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No Budweiser Clydesdales in the 2017 Super Bowl Commercials

By Leslie Potter as published on The Horse Channel

The iconic horses have been relegated to a cameo, but viewers are likely to see horses in other ad spots…”

A few years ago, Budweiser’s parent company, AB InBev, suggested that they would move away from the Clydesdale-centered ads that had been a popular part of the Super Bowl for many years. Their explanation was reasonable: While the ads were beloved by many, there was no evidence that they helped sell beer. Fan outcry helped keep the Clydesdales around for a while, but in 2016, the company took a sharp turn away from the storytelling format their ads had previously taken, and the Clydesdales (and their canine companions) went with it. The iconic draft hitch had only a few seconds of screen time in that year’s ad.

Based on the commercials that have been released so far, the trend of phasing the Clydesdales out of advertising continues with Budweiser’s 2017 Super Bowl ad. However, the company is moving back to its storytelling format by showing its own history. Titled, “Born the Hard Way,” the spot follows the journey of company co-founder Adolphus Busch through his struggles as a German immigrant coming to the United States in 1857 to chase his own American dream. You’ll catch the briefest glimpse of a couple of Clydesdales in the background of the shot when Busch arrives in St. Louis.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any equine distractions during the many breaks in the action between the Patriots and the Falcons. Snickers is trying out a new gimmick with its ad spot, airing a commercial live. The ad will star Adam Driver (Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and, apparently, a horse.

Many advertisers release their Super Bowl ads online ahead of game day, but not all, so there are some yet-to-be-seen spots that will debut during the game on Sunday, February 5.

In the meantime, click here to watch classic Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl ads.

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  1. Awwwww, really? I’m not in the mood for the Super Bowl anyway (the Patriots, its getting ho-hum now), with all that’s been going on, and so this just clinches that I won’t watch. I love these commercials – they’re beautiful and a nice change from stupidity and (approved, apparently) sexism. They do have a few good commercials, and this was one of them. I’ll never forget their tribute to 9/11.


  2. That’s to bad always one of my favorites to watch these beautiful horse’s

    On Feb 2, 2017 8:30 AM, “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” wrote:

    > R.T. Fitch posted: “By Leslie Potter as published on The Horse Channel > “The iconic horses have been relegated to a cameo, but viewers are likely > to see horses in other ad spots…” A few years ago, Budweiser’s parent > company, AB InBev, suggested that they would move away” >


  3. Yet another reason I will not watch the Superbowl or its crappy half-time show. I watched for them only and if Budweiser wants to keep their viewers and potential clients, they had better get their act together and bring back those magnificent creatures!


  4. The Clydesdales are why I watched the half time show. Glad to know ahead of time they won’t be there this year. Will not bother to watch any of it. The rest of the entertainment I didn’t consider entertainment.


  5. these horses made Budweiser ,they are the reason so many people watch super bowl,they are the history behind Budweiser.Please bring them back,they are the king of beer.When people see a Clydesdale horse they think of Budweiser beer,if they are forgotton maybe Budweiser beer will also be forgotton.


  6. Really! I watch the super bowl especially for the Clydesdale commercials. Please bring them back. When I drink beer it is bud light. I am so disappointed in AB! So what if they do not increase sales, people love these commercials. The Clydesdales are associated to your brand. DON”T disappoint your customers. PLEASE!!!!


  7. Warm and fuzzy is something we all need in out lives- the Clydesdales and Budweiser provided that – feeling sad they have chosen to take a different approach – like everything else it seems to be oh so politically based…….


  8. I have spent all morning watching all the old Clysdales videos. All are top notch What a shame none for the Super Bowl this year. Will surely be missed. Do not care for the other Budweiser commercials. Do not care for the ones this year that Budweiser is showing.


  9. I am so disappointed there are no Bud horse ads for 2017. My only reason for watching. Won’t bother to watch any more Super Bowls. Maybe you don’t think they sold as much beer as you’d like–they did “sell” the super bowl. Won’t bother wasting my time anymore. Will encourage my Bud drinking friends to go to another brand.

    Think of it this way: maybe you didn’t see as big an increase in beer sales, but you just might see a DECREASE in sales.

    Thanks for ruining the 51 Super Bowl this year. Will just listen to results on radio, if that.


  10. Are you kidding? The most loved Super Bowl commercials of all time? What a horrible disappointment to all of us that wait to see the greatest and most moving ads in history. Bet they don’t sell more beer with this change, either, but a big negative blowback. Talk about bad decisions!


  11. Really? You are taking off the most beloved ads of all time? Whether your company sells more beer from your “new direction” is a BIG question and I predict the negative blow back will be costing you customers that drink your beer in part from their sentimental loyalties to those beautiful horses. Talk about bad decisions!


  12. The dumb comment that Budweiser saw no evidence that the Clydesdales impacted sales is ridiculous – the “Clydesdales” are “Budweiser”.


  13. I look forward to to the Clydesdales every year. Whomever made the decision not to have one at Super Bowl this year, should be cut from the marketing team pronto. The Clydesdales ARE Budweiser. BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!


  14. The Clydesdales are iconic and synonymous with Budweiser. This is as classically bad of a move as when Coke reformulated thinking its customers wouldn’t care. A whole generation has grown up on the Clydesdales and Budweiser and we would advise AB to bring them back. As ambassadors of your brand they may or maynot increase the sells of beer, but they definitely bring a lot of brand value and customer satisfaction. AB should take that into consideration.


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