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Wild Horse Nonprofits Promoting Fake Solution To Cash-In At The Expense Of Colorado and American Taxpayers

Wild Horse Fire Brigade

American Wild Horse Campaign and like-minded nonprofits presented a ‘fake solution’ for grazing conflict between livestock interests and wild horses

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the longstanding conflict between wild horse advocates and the ranchers who claim grazing rights on public lands.

It’s a battle about the competition for grazing rights between ‘non-commercial herbivores’ (wild horses) and commercial livestock (cattle and sheep) for finite grazing and water resources.

Genetic viability is at risk in American wild horse herds; using contraception is exaserbating that problem placing the species at risk of genetic bottleneck.

Selling the public and legislators a ‘Fake Solution’ called ‘Fertility Control’:

By definition, a solution that doesn’t solve a simple problem is a ‘fake’ or false solution.

‘Fertility Control’ (sterilizing wild horses using a chemical called ‘PZP’ and/or GonaCon) is a useless measure as far as ending competition for finite grazing and water resources on public lands, and stopping roundups.

Fertility Control as proposed by the American Wild Horse Campaign and its allies is a costly boondoggle doomed to failure.


Because even sterilized wild horses eat and drink water.

And sterilized horses can live for 20+ years on the open range while they continue to utilize forage and water resources.

Therefore, the notion that ‘fertility control’ will somehow magically end the competition for finite grazing and water resources on public lands is just a boloney sandwich that is being pawned-off on taxpayers as a so-called solution to the longstanding range war between wild horses and their advocates and livestock producers who arguably have some grazing rights.

And that fact is why the Bureau of Land Management (‘BLM’) and United States Forest Service (‘USFS’) keep rounding-up wild horses in Herd Areas, even where fertility control (PZP) has been used for decades.

The bottom line is the BLM and USFS intend to create more grazing and water for livestock and game animals, both of which have advocacy by the economics of consumer demands and market share in the $-Billions annually.

This lecture from the MUSTANG SUMMIT (Dec. 2022) in Sacramento California briefly outlines the economics that are involved, as well as a genuine solution that benefits all stakeholders, including wild horses:

The wild horse nonprofit organizations and people supporting and promoting Fertility Control (PZP) are arguably in it for the money.

There are tens of $-Millions in annual public funding up for grabs to these nonprofits and this fake solution, all at the expense of taxpayers if Colorado’s senate bill SB23-275 is passed, and other potential clones.

Recently, legislators in Colorado were lobbied by certain wild horse nonprofits and their agents to craft senate bill (SB23-275), that if passed, would immediately cost Colorado’s taxpayers $1.5-Million annually, and that amount would be augmented by additional public funding at the expense of American taxpayers, according to testimony provided by the BLM to the Colorado House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

More about that Committee hearing was published by Colorado’s Pagosa Daily Post:

As wasteful and useless as funding fertility control (using PZP) for wild horses is, the damage done to these sentient beings by such a grand experiment is shameful. There is a significant body of recent published, peer-reviewed studies that outlined the adverse impacts of using so-called fertility control (aka: ‘PZP’) on wild horses.

This ARTICLE (press release) cites the issues and science that needs full public attention:

Bottom line:

‘Fertility Control’ promoted as a way to end grazing conflicts and subsequent roundups is a fake solution that only benefits the nonprofits who sell the concept to garner donations, and who would arguably be funded with tax-dollars to administer this costly boondoggle.

Both wild horse advocates and livestock grazers have good reason to oppose ‘fertility control’, and Colorado’s senate bill SB23-275.

Good News:

There is a humane, cost-effective nature-based solution for this grazing conflict called ‘Wild Horse Fire Brigade’.

Recently, major media outlets have covered the benefits of Wild Horse Fire Brigade.

Here is a short list of the media outlets who are covering Wild Horse Fire Brigade:


NPR national Science:

Lake County News:



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  1. Keep hammering away with this info. AWHC is the most vocal and visible horse advo group that is promoting the use of these of these contraceptives. I watched the nat’l news the other night and they were moving a huge group of sheep into lands not normally used for grazing I hope they are not taking WHFB’s idea to move these sheep into areas that WHFB would like to see used for horses.


  2. Hey there! We absolutely love reading people’s blogs and the entertaining content that creators like you share . Your unique experiences contributes to the engaging online community that we all cherish . Keep creating and inspiring your audience, because your creativity can make a positive impact on the world. We can’t wait to read what you’ll produce next!

    Thanks – pomeranianpoppa


  3. Yes there are many wild horse nonprofits that are “profiting” from our wild Horses. Fertility control is not the answer – its the one BLM & FS want to put out there, as does the livestock lobby who want the horses GONE! And eventually if enough contraceptives are used – that will happen.
    BUT there are also some really good Wild Horse organizations that are trying to protect these herds. WHE is only one of them – they bring lawsuits, actually show up at roundups and video exactly what goes on – which is important. The BLM especially, is doing a really poor job of “managing” OUR Wild Horses. The FS is a close second. Carol Walker is a wildlife photographer, who also shows up at roundups & takes photos of the horses. Without people like her & WHE, no one would know the truth of these devastating roundups. There are many former herd management areas that have been zeroed out – all Wild Horses removed! Mainly for livestock & mining.
    People need to be aware and CARE!


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