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Terror in Nevada: A BLM Wild Horse Roundup Goes Tragically Wrong

by R.T. Fitch, author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Terrorized and Frozen, the Horses of the Calico Roundup - Photo by Kurt Golgart/Bureau of Land Management

HOUSTON (SFHH) – If ever there were a case of “a picture is worth a thousand words” then this is surely the premier example.

Sheer terror in their eyes, steam coming from not only their breath but from their soaked coats in the freezing temperatures and what has not dissipated into the frigid air has frozen solid to their winter coats.  This is a Department of Interior “approved for release photograph” documenting the cruel and inhumane roundup going on in Northern Nevada at this very moment…and just in, at least one horse is now dead, one that we know of.

Plagued by controversy and bad press BLM Director Bob Abby decided to ignore the advice of a Federal Judge and proceed with a wintertime roundup of epic, disastrous proportions.  Tens of thousands of American citizens have spoken out and demanded that the Obama administration stop this dangerous operation but to date the new President has elected to remain silent on the topic.

Warned by equine professionals that the chasing of wild horses down snow covered mountains with helicopters would not only prove dangerous and deadly but also destroy the health and well being of the native wild animals; again, the BLM pressed forward but this time on private land so that neither the press or the public could view or monitor the deadly operation.

A slow death for a foal in BLM Pen - Photo by Laura Leigh

Many questions have been raised by this clandestine operation that will cost the U.S. tax payers close to $2,000,000.00.

If the horses are being removed because there is, allegedly, little grass on which they can feed, why then did the BLM increase the grazing permits for private cattle by 300% last year, for the exact same public land?

Are the ranchers who own the private land paying and reimbursing the BLM (and US tax payers) for the removal?

Who is allowing the BLM to set up shop on their private land?

Why is the operation done in secret after program manager Don Glenn assured everyone it would be public?

Why is the current Administration, a proposed Administration of “change”, turning a deaf ear to thousands of phone calls, tens of thousands of emails and multiple demonstrations across the country?

Last year the BLM wanted to destroy the 33,000+ wild horses it allegedly has in long term incarceration because it could not afford to feed them; why do they plan on ripping 12,000 more from their rightful land in fiscal 2010?  Does that makes sense?

No, of course it does not make sense, nothing about the random acts of violence the BLM commits makes sense.

The questions are limitless and the answers are obvious to the public but remain unanswered by an agency than has gone full-blown amuck.

As we speak, our young men and women are fighting and losing their lives while battling terror and tyranny that rips apart families, steals their land, kills tribal members and incarcerates the innocent.  Yet here, within the U.S. Government, we have an agency that is doing the exact same thing; ripping apart families; stealing the very land that the U.S. Congress gave to the horses, killing many while they run the remainder into traps where the horses will live in prison for the rest of their lives.

Author/Editor Steven Long documented a recent interview with a BLM official who’s total lack of engagement with the facts should be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Likewise, Mr. Long in yet another in-depth article got to the root of the problem when finding out who was responsible for defying a Federal Judge’s recommendation and proceeded with the roundup with full knowledge that holding said horses, long term, could be illegal.  BLM Director Bob Abby admitted himself into the voting public’s “Hall of Shame” for his disrespectful and cowardice act of pulling the trigger on the wild ones.  Secretary of the Interior, Cattleman Ken Salazar, wins the runner up award for blatant corruption and collusion, but he is pressing hard for first.

The picture tells it all, it speaks volumes and should be sent to the President, himself, with the plea to call a halt to this madness and let the professionals assess the situation prior to mounting anymore dangerous and unwarranted wild horse roundups.

Write, call and make your voice heard.  Let the Administration know that you want a moratorium on the roundups.  You can make a difference, you can save a life and in so doing leave the last final legacy of our frontier roots to live out their lives as intended so that your grandchildren can share in their beauty.

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Fact Sheet and Overview from The Cloud Foundation Click here for Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions from The Mustang Coalition FAQ About Wild Horses_12_09

Myths About Wild Horses and Burros from Animal Welfare Institute wild-horse-and-burro-facts-and-myths

Words to Save Them from the Animal Welfare Institute Words to Keep Them Wild and Free

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  1. OH God help us and these Horses, this is not how I wanted to start my New Year, I knew it was coming but it is far worse than I had expected, this photo has broken my heart, if it is possible to break it any more than it already has.


    • More bleeding heart ignorance from people uneducated on the subject. These are feral horses, competing for the same resources as native species. They trample the springs and aquifers til no water can surface. They srip the mountains of what little feed is left in the drought stricken regions of the west. They destroy the natural eco-system. If there is no nuisance management, they will consume all of the resources, starving all animals out of existence. They are a domesticated species. They belong in a corral. They should not only be managed, they should be eliminated if you truly care about the precious environment.


      • Nevada Resident,

        Main Entry: fe·ral
        Function: adjective
        Etymology: Medieval Latin feralis, from Latin fera wild animal, from feminine of ferus wild
        Date: 1604
        1 : of, relating to, or suggestive of a wild beast
        2 a : not domesticated or cultivated : wild b : having escaped from domestication and become wild

        Main Entry: wild
        Function: adjective
        Etymology: Middle English wilde, from Old English;
        Date: before 12th century
        1 a : living in a state of nature and not ordinarily tame or domesticated b (1) : growing or produced without human aid or care (2) : related to or resembling a corresponding cultivated or domesticated organism c : of or relating to wild organisms
        2 a : not inhabited or cultivated b : not amenable to human habitation or cultivation;

        You accuse the posters on this blog of being un-educated on the topic of wild horses. I am responding to your post to help clarify a few points you make.

        Feral is wild. You seem to be saying that because some of the ancestors of the current population of wild horses were possibly domesticated, that this makes all of the current population domesticated. In that case, all the feral/wild cats in the country are also to be considered domesticated. Could you / Would you keep a colony of wild/feral cats in your home? Do you think they would stay and eat and purr and be content? I am trying to make the point that while a great many horses are domesticated, this particular group is not. They were born in the wilderness and can survive there. They have the skills and knowledge to do this and that is what makes them unique.

        They are a native species. They evolved on this continent along with many of the other native plants and animals. They are an integral part of the “precious environment”. That is why so many people want them to remain where they belong.

        Wild animals, no matter the species, die from starvation and injury and disease. It is called survival of the fittest, evolution, and is what enables all living creatures to adapt to the world as it changes.

        When left alone, the eco system will regulate itself. It does not need man to manage or control it. Putting up fences, dividing the parcels, killing the predators, all these things are interferences that have a ripple effect. Not everything can be controlled or managed.

        Just how many horses would it take to “trample the springs and aquifers til no water can surface… stip the mountains of what little feed is left” on 34 million acres?


      • oh I see; you mean Cattle do this ? and not to mention MAN; who builds Roads; HiWays; Thruways; bridges; concrete; blows up mountain tops; puts chemicals in rivers; puts pollution in the air; factory farms animals depriving children of Grain;

        oh I see; creating a garbage dump in the Pacific ocean is ok;

        but Horses drinking out of springs is not ?

        You have what is known as “tunnel vision: you only see one image; that of Wild Horses trampling down brush; and making trailways on EMPTY land;lol

        You do not see the global pollution; and chemcial front the establishment; like the USDA assaults us with;

        Did you know the USDA approved the “poisoning of 10,000 ground hogs in one day? These praire dogs dig expansive tunnels and underground chambers these strech for MILES

        so I ask you; as American Citizen to American Citizen; could you imagine HOW MUCH POISON the USDA had to use to KILL 10,000 PRAIRE DOGS IN ONE DAY?

        DO YOU WANT THE USDA TO GO UP TO CALICO MOUNTAIN AND BEING poisoning praire dogs ? Clearly destorying the Black Footed Ferret’s main food source; the Feeret being endangered ?

