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Obama’s Wild Horse and Burro Gangsta Dance

by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The Deadly Trio Dance upon the Bodies of our Fallen Icons

Pull up a bucket, light a smoke and groove with the dancen stylings of da Prez, his right hand man DoI Secretary Kenny Salazar and big, bad Bobby A, Director of the cattle rustlen, oil guzzling, wild horse wranglen BLM.  Light your doobies and take a long drag as these three dance, shuck and jive with elation over pulling the wool over the public’s eyes and steal 10s of millions of dollars to kill, capture and hold as prisoners 10s of thousands of native wild horses, illegally, while the music plays and the world looks the other way.

Feel the beat, enjoy the tunes as the drone of helicopter blades will be playing tomorrow and dozens of more wild horses and burros will lose their rightful homes and lives while these elected jackasses, sorry burros, smile at the cameras and stick it to you from behind.  Makes ya proud, don’t it?

Call you Representatives and Congressmen and tell them that you have had ENOUGH!

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  1. Bob Blabbey was on CSPAN2 last night – he was reporting to Congress how much money the BLM was making on oil and gas lease sales. Wooooweeee!!! They’re raking in more $$$$ every day.


    • If we are not going to get off fossil fuels, which it looks like the gas and oil industry is not going to let us, (look at how they repealed ethanol subsidies, yet no one dares touch big oil subsidies), then I’d much rather we get out oil out of sand dunes in the middle east than ruin our land, streams, rivers, aquifers and well water (and air) with shale fracking and pipelines ruining irreplaceable wilderness. Do not be fooled by the get off foreign oil bit. Most of the oil in the Gulf doesn’t even come here at all. And don’t get me started on “clean” coal. How stupid do they think we are? Ken Salazar has sold our lands right out from under us. Can’t believe Obama picked this tool.


  2. Good gravy….just freaked me out!

    Don’t like watchin’ my public reps gettin’ their freak on.

    (But it was FUNNY!)


  3. ~ dang, that rocked ! the commentary, not the dance. their freakin’ dance of decimation for our mustangs and burros. as always, you’re the best, R.T..


  4. You might be on to something here. You need to recruit the help of a famous hip songwriter and singer to make some music for these bozo’s to dance to. Make the track, promote it to the web and if possible mainstream radio, and watch some heads bop!


  5. Well, we’re not looking the other way. This whole situation is horrendous and has got to be stopped FAST.

    If we can define the actual scientific research which has (or hasn’t) been done, we aim to be on a far better footing to bring Salazaar and his cronies down – if anyone knows of any scientific papers out there, please let everyone know as they all need to be studied.


  6. Rt is so good when he is bad, he hits the nail squarely on the head, Ok Now what we gonna do about it, Its not nice to think you fooled the American people!!!!! Lets make it stop………………………


  7. I like to watch a variety of channels, but mostly go back and forth between CNN and Fox as well as some of local network affiliates. I saw this because for the first time I heard someone say on FOX that a good way for the government to make a dent in the deficit would be to look at the Bureau of Land Management.

    Dick Morris, who worked for former President Clinton, said the Bureau of Land Management controls nearly a third of the United States, and a good way to raise funds for the treasury would be for the Bureau of Land Management to sell off a good amount of this land. He gave a figure (I don’t remember how much). It was a significant amount based purely on the sale of the land. Whoever the commentator was kind of said that that would not get the deficit under control. Dick Morris conceded that it would not go that far, but then they both agreed that this would be an excellent place to start.

    DOI can”t be making that much from oil and gas leases unless oil and gas are not considered part of the Antiquities Act.


    • Sell our lands to private concerns? Dick Morris is a complete and uttermoron. You could not pay me to watch Fox News, mouthpiece of the corporate takeover of our country.


    • How about the Feds actually charging and collecting decent fees for the land use?…never, ever SELL the land.


    The BLM’s big “fire sale” of our land
    March 8, 2011 by ppjg
    Debbie Coffey (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

    A Six-Point Plan to Avert a Global Crisis” and the 2010 National Geographic’s special issue cover story was “WATER: Our Thirsty World.” Would it be too much to hope that Dept. of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar or BLM Director Bob Abbey might have read these and consider water issues? (Oh wait a sec, the Gulf Oil Spill happened under their watchful eyes.) Or that as leaders of U.S. land management agencies, they’d be concerned with vanishing supplies of uncontaminated water?


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