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Dept. of Interior OIG report on Investigation of BLM Hiring a Convicted Felon and registered sex offender in Lakewood, CO

NOTE from SFTHH:  Even though this summary was completed 11/22/16, it was not posted for the public on the Dept. of the Interior Office of Inspector General website until 12/22/16. Source:  doioig.gov Summary: Investigation of BLM Hiring of a Convicted Felon Report Date: November 22, 2016 Create Date:  […]

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Obama’s Wild Horse and Burro Gangsta Dance

Pull up a bucket, light a smoke and groove with the dancen stylings of da Prez, his right hand man DoI Secretary Kenny Salazar and big, bad Bobby A, Director of the cattle rustlen, oil guzzling, wild horse wranglen BLM. Light your doobies and take a long drag as these three dance, shuck and jive with elation over pulling the wool over the public’s eyes and steal 10s of millions of dollars to kill, capture and hold as prisoners 10s of thousands of native wild horses, illegally, while the music plays and the world looks the other way.

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Shady Tactics Surround Obama’s BLM Roundup of Famous Kiger Wild Horses

PORTLAND, Ore. —The Cloud Foundation is outraged at the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) lack of transparency and avoidance of public input pertaining to the Kiger/Riddle Mountain roundup happening now outside of Burns, Oregon. The herds are famous for their Spanish Conquistador ancestry as well as Disney’s hit movie, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. The Foundation asks Congress to stop the illegal roundup now in order to save these herds from being destroyed. BLM’s plan would reduce the two herds to grossly non-viable populations of less than 50 animals each.

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