        You should be happy the Horses are on the land and be happy the BLM has decided to leave some of the Herd there; otherwise the USDA’s Praire Dog Poison team might go to Nevada;

        and destroy countless Praire Dogs; and indriectly reduce the population of Ferrets; Burrowing Owls; Lizards; desert mice (food for owls); mountains rats; (food for wolves); poison destroys salamnaders and any small critter like small birds; etc.; so this is why BLM is wrong; to round up horses; maybe they are just getting the horses out of the way so they can begin putting chemicals up there on the Calico Mountain Range ?
        so don’t worry about a few shrubs; a few watering holes; a little degregation of the land;STOP THE BLM;

        before you see “dead praire dogs in YOUR back yard; (or such like species;

        get my drift ? thnx. anna of conn. usa
        ps you remind me of my parents; complaining about deer; esp. my dad; I explained to them the above also; and they did see some of my reasoning;
        thanks for reading…


      • Nevada Resident, You may also want to look up ELK amd Long Horned sheep – they are not indegenouse to America either. I am forced once AGAIN to post the following in addition a to Gardenbelle. :

        Merriam Webster:
        Main Entry: na•tive

        2 : belonging to a particular place by birth

        4 : belonging to or associated with one by birth
        5 : NATURAL, NORMAL
        6 a : grown, produced, or originating in a particular place or in the vicinity : LOCAL b : living or growing naturally in a particular region

        8 a : constituting the original substance or source b : found in nature especially in an unadulterated form

        synonyms NATIVE, INDIGENOUS, ENDEMIC, INDIGENOUS applies to species or races and adds to NATIVE the implication of not having been introduced from elsewhere .
        transitive verb 1 : to confer the rights of a national on; 3 : to bring into conformity with nature
        4 : to cause (as a plant) to become established as if nativeintransitive verb : to become established as if native

        Main Entry: in•dig•e•nous
        1 : having originated in and being produced, growing, living, or occurring naturally in a particular region or environment

        synonyms see NATIVE

        The horse family Equidae and the genus Equus evolved in North America, before the species moved into the Eastern Hemisphere. Studies using ancient DNA as well as DNA of recent individuals, shows the presence of two closely related horse species in North America, the Wild Horse…


      • Also, most herds, or ‘harems’ only consist of anywhere from 5 to 15 animals. Its only during the rounds up that the harems are thrown together into a larger herd. the harems travel in thier own areas. Wild horse grazing consists of LESS than 5% of all range grazing, this is even less than deer and elk. Cattle and sheep are far more destructive to range land than horses are.


      • This information is courtesy our United States Forest Service.

        Wild Horse and Burro Program
        USDA Forest Service (FAQs)

        Equus species are part of North America ‘s natural ecology, as they evolved on this continent along with the grasslands. Fossil history clearly documents that equids developed in North America. The first equid, Eohippus, appeared in the Eocene Epoch 54-34 million years ago. This species was a small forest animal suited to the marshy environment of the time. Thousands of complete, fossilized skeletons of these animals have been found in the Eocene layers in North America, primarily in the Wind River basin of Wyoming . In the Oligocene Epoch (34-24 million years ago), the climate of North America started changing to a drier climate, and the forests gave way to grasslands. Mesohippus and Miohippus appeared during this time, and these fossils were also prevalent in Wyoming . Parahippus and Merychippus arose during the Miocene Epoch (24-5.3 million years ago) as the large grasslands evolved. Merychippus was distinctly recognizable as a horse. Equus arrived about 4 million years ago during the Pliocene Epoch. Equus is the genus of all modern equines. The first Equus were 13.2 hands tall with a classic “horsey” body.


      • From the official web site of the US Forest Service:

        Equus species are part of North America ’s natural ecology, as they evolved on this continent along with the grasslands. Fossil history clearly documents that equids developed in North America. The first equid, Eohippus, appeared in the Eocene Epoch 54-34 million years ago. This species was a small forest animal suited to the marshy environment of the time. Thousands of complete, fossilized skeletons of these animals have been found in the Eocene layers in North America, primarily in the Wind River basin of Wyoming . In the Oligocene Epoch (34-24 million years ago), the climate of North America started changing to a drier climate, and the forests gave way to grasslands. Mesohippus and Miohippus appeared during this time, and these fossils were also prevalent in Wyoming . Parahippus and Merychippus arose during the Miocene Epoch (24-5.3 million years ago) as the large grasslands evolved. Merychippus was distinctly recognizable as a horse. Equus arrived about 4 million years ago during the Pliocene Epoch. Equus is the genus of all modern equines.

        I could post reams of other facts and DNA testing proving wild horses are native, but this will serve.


      • Right on Nevada Resident -I am here with ya-have you ever seen more self-righteous arrogance in all your life-who do these people think they are-I think most of them still think horses are unicorns-they definitely have a hard time distinguishing reality from the dream world-blind faith crusaders are the world’s worst enemy


      • ps on the contrary; Horses “unplug the rivers; brooks; streams and small ponds by eating unwanted weeds such as certain types of algae which can ruin aquafiers; and natural ponds…

        without horses; coyotes; beavers; etc.
        the rivers would be flooded due to the weeds; Mother Nature has the plan;
        and no one can improve on her plan;

        the horse help the environment; imo; a


      • Suzanne, would you please provide a link to the USFS quote. I combed their website and never found it. Thanks.


  2. I am literally ashamed of the Obama administration. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU OUR elected officials!

    Mr. President you have the power to STOP THIS ROUND-UP!!




  3. My heart bleeds for these magnificent animals. I have managed to rescue one previous wild horse that was so badly abused he still will only allow me near him. Obama has made cuts against the elderly so i doubt he will care about horses, un less they can apply for illegal amnesty.


    • T.O.- Thank you for rescuing your Mustang, just having you surely makes a huge difference in his quality of life. You are absolutely right, if Mr. O would stop allowing the round-ups he wouldn’t have to cut funding for the nations elderly.

      I just read in an article “Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano signaled the Obama administration’s support for legislation that would include amnesty for current illegal aliens…” what a warped system being created.


      • I don’t disgaree with you all in general, and I know I sound like a broken record, but it took a whole decade, maybe several, to create all the messes an apathetic and misled public allowed to happen, I’ve got to give Obama at least his first term before I totally give up on him. Actualy we annot give up on him – we mush get his support or we are doomed. The last guy got 2 terms to put us where we are.

        I know our wild horses don’t have the rest of his first term to survive. I hit the YouTubes almost everyday – just got one convert, if she gets 1 or 2, and they get 1 or 2…. Just keep pushing him, comment on YouTube, Facebook, letters to editors, calling Obama, writing, e-mailing faxing, protest (wish I could join that). I’m repeating the obviouse that has been said already.

        This week is tragic and yet hopefull at the same time – so many protests, more to come – stay on top of those news reports and fill in the blanks, correct where necessarry – truth, truth, truth – push, push, push them back!


      • Sorry for typos, or I should say more typos than ususal on my part, I did not get much sleep last night, this picture haunted me.


  4. Maybe we should direct our appeal to Obamas daughters, pity they are not old enough to be able to participate. So much for him rescuing a dog for them, he didnt even manage that!


    • Yes by all means try to manipulate Obama through scare and fear tactics on his daughters-try to get the leader of the free world to make a bad decision based on you freaking his daughters out and emotional blackmail-its OK cause your on a crusade and you are all so righteous and well informed-I would love to take you freaks on a walking tour of mustang skeletons that died from “their habitat” and while horses have been in the world for a long time-theRE where NEVER horses in North America until the white man brought them here-FACT -every MUSTANG HAS THE DNA OF A EUROPEAN HORSE-


      • Actually, the Spanish Conquistadors brought horses to North America in the 1500’s and reintroduced a native species to the New World. Equus originated here on the North AMerican continent, just kee p firing off those insults, becuase it just hardens our resolve. ANd actually most of us can actually read, so we know our facts, we don’t have to insult people who don’t think like us, or in your case, don’t think at all, and we actually consider ourselves AMerican Citizens and taxpayers w/ the right to question practices of our government that we don’t agree with.
        You have a good night, TG, and keep trying to get us off track, it ain’t gonna happen,


      • Euopean horse? How did I miss this post earlier? Where do you think the europeans horses came from? I’ll tell you – North America! You are very UNINFORMED. You obviously have access to a computer – look up Mustangs and Wild Horses on Wikepedia – its a free on-line encyclopia.


