians . We the taxpayers are supporting it with money provided to BLM so somehow this $means financially $, MUST STOP.


  1. The BLM does not represent the West or horse men and women. They do not speak for the good hearted truly horse minded folks that have learned how to forge a bond with the horse. What they do is speak for the groups of souless humankind pretending to be Westerners, who have no affections but for themselves and their sickened concepts of right, wrong and what passes in their small minds as fair play. One can only pray that these soulless bastards find themselves in the same circumstances where their fate at the end of their years is placed into the hands of someone as heartless and ignorant as them.


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