    • Yes, lets suck up to his innocent, children who probably don’t know anything on the subject. Now I dont mean to be offensive but all of you who think this needs to stop, also don’t know anything on this subject.


    • Suzanne, Not only that but Gold Mining operation has got a permit and paid over $7,000. to do 100 test holes up there. That is Comstock Lode country. There was also wind farm possibilities. Mar


    • Suzanne, Yes, and uranium, and a thousand other “energy” related uses – more fences, more roads, more pollution of our land and water (only because they won’t take care – that would cost a few penneies more)!

      I truly believe cattle and all other wildlife on our Public Lands will be next (they will be a nuisance to energy – they could co-exist, but that might cost them and us a few more pennies – we should use less energy anyway!). They have buffooned both the cattle industry and us too into “them against us” division, “all or nothing”, the only reason horses are first is because cattle supports their land grabbing push – if they don’t wake up soon they are heading for rude awakening!

      And cattle folks, who may be reading this, think again when you go to get assurance that is not true from BLM – just look at all the lies and inconsistencies they have taped in news interviews, in press interviews, at their own BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board – all for your benefit. When that no longer suites them – they will continue telling you lies to your faces while you are being pushed out.

      They have sucked you into a “more, more more” child like mentallity, have nurtured you along – they should win some kind of award. Think about this – How many MILLION of your Cattle already on Public Lands and they are just 3% of all the cattle in the USA! And you have come to believe that you MUST HAVE 20,000 MORE, 30,000 MORE! And, you blindly continue believeing them that the horses are ruining the land, starving, when you must know you can see with your own eyes, no science reports needed for this – oh, how they have brainwashed you! I understand where you are at, I’ve been there a few times myself, and its scary venturing into the truth – I truly do understand that. Even coworkers, friends a family may scoff at you (trick, don’t tell them if its too much – there are plenty of ways to tell the truth). Crosby, Stills and Nash (?), “just smile and know that they love you”.


      • RE: Uranium mining. Dine (Navajo) people are still dying from exposure in the 1940’s & 50″s.

        Recently there has been more talk about mining Uranium on the Reservation. As you can imagine, the vast majority of Dine oppose new mines, but, as has been said before, their corrupt government sees little else but the color of corporate money.

        RE: Gold Mining. Cyanide, sulphuric acid, and caustic soda are among the toxins and carcinogens used to process gold and silver ore.

        The damage to the environment from these types of operations will have far more negative impact on water and air quality, not to mention wildlife and human health, than all our wild horses put together.

        More C,S & N from the same song: “Teach your children well.” Seems to me the whole country need education on this subject.


  5. I can only imagine in horror what the foals must look like, no wonder they have URI, they’ll all have pneumonia, running for their lives in subzero weather, I cannot believe NO ONE will stop this tragedy;how do we send this to news and government????


    • Jan, The information is there, and I think that people are upset and wondering why there is no response from within the administration. In the past, Government Employees fought to be able to support causes and express themselves like all other Americans and not be told they could not say anything. What ever the climate in DC is I bet it is divided. mar


      • Mar, you are so right – thanks for bringing that up. I know that to be true at the City and State level where I worked. And with fringe dealings with several Federal Agencies I know that to be true of them also. The last few decades have seen an increase, almost a revolution, to push government to the employeee and citizen based interaction, to push decisions and actions to the front line. Some pockets are more successful than others and there is always a pendulum to deal with.

        I suspect that has not been the case wthin DOI or BLM however. Recall that article about Salazar’s first day? Thousands of cheerig hope filled eyes for change, ’cause there is a “New Sheriff” in town, as Salazar coined himself. Yes, I would venture to say there are more than a few disgruntled DOI and BLM employees, but they seem to be shut down, powerless. How sad for them! Because I’ve worked under than umbrella also – its almost as bad as those imprisoned horses.


  6. Makes you wonder who really is in charge. It appears Salazar has some real power in DC. I read that Salazar befriended Obama early on when they were both Jr. Senators. So friends from way back? Hmmm.

    Never-the-less, maybe Obama needs to know WHO is Commander-in-Chief?


  7. BLM Director Bob Abby should be fired. In fact, maybe they all need to be fired, and a new set of people put in charge.
    Even an idiot should know not to run those horses during the winter, because even an idiot would know that they will sweat and the sweat will wet their coats from the INSIDE OUT, which means their skin will be wet and then the moisture will freeze.
    Apparently, the idiots of the BLM are stupider than I thought.


    • that’s a good point; Even an idiot should know not to run those horses during the winter, because even an idiot would know that they will sweat and the sweat will wet their coats from the INSIDE OUT, which means their skin will be wet and then the moisture will freeze.

      which brings me to this idea; The Round Up should be immediatley stopped becuz “the ill conceived notion Horses could be rounded up safely in winter is “endagering the Horse’s very health; esp. the little foals; but thank God the Foals have their Mohter’s back sides to protect them; that is for the foals who were not separated from their Mohter; surely they must take the orpahned Foasl to run in sheds; they wouldn’t leave a Wild Mustang foal in a pen with no proteciton…


  8. I found the “BLM-blessed” photographer that took the picture posted in the NY Times article, Kurt Golgart. There are more pictures of the horses and some comments by him. All I can think about are what will happen to all those horses now. The comments from others are all about what “beautiful” shots he got. Go on, register, and give the rest of the story.


    • This photographer didn’t even see the wreckage of the magnificent beings that were standing right in front of him, he was too busy with the technicalities of getting a “beautiful” shot to notice. Otherwise he wouldn’t be plastering these horrific photos all over the Internet awaiting praise for his work. Obviously his “fans” are as blind to the devastation he captured on camera as he is, judging from their glowing reviews of his “art”. I suppose we should be grateful that he is so egotistical about his photography that he was stupid enough to post these atrocious images for the whole world to see. The fact that the BLM approved of the release these shots of freezing, ice-laden animals shows how ignorant they are of how damning these pictures are. Hopefully, this will indirectly help the wild horse victims of this carnage. These are the images that need to be put up on the Internet and picket signs all over the world. Thank you, Kurt.


  9. I wanted to put this comment from the photographer, Kurt Golgart, somewhere so it wouldn’t get lost. In response to a comment about the fog, Kurt said:

    “Looks like fog – it’s actually steam coming off of the horses. There were about 15 or so in this pen and were just coming in from a wild horse gather so they were a little worked up – and it was around 20 degrees (f) outside too. Thanks.”


    • First Kurt’s photo is an excellent one, he did capture the ‘mood’. Unfortunately, people looking at these photos have no idea whats in store for these poor horses. The first thing I noticed was his 20 degree observation, and “they were a little worked up” ya think? Its 20 degrees here in Ohio and its damn cold. Very unpleasant, my horse has spent most of the day inside the barn, and he is usually outside all the time. Even the deer are sticking close to the tree line, out of the wind. Kurt should imagine running miles in fear, sucking freezing cold air into his lungs… burning, burning. Then he must stand outside sweating fully clothed in his “winter gear”. Hopefully some bands/families might still be together in the pens, huddling together, shivering, shivering then hypothermia….


      • Unfortunately, of my own volition, I was forced to remove recent photographs of horses. At least 4 unnamed people signed up to Redbubble today with the sole intention of turning RB and the photographs into a political statement regarding their perceived behavior of my employer.

        I know that there are people on this site that deeply care about this subject, have been extremely supportive of my work and chose not to comment; I’m sure out of respect for Redbubble and what it stands for. I sincerely appreciate those people – you know who you are.

        I apologize if I offended anyone. I am not authorized to speak for the BLM and have been very careful to not post any personal opinion regarding this much debated topic. My intention was to celebrate my good fortune and show the beauty of Nevada with my fellow Redbubble

        I’ve left only the original journal entry with the Department of Interior approved photograph here on Redbubble. All other related photos have been removed and will not be replaced.

        Thanks for all of your support.

        It’s back to landscapes and automobiles…


      • I certainly wish that I could logon to this RedBubble site but I cannot. I am traveling and out of the US where I am sitting behind a filtering system that will not allow me access to RedBubble. This filtering system only activates for sexually explicit sites, so I am told, hence I am confused as to why I cannot access RedBubble. None the less, I want to thank all of you for your updates as I find them most interesting.

        Like Roxy, I had a difficult time sleeping New Year’s Eve after seeing that photo on the NY Times website. There is no doubt that it is a well crafted photograph but most photographer’s are aware of what it is that they are shooting. Trauma, disaster, holocaust, they all know yet this photographer still does not have a clue and does not understand why people find it unsettling. THIS is the disconnect that is the BLM. THIS man is in charge of Public Relations for the BLM yet he does not know enough about horses to figure out that these animals, as he was shooting them, were in danger. To him it’s “Awwww, look at the pretty horses in the snow”.

        These are the people that are “managing” the very last shred of wild equines that we have left. It’s like giving the keys of the school bus to a 5th grader, they have no clue.

        Please, I believe that all of you are making a difference, an impact…just one of your voices is like dropping a pebble in a still pool, the small and gentle waves push out for an eternity. Keep calling, writing, talking, posting…you are on the side of the light and you are morally correct and justified in your opinion. Voice it Freely.

        May the Force of the Horse be with you!!



      • Thanks R.T. My only respit is that you do have to personally witness this again as the Pyrors.

        About the photo artist – I think we are making a lot of assumptions about him that may not be correct. He has a job (which is more than a lot of us can say right now) and has to work within that jobs contraints, rules, regs. I think we should not disrespect that compartment of his life. We have no way of knowing what his personal opinion or knowledge of the horses are based on his art site, nor can we know what his opinion of BLM behavior is, and it should not be our way to pry into any of that.

        We have plenty of places where we can tell our facts.

        He has his art site where he can collaborate with other artiists about art and his techncical abilties, in that compartment of his life we have tresspassed, unkowingly to us. Just as this is your site, and you chose to not post some comments, so does he.

        I blame NY Times for not providing a comment section – and I think we should be directing our angst and rage against them, not this BLM employee who happens to have an art site. We are not going to win any of them over by disrepecting them.

        But, to the balance of everyones comments and you must know I respect you all (I even respect the Angles, Robs, Rods, Karens to have thier own opinion – its just up to us to help them form the corrrect opinion!) – you are correct, BLM employees do not apparently even have enough interest in horses to find out this stuff. Good grief, I know more than they do in just 8 months of teaching myself – well, mostly all you sending me links and sharing yourelves! They will never be able to justify themselves – they are all as responsible, even criminally, as the person sitting next them, from the top all the way down the ladder. I hope they can change, I even feel for them, because they either do “know” already and believe they are powerless, or have an awakening ahead of them that will kick thier asses. Most people do not rock the boat at work – that has never meen my way, and I’ve sufferd, but mostly gained from that – I mean I’ve bucked them all when I researched and found they were wrong, in order to help them, and got re-hired away from other employers, or taken along to new posts – every job/position I’ve had for 25 years, someone who know all this about me, asked me to come to work for them – so I wish others could step up more, not be so afraid. But we don’t know what is going inside BLM. But, I do know THIS – all about getting ones ass kicked when one figures out they have been doing is wrong – still have butt bruises from my own life experiences, and expecting a few more- hopefully!


      • Hello Roxy:

        have you heard about the Mares; between 20 and 30 mares having “miscarriages? let’s see out of 650 mares; how many would be carrying a foal ? so 20 or 30 lost foals is a great tragedy ! so my question to you or anyone else is:

        Do you know if during other Round Ups; did any Mares has Miscarriages like these?

        Because there is a certain type of Hay named “Fescue Hay which gets infected

        w/fungus; this type of fungus ergot) is known to “cause miscarriages in mares !
        (i wrote to BLM maybe the hay is causing mare’s prob.s; blm wrote; not the hay;


      • hello again; pls. excuse my typos; kind of sick and tired of this animal abuse; not just with the BLM and Mustangs but all over the world; now the USFWS (US Fish and Wildlife Service) wants to DECLASSIFY BOBCATS; so they can be hunted; WHO; I ask you; Who in their right might would want to hunt a small Wld Bob Cat ?

        and so the entire US Gov. wildlife service and BLM and on and on is corrupt;

        (then the BLM cries “oh look at those many Mustangs; oh pity we have to round em up

        my comment: Pity you overbreed them to keep your wicked round up schemes intact;

        u utter fools; You could have already been setting up a Wild Mustang Refuge; u jerk
        signed in Conn. ps I sent the Calico Colt Video TO NINE SENATORS ON TUESDAY;thank u
        (I plan to send either a video or pix to every Sen. on The Appropiations Committee!
        PS Just look at the colt in the pix; alive yet left to perish with no food or water


      • Official photo released by BLM brings controversy to photographer Kurt Golgart
        January 2, 2:55 PMWest Palm Beach Horse Rescue ExaminerCheryl Hanna

        Photo by Kurt Golgart/Bureau of Land Management as appeared in NY Times
        Kurt Golgart
        If you like this …
        BLM roundup of Calico Mountain horses to proceed
        Wild horse dies during BLM Calico roundup
        Calico wild horses fate in question
        Wild horse roundup in Nevada attracting national attention
        Wild horse advocates call upon President Obama to stop Calico round-up
        View all »
        If the removal of thousands of horses from the Calico Mountain Complex hasn’t been contentious enough, the official release of photographs from the Bureau of Land Management in a recent New York Times article has created even more criticism from horse owners, horse lovers, wild horse supporters and an ever growing slate of Hollywood movie stars and animal advocates. Kurt Golgart, hired by the BLM, and on “assignment,” spent three days in the 20 something degree temperatures in northern Nevada taking pictures of the Calico roundup.
        What “looked like fog” initially as Golgart wrote on his blog and website with other comments as ” it’s actually steam coming off of the horses” and the horses ” were a little worked up” garnered severe criticism from horse advocates who claim to see the sheer terror in the eyes of the horses and how running horses in subfreezing temperatures cause horses to sweat profusely and the sweat then freezes to their bodies which can cause severe respiratory illness and even death. Experienced horse owners do not run their horses in such weather, and when they do, the horses are blanketed. With wild horses, that was obviously not an option.
        Wild horse advocates viewed the photographs as watching living, breathing and frightened animals suffering. Golgart responded that the pictures were turned into ” a political statement regarding their perceived behavior of my employer.” Golgart has since removed the other pictures from his website.
        Catherine Mansen of Loxahatchee, Florida thought the photographs should be open to personal interpretation as if one were in an art gallery. ” Where someone who doesn’t know anything about horses might see that picture as a beautiful photograph, I see if as a statement of brutal treatment; horses scared to death after being run scared from low flying helicopters. They are flight animals, and all they know how to do by sheer instinct is to run. That “fog” is their extreme fear,” Catherine explained.
        Golgart has also removed many of the negative comments from his site stating he was just celebrating his opportunity to do the photos and has refrained from taking any political position on the wild horse roundup.


      • Reply regarding PMWest Palm Beach Horse Rescue Examiner – BLM picture of freezing horses.

        Well, it may not turn out all bad for him after all – he and his picture are going to get more national exposure.

        But is he or is he not a BLM employee?

        If he was a photographer “on assignment” , and truly having no reason to be knowledgable about the condition of the horses, I fear we have alienated him and possibly his entire profession forever – thinking we are a bunch of bad people.

        If he is a BLM emplooyee, then yes, it could be expected he know something about wild horses, or horses, I’m not 100% sure that 100% of BLM employees would be. I did not expect the city photographers to know anything about the Fire Code, much less be an expert. And it was never the responsibiliy of the photographers or camera crews to do any research, or to be expert in anything but taking the picture the PR or news caster would ask them to.

        Guess I’m feel a little unsettled as I wrote one of the first blogs on his art collabortion page, and a very graphic one at that, and I hope that brings him no harm.

        Anyway, I hope all turns out well for everyone – except NY TIMES, Abbey, Salazar, BLM….


      • I hope he looks through his lens and sees living-breathing-frightened animals, not just subjects.


      • Yes, I did too – we must have been posting at the same time because I did not see yours until I hit send.

        Come on all – a few more please!

        Anyone know the PHD MD that posts on Cloud – I think she/or he are affiliated with IDA? That would be exellent to comment on these photos of these poor suffering creatures.


    • to provide an analogy to your argument

      If a horse; a rabbit; a possum; fox; wolf; burro or bear is on the Range;

      the Critters use these for shelters; alot of this cannot be seen with the eye…the Critters use for shelter:

      Dens; Cliffs (backsides of); Caves; Tunnels in the ground; legdges (stand underneath); Mountain sides (shelter);
      Horses use; “Very Tall Grassy Fields and meadows for protection; Horses use Trees; esp. Pine Trees to brush the snow and rain from the backs; Horses use shrubs; cliffs; forests; woods; pine forests for shelter; yet

      In the Fallon Corrals there is no natural shelter; like rocks;trees;etc

      not even artificial shelter; like plain plywood along the fences; a very poorly constructed corral; so the animals are cold with NO Shelter!

      that is cruel; say the BLM had a huge barn and 100 ranches with stalls ready

      t’would be different

      this is not the case; not even a shed!
      not for foals or weanlings !

      must be a cold relentless weather NV.


      • update: A Mare gave Birth to a living Foal in the BLM Pens “during 4” of snow; where the Foal was deliverd on “cold snowy frozen fungus type straw and earth;

        instead of where the Foal should have been born; “a nice dry clean fresh meadow !
        where the meadow’s characteristics keep the top of the meadow dry naturally;

        in a meadow or grassland the snow melts much faster than on cold earthen ground; yet the Foal and Mare both survived (so far ); the cruel cold BLM Corral births;
        yet in the Pen this Mare and Foal are in; I do not see ANY HAY; Mare looking thin;

        so imo the big horses get lotta hay which is good; little mares get much less; just the idea the BLM “destroys a horse based on their age is reminiscent of WWII;

        Who will stop the BLM costly roundups; where up to 100 horses are either “found dead; shot; given the vet. shot: left to perish without feed or water; are starved; or 30 miscarriages; (atleast and 30 injured horses; let’s see;

        49 + 30 + 30 + > greater than 100 horses have been harmed by the BLM since Dec. 29

        my opinion is: Best people to write are: Senators; Representatives and Governors;
        HAVE HOPE ! One roundup was halted; 2 roundups were cancelled; there is a chance the Wild Mustangs may get a reprieve; keep writing; keep sending pix; keep calling!


    • hello so in other words; if a Horse is sudddendly exposed to very cold such as winter weather; and then if the horse were forced to run for miles in “unconditoned air; which is basically cold frigid air; THIS could harm the Horses peipheral passages; such as nose; throuat mouth; my comment is:

      wouldn’ this exacerbate the conditon of the sup[p[osed respitory condtion fo these Horses? I mwan to run these wild horse down steepes and sloopes even moutnains in the winter; lucky if these wild horses don’t catch pnemonia staning in cold corrals


  10. Let’s NOT forget along with Obama (I want change and an open administration) that Reid is a monster above all monsters. He has the power to do what is right and chooses wrong 100% of the time, he is now officially owned by the ranchers.
    Nothing from Obama, no words, no guts, no call to end this. He lost all of my respect and more important, he lost my vote. I hope he enjoyed his Hawaiian vacation while those babies run for their lives.


    • Kelli,

      Same here. Obama will NOT get my vote again. And I have lost respect for him as a human being. The wild horses…and wolves…bison…polar bears…and on and on. (Salazar saying he is for protecting the polar bears and then letting in BIG OIL…spills.)

      Obama knows what is going on and the MAJOR public, media outcry, but no word from Obama!!!
      Sure Mr. President: change, transparency, SCIENCE!
      B-A-L-O-N-E-Y…and I am being “polite.”

      As for Reid, it appears he is on his way out of political office due to his most recent dirty dealings. But it would be great media for the horses if it was truly revealed that he was the main pusher in the “Burn’s Amendment.” That thousands and thousands of horses are dead, slaughtered, because of Harry Reid of Nevada!


  11. Linda and all,
    I just went to the redbubble site to view Golgart’s shots….the two horse photos appear to be gone! When I first opened the link, they were there…I spent about 3 minutes looking and registering…and then they vanished? What’s going on?

    Has CNN or anyone picked up on this story yet? What about Mrs.Pickins? We need more voices…well-known ones preferably.
    This BLM is counting on us to just “go away” when the “gathering” (what a nice, gentle term for something so monstrous) is finished. They hope we’ll forget. BLM – Bureau of Lying Monsters.


    • You have to click on ” a very special feature” that takes you to the photo and all the congratulationary comments, signed up and added the 1st negative comment of the bunch- this guy works for the BLM, and wow these photos were used in the NYTimes story, and isn’t that wonderful, blah, blah ,blah is he seriously brian damaged???!!!!!! as well as all of his friends, makes me crazy, look at the HORSES for God’s sake, look in their eyes, try to imagine how they feel,


      • Mar, ANY negative comments are gone as are all the other photos but this main one, he must have belatedly realized(or someone did) that a lot of people were seeing these photos in a way different light than his adoring fans. I am hoping that his inadvertent accurate photos of these poor animals opens some influential eyes.


      • Well, I tried to tell him that it was a Photojournalism Assignment and there is nothing wrong with that. He should learn from this. Who wouldn’t? It doesn’t matter that he works for BLM. He has his own soul to contend with. If he doesn’t grow as a person and an artist then he has no insight at all. Mar


  12. We will NOT forget , we won’t go away, and yes, Roxy, the cattle ranchers are being duped just like the Natives were, “you can have this land forever, oops, sorry we need it now, so you havew to give it back;” they really believe the BLM is on their side, maybe for now, but when they want more land, EVERYTHING will be gone but the rigs and mines and pollution,


  13. I just looked at them and the blog, and after your posting I went back. Yup! They are gone. Can only hope that he wants to keep in the BLM fold to take more–could be a good thing. The one is definitely saved for posterity in the NY Times. CNN did a fluff story, BLM speak. Several people on here have written CNN to prompt them to tell the rest of the story. The more the merrier.

    Not going away! That image of those wet horses is burned in my brain.


  14. However, my comment is NOT there, and when you click on the link to Nevada Horses, that page is no longer available, guess he figured out that the whole world is not thrilled w/these pictures.


  15. I found it Jan, thanks–buried at the bottom left side of his website, with only the glowing comments left. So I googled his name–his position at the BLM is. . . STATE CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER–even had his phone number. Found another link with related stories:
    Love seeing all this press–it keeps growing.


  16. This photographer didn’t even see the wreckage of the magnificent beings that were standing right in front of him, he was too busy with the technicalities of getting a “beautiful” shot to notice. Otherwise he wouldn’t be plastering these horrific photos all over the Internet awaiting praise for his work. Obviously his “fans” are as blind to the devastation he captured on camera as he is, judging from their glowing reviews of his “art”. I suppose we should be grateful that he is so egotistical about his photography that he was stupid enough to post these atrocious images for the whole world to see. The fact that the BLM approved of the release these shots of freezing, ice-laden animals shows how ignorant they are of how damning these pictures are. Hopefully, this will indirectly help the wild horse victims of this carnage. These are the images that need to be put up on the Internet and picket signs all over the world. Thank you, Kurt.

    I just checked and it appears that all but one of the pictures has been taken down and any negative comments as well — so much for free speech or constructive criticism. I just added another comment. I don’t know how long it will stay on.


    • Kurt has written a note in his journal saying he took all the pictures down because we all had politicized them. I wrote him a personal note at his ‘contact’ site and told him what he was doing was not a fashion shoot it was life and death photojournalism and only the unknowing saw beauty, rather than a story, in that. If they had a clue they would see there was a story there. With all the excellent photography he does, I am shocked he does not understand how you cannot objectify the horses and remove the fear and pain. Since these were the only photos we had seen I said I wish BLM would let us see more. He spent 3 days photographing the horses and seemed to be afraid of his own opinion. Mar


      • & not only that, the only comment that was left (the one from equus5 sharing the link to rt’s article above) was “reported” (by mr. golgart) to the redbubble administration. what a chickens***. “back to landscapes & automobiles” indeed.

        how much did blm (ie, taxpayers) pay mr. golgart for his 3 days worth of work, only 1 photograph of which we may ever see?


      • Exactly Marilyn. I am not a “horse expert,” but when I saw the photo of the horses my immediate response:
        -horses in shock
        -sweat (from running/fear) steaming off cooling bodies in the frigid temps
        -Obvious the manes were ice…frozen. Coat fur frozen in place.

        I have never seen a group of horses with that same awful, numb, terror, look in their eyes.

        Tears and tears for these magnificent animals that were once just fine in the wild and free.


      • I have read the Cattamoor Livestock Round up Company gets paid:

        approximately $400 per Rounded up Horse;

        I do not know if this is true; I am pretty sure this is Cattamoors’ fee;


      • anna, cattoors get paid more than that! roxy? mar? got the figures on this one??? i think it’s over $1200 per horse, is it not? sheesh. more numbers….


      • Anna, I need to go back and re crunch the numbers myself – I have some switched around I think. And for the life of me cannot figure out AML – and thank you to those who have so graciously spent your time explaining – it’s not you – I just have some work to do on that myself. But on The Cloud Foundation, in a somewhat recent post, you will find links to 3 separate facts, myths, Q & As. etc. That is probably your best place to find as much information as there is. Maybe someone will repost those links here for you. Since I printed them to study, I can give you the names of the orgs – Animal Welfare Institute, The Wild Mustang Coalition, and last, but not least The Cloud Foundation itself.

        In 2007, I think 2007, when BLM had the meetings about how to kill the horses; Cattor said it would in the future cost as much as $1000 to $1200 if roundups were done over and over. How far into the future I don’t know – he was only porjecting anyway.

        I thought the amount indicated at present was about $600? $1, that is one dollar, is $1 dollar too much!


  17. I’m not sure if anyone saw it, but Bob Eubanks, while co-hosting this mornings Tournament of Roses Parade, mentioned the BLM roundup of the Calico wild horses and the uproar it is causing. The parade can be seen online in segments through the following link:

    He made his statement at the beginning of the first segment when the Marine Corp are shown riding on mustangs adopted from the BLM. This show was live and millions of people may have seen it and are learning about it for the first time.


    • The fact that Bob Eubanks even mentions the wild mustangs and says that there are 2500 horses being round up is fantastic. I am sure there were strict guidelines concerning this issue, because his co-host had an immediate “automated” response. It is also really easy to see that wild mustangs can be adopted (I had read previous comments stating that the only “solution” for captured wild horses was the slaughterhouse)


    • Yes, all news is better than no news for us – most of us realize any statement, any news is just a snipit, just a blink, of the whole story and dig into it. So this will get some attention.

      We need to post rebuttal about the horses being in trouble when BLM came flying into in the cape to swoop down and rescue them – NO WAY could anyone know that one way or the other! I would like the Marines to provide that evidence of where and when each of these particular horses were rounded up and what exactly their condiion was before allowing such a statement. No disrespect to any one serving or having served, but are the Marines, as an organization, now going to join in with BLM lies?

      Certainly some range rescues are necessary – but in those rare mass or deydrantion events, BLM tends to leave them to just die so they can have those pictures I guess, when they really could be doing something – Instead of rounding up perfectly healthy horses.

      But on a scary note – I have not watched the parade in several years. When did they start “corporatizing” the college bands? Thats disgusting in my opinion – the opening college band is called th Farmers Insurancee Band?!?!?!?!?! The college barely gets mentioned.

      Full moon ranting!


  18. Anyone who knows horses, let alone wild horses, can look at this picture and see that we will probably have some very sick horses, if not dead ones. If BLM killed a 20 year old mare who, they say, was a 2 on the Henneke Scale, without even making any attempt to increase her body weight, then they will surely see a great excuse to kill horses who, being run until they are wringing wet with sweat in freezing temperatures, get severe respiratory infections. If any of my horses had become sweaty like this in this weather, I would get them dry and blanketed immediately to hopefully prevent them from becoming ill. Obviously, this is not possible with wild horses like this, so the smart thing to do is not let them get in this condition. This picture says a lot to any experienced horseman who sees it, and none of it is good.


    • I know for sure: to run a horse to sweat in cold weather is very bad for the horse’s health; prob. they chose the winter so less people would watch roundup;

      so my very serious question:

      I know in the wild horses hvve grasses; rocks; brush; trees; ledges; steepes; and sloopes; including pine trees to stand under; esp. in the winter; any wild horse can stand on a ledge where his feet will be semi-dry; as opposed to stand in snow

      so my question is: WHERE IS THE HORSE’S SHELTER IN THE CORRALS THEMSELVES ? surely the BLM is not saying; Wild Horses stand in “icy mud with no run in sheds? esp. after having been stampeded to the point of sweating; panting; this dehydrares a horse; a furhtermore a sweaty horse should not drinkg water until horse is cool;

      my questiona;
      Can a wild horse just stand in the snow and rain for days on end; w/ no trees ? a.


      • Anna, it is against the law here in Illinois to have horses and not provide them w/adequate shelter to get out of wind, rain, sleet, snow, etc. To my knowledge there is no shelter provided to these horses in this new facility, or at many others either, I know that we tried getting the local Humane Societies involved at one time, don’t know whatever came of that, HSUS seems to have gone away about this whole issue, but to me, at least, these horses, that are now in the care of the BLM, are not being humanely cared for.


      • Anna, reply to your questions bout stallion mare ratios – had to post here because there not a reply option on a reply to a reply, oomph!

        I have to go along with Ginger Kathrens on this one.

        Nature will take care of the ratios – Period. Natural predation unhampered with by man, lightening, “bad one” winters (to use Don Glenn’s term), age, broken legs, etc. will take care of, at least mostly, the populations. Period.
        Ms. Kathrens does give some allowance for possible use of birth control, but only after a qualified, diverse and adequately numbered Advisory Board can make that determination based on independent science.

        Suggest listening to her radio spots – full of this type of information. Some things that stick in my mind – chemical anything is not preferable, but if used must be given per the instructions on the box – that means at the right time of year in the right temperature. Geld a few stallions or sterilize a few mares instead or mess with stallion to mare ratios, seems to indicate compensatory reproduction – in other words they already know how many horses their area will support and they themselves will either breed more or less accordingly. This is what Ms Kathrens believes she is seeing after mass die offs of fouls due to predation, or mass numbers of dead horses from lightening storms or really bad winters, and still gathering data and information. She has first hand seen some pretty unnatural and horrific things when there are too many males and the females have been given birth control – I’ll let you listen to the radio spot on that. I have not heard of putting fewer stallions in with the mares. Do you have a reference for that tactic? Usually BLM likes to take the mares because they are easier to adopt out, natural family dynamics be damned – they don’t care about that.

        I must take this opportunity to comment on Don Glenn’s rational when it comes to reducing herds to 100 +/-horses. First, he says that is based on Gus Cothrans reports – however, Gus Cochran’s reports on TCF say 150 +/-. Then he says this “we must take more horses because” now wait for this one “there might someday be a bad one winter and what if ½ of them freeze to death – OH MY?” What am I missing here? ½ half of anything leaves another 1/2 or am I too stupid to understand simple division?

        Ok, so it’s better to have only 50 horses left after half of 100 have frozen to death, than to have 75 left when ½ of 150 of them have frozen to death? Of course I buy into, if they freeze in the wild, they were supposed to freeze in the wild, other animals will eat them – circle of life. Is BLM rounding up other wild life – bunnies, coyotes, and grouse or bears because there “might be, in some future winter “a “bad one” weather event? Thanks for listening – your ideas welcome!


  19. Ok, Movie was ok, but my mood is not much improved.

    Just the following, after getting caught up:

    These photos were paid for by BLM/ DOI – guess what, they are public property – FOIA! There is no “security” reason that anyone should have to sue under FOIA for them (but knowing the state of our government today, a suit may be required).

    If the newspaper had provided a comment section we would not have had to follow hoops to comment on his personal art page, where, I didn’t really read his history.

    I would like to know from him if his statement is his or was told to him by BLM. But I could only hope to know that, and would not push into his business or work environment to find out. However I am left with this – So now in our country, conveying facts, education and information is politicizing! That really terrifies me, terrifies me to push even further, and I think we need some way to make that known to the public, without dragging this photographer into it, if that can be done. If that was his statement – it is his personal art page and then he has rights to his statement and his opinions and the use of his site, and we must respect that.

    The really, really sad ignorance of this photographer is this – first, I would agree with all his supporters, who I will give the benefit of the doubt that they uneducated about the story and were only looking from a technical point of view, as would be the correct thing to do on one’s personal art page. These are top notch “photography and art”. More than that, and if he knew what gold he had – I am biased – but I would say this is some kind of prize winner stuff, at least as good and telling as the Nobel Peace Prize one from Viet Nam of the little kid – but only if the uneducated are educated to what it “really” represents (which was our intent, not to insult the integrity or quality of the paid photographer – he should feel proud that he was able to raise this much emotion in us with just 3 pictures – isn’t that what art is about!).

    Had I known he was a BLM employee I really would have written somewhat, “somewhat”, differently toned comment and I will write to him tomorrow and apologize for that and congratulate his work, as he deserves that, and reiterate what I have said above. And I will stop there. I don’t expect, and won’t even suggest that a BLM employee bad mouth BLM (as great as in “insider exposé would be”!).

    R.T. to answer your question – as I belong to a couple of art sites, I would expect that there is sexually graphic art and you have a good filter!

    Last, before I try to sleep tonight, I will have nightmares about this anyway, so maybe someone can reply – if they huddle while they are still sweaty will their coats freeze together and pull out of the skin if they then try to move? I really need to know. I hope I’m not posting too late to catch someone.

    Love you all!


    • I don’t think that this administration is showing any improvement over the manner in which the past administration handled the Wild Horse issue. I hear from those who voted for him that they feel disappointed and betrayed by the lack of engagement on this very important issue, and that’s understandable. It is clear that all Americans were keeping their fingers crossed for a “Critter Friendly” administration, as promised, but instead the only thing that we have received from the new President is silence and a cold shoulder.

      I fully respect the Office but am not pleased with the lack of acknowledgment on the issue of a Federal agency out of control…I know that if these boys worked in my shop, they would either toe the line or hit the door, one or the other.


    • actually i think just the same of obama. hes a great man trying to do as much as he can. you all dont no anything on the subject. do some research


      • Brianna, Please direct us with links or names of books and sources of your information. Please inlighten us. What is it exaclty that you have researched and what, point by point, do you find that proves the findings here wrong.


  20. Just a few thoughts here this morning, to answer a question about the horses, no they will not freeze together, but it would take them forever to cool down, I ride in the winter, and w/my horses’ heavy coats, if they get sweaty, i put a blanket on them and walk them til they are dry enough to put in their stalls.(takes a long time) these mustangs were run to the point of exhaustion, dripping wet, no blankets, no walking to cool them down, muscles full of lactic acid and cramping, and on top of this, terrified, away from what and who they know,
    As far as Obama, I read a good editorial in the Sun-Times about how getting elected is one thing, and how BEING elected and actually running a government is something totally different. Obama’s beautiful rhetoric and charismatic personality won over those of us who wanted change(and were worried about the other choices, I respect John McCain, but feared that Sarah Palin would be a terror on wildlife), and we elected him. Now, we have an unexperienced President who is not living up to what he promised. It’s more of the same in Washington politics, and that’s very disheartening.
    Yes, the photos are great, he’s a good photographer, but why not address our comments or give a link to make comments at the Times site. We are not trying to “politicize” anything, but to express what these photos depict. If he wanted to show Nevada then take pictures of the mountains, not terrorized horses.


    • All great points, Jan..thanks.

      The last one you made rings so true and what is even scarier, to me, is that this BLM official had no idea what the state of mind or physical condition they were in…that’s the disconnect that is driving these horses to extinction. It is terrifying.


      • R.T. yes, that is what is the scariest facet about this, all he( and others) saw were pretty pictures and pretty landscape and pretty horses,not the reality in their eyes. I’m hoping that this will cause SOMEONE, even if it’s only one person, to take another look and REALLY look and start questioning. I have always been a questioner, my family says about me that I’d even argue/question God if I had the chance, so I take nothing at face value. I am tired of reading these news stories and they all quote the BLM line about starving horses and that all the horse advocates are dooming these horses to a hideous death, blah.blah.blah, PLEASE let just ONE look at the healthiness of the horses and stop buying the company line; that is my prayer this morning. Someone somewhere in a position to do something to stop this, starts thinking and questioning.


    • Jan, thanks for letting me knoe that thier coats will not freeze together – Didn’t help me sleepany better, but the immages in my derasm were not so horrific.

      Its bad enough this whole event from begining, running causing respsiriatory dmagage possibly death, to middle, standing sweaty with no shelter or wind breaks, and well, we already know the end for most of these wonderful creatures. Too much, just too much.

      Lets get those pictures plastered everywhere with descriptions of what is happening to them and blast NY TImes for not allowing a comment section. Demand of NY Times that they repost an article so we may post the real turth and facts. And CNN too for that matter with the one sided Abbey interview – at least the day I looked there was no where to comment.

      Don Glenn, in a news article interview this month, maybe on a link from Cloud blog, said “there are no starving horses, I don’t know how the press keeps getting that wrong”. WHAT _ _ !


      • Hi Roxy; + Jan; et al.: I enjoy reading your posts; I appreciate your concern about the Welfare of the Wild Horses in Pens with NO Shelter or run in sheds; no tarps on the corrals; not even blankets; What ?! Is the BLM actually saying to me; a US Citizen;

        Thy Wild Horses shalt stand out in wind; sleet; rain; snow; frost; drizzle; even a blizzard ? (which is common in some states where there are Mustang holding corrals; I do not know abouit Nevada;Conn. has 18 degree weather yesterday and 5 days of snow; if a wild Horse were in a Pen in conn. for the 5 days of snow with no shelter; I doubt they would survive); So in other words:

        The BLM took Wild Horses 9NCLUD. MUSTANG FOLAS; from under their Pine Trees and Ledges and Sage and PUT the HORSES in temporary Pens with:

        no Trees; no Shelter; no Brush; no Wind breakers; no Stables; no Sheds;
        no Barns; no blankets and little hay;

        So in other words; The Wild Mustangs go from a healthy good environment

        to a depleted and negleted envrionment SPARSE of any true protection from the elemenets and NO Proetection from Wind Rain or storms;

        and so my public comment is this:

        Doesn’t running a wild Mustang to the point of sweat; fatigue; and exhaution; and then putting this same Horse in a windy cold muddy non protected environement…such as the BLM Hoding Pnes; which are nothing but a few rails put together in the shape of corrals: doesn’t this type of roundup dramatically endanger the health safety and well being of each indiviual mustang…so my point is:

        these people; such as the BLM and the Cattamoor Wild Horse Round up co.; erroreously think

        since a Horse can live in the wild with no run in shed…Cattamoor thinks this mesns a horse can live in a temproary corral with no run in shed; how foolish an idea ! ! !

        I don’t know of a critter on earth that can live without some time of shelter ! ! !

        and so I plan to take this up with my Congressman as to why the Wild Horsesd are not given proteciton from the harsh elemesnts of winter ?



      • anna, where in ct are you? are you close enough to get to albany this thursdae?? or boston if that protest happens??? there is a growing number of us in massachusetts!! we should connect with the connecticut folks- are you on facespace or yahoorgroups??


      • Anna, if they wait til spring, then the new foals would be run to death, not that they care, but they know WE do; also the mares due to foal would have a tremendously difficult time moving at all,
        having no proper shelter for the horses in their care is illegal, where are the local and national humane societies on this, they all ask for donations, I now tell them they get my money when they stand up for the horses.
        And that is a very good point to make to all congresspeople. I’d like to hear their answers.


      • Hello: I read the post about the Protests going on in NY; etc. and unfortunatley I will not be able to attend; transportation problems; I do however intend to keep on protesting via emails; internet; websites; postal mail; for example I contacted a “Proscecutor; who also raises Mustangs of all things; and I told him of the plight of the wild Mustangs in the Pens with little Hay; and no protection from the elements; If I get a reply I will let you know; I wish I could attend; thanks for thinking of me tho; I am on yahoogrouops @ Thank u ! ! ! “let’s save the Wild Mustang !


      • Hi Jan; you wrote this: Anna, if they wait til spring, then the new foals would be run to death, not that they care, but they know WE do; also the mares due to foal would have a tremendously difficult time moving at all,
        having no proper shelter for the horses in their care is illegal, where are the local and national humane societies on this…my comment:

        I agree and understand what you say; so my question is this: Why do they not round up the Horses in the Late Autumn? I can see the Spring would be worse; but actually my two questions are: a. Why round them up at all ? b. WHY NOT JUST ROUND UP THE STALLIONS; and let the Mares roam free? With no Stallions in the herd; the Mares will not reproduce; so they could manage the size of the Herd thusly; so I once read this: the BLM rounded up some Horses and they “set free about 20 Mares and about 8 Stallions…WHY DID THEY SET FREE 8 ROUNDED UP MUSTANG STALLIONS BACK INTO THE WILD?


        This is the ultimate “shell mind game the BLM concucts; SETTING 8 STALLIONS INTO THE WILD MUSTANG HERD


        as for the lack of shelter ? They will just have to survive; becuz the Mustangs are being put to the test by man; and I do beleive they will sruvive; Summary: the BLM rounds up Stallion and Mare Mautangs; and then they return some of the Stallions to the wild Mustang Herd; and this causes overbreeding; so in essence; the USDA/BLM purposely overbreeds Wild Mustangs so they can continue their yearly roundups; why? “money !

        Thanks for you suggestions and ideas;

        Anna in connecticut usa


      • anna, the few mares that are being returned to the lands after capture are being treated with pzp, a contraceptive. there is a lot of debate over the use of this; hsus supplies it to the blm (at high cost to the taxpayers). i can’t remember the exact dollar figure but it’s over $125 per dose (roxy, mar…you know? my brain has too many figures in it at the moment & i’ve been up all night working on stuff!). the horses are not overbreeding, we can assure you that! the pzp dose is supposed to be good for 2 to 3 years but SOME horses that were treated with it several years ago have yet to produce offspring & there is some discussion that perhaps the shot has made them steril. this is causing more stress on the mares that were NOT treated with the drug. we are seeing younger & younger horses having foals & even older horses, normally past the foaling age, having babies to try to keep up with biology & create more numbers (this has been seen in deer herds where deer have been openly hunted, wiping out huge numbers; the remaining deer are trying to keep up with what nature & evolution tell them to do..reproduce!).
        also, i sent you an emale. surely we can find you a ride to albany or boston!!!


      • jo bunny wrote; anna, the few mares that are being returned to the lands after capture are being treated with pzp, a contraceptive.

        my comment: I agree; but here is my point…

        The hundreds od Mares which were left in the Herd NOT rounded up and not given birth control can reprodce ; so by the BLM putting Stallions into the herd; these stallions will mate with the mares that have not been roudned up and given birht control; so by putting unsterilized Stallions into the herd

        they create over population; Anna ps i know I cannot make the protests; thnx. dor inviting me tho’ ! ! ! : )


      • The BLM plans roundups around the contractor’s schedule, that’s why they are spread out over the year, if you look at the roundup schedule, there are only a few months when there is not a roundup scheduled; as to the price, what I saw in more than one place was $610/horse, which works out in this roundup alone to be over 1.7 million dollars, of OUR money, they are paid w/our tax dollars.
        in my opinion, there will always be a few horses to round up, this is a lucrative business for the Cattoor’s and other contractors, they aren’t going to completely eliminate their golden goose. Who actually counts the exact number of horses rounded up, anyone know? I know the Pryor roundup was closely monitored, but how about the rest, how do we know the numbers aren’t inflated?


      • Jan, This is always the problem when humane observers, press and public are not there. The figures have been messed with in the past and they were caught. They have their “Calico Gather Update’ online but I think they are behind already… One day they broke down the sex of captured horses. Mar


      • Hello oh so they plan the Round ups around the schedule of the Contractor?

        thanks for the info; Jan wrote:

        Who actually counts the exact number of horses rounded up, anyone know? I know the Pryor roundup was closely monitored, but how about the rest, how do we know the numbers aren’t inflated?

        a good point and so my question is:

        How do we know whether or not this Cattoor guy is not out there as I write this in the middle of night; (couldn’t sleep worrying about a foal;

        how do we know this Cattoor guy is not out there at this very minute;

        “wrastling up Mustangs and transporting them out of there ?

        like he was already convicted of ?

        looks like corruption upon corruption;


    • Hello thanks to Jan and Roxy and the other posts about: Equine Welfare and Corrals;

      I think the whole idea of placing wild Horses who are used to steep crags and rocky steps; pine trees and the like; in temprary corrals with NO SHELTER whatsoever is an ill thought out plan; and I thank you for your replies;

      in a nutshell:

      The Horses were NOT starving in the plains; this was never the issue; the whole issue and the ONLY issue the BLM (aka b.s.) has on the Wild Horses is this:


      As far as I know: this is the ONLY reason the BLM states for the Horse Round-ups;

      to save the environment from depleting native grasses and esp. this my friends

      make sure those rocks and stones out there in the middle of the desert plaind

      don’t get degraded by the Horses hooves and trails

      you know how valubale rocks and stones are are in the middle of nowhere;


      The Wild HOrses are being rounded up to make way for Energy Mining Companies;

      even Cattle grazing would be better than Energy MIning companies;

      so the BLM says its about Grass but we know its about “GAS; so why do they not speak the trutth ;which is 1 million wild horses wouldn’t wreck the Land ! ! !

      IS IT LEGAL FOR THE BLM TO LEASE PUBLIC LANDS TO PRIVATE CO.’S. ? ANSWER N-0 spells NO ! and this is where the ivestigation must “gather…hate that word…Anna


  21. I found this comment on the Madeline Pickens website posted by a respected veterinarian concerning medical conditions of captured wild horses. Maybe it is time to get a group of well-known vets together to bring out these in-humane conditions that the Humane Societies don’t seem to be able to address. Again where is the humane representative at these round-ups? Where is the Humane representative at the BLM Advisory Committee? The running of horses in the winter while they are in their full winter coat is reprehensible. My fox hunting friends, who ride in winter, keep their horses clipped, rugged(winter blankets) and in condition, never putting a horse in a trailer wet for the ride home. These BLM idiots are cow wranglers and nothing more.
    Here is the vet’s comment from MPickens site

    Nena Winand
    Dec 09, 2009

    Sorry, but are these BLM people on crack? How do they propose to manage all the Mustangs in their proposed “eastern” and “midwestern” refuges that will certainly develop metabolic syndrome? Are you familiar with this-it is common in Mustangs (and other breeds) who are removed from their natural habitat and brought out here. It can be very difficult to manage and can have devastating consequences (laminits, extreme pain…..)? I should know, I have one and have to deal with this daily, and have managed many others, and watched many owner/adopters fail to manage still others (with ghastly consequences). Once I addressed this with the BLM wranglers that auction horses here every year or two. I suggested that they mention this syndrome in their presentation to potential adopters, so that they would be better prepared to manage their horses’ needs. They looked at me like I was an alien-they had no clue.
    Obviously the BLM people lack adequate experience actually managing these horses to be aware that this will be a huge problem. It is time to demand that they enlist the expertise of qualified people (veterinarians, geneticists, etc) in developing their management plans and they should be stopped by Congress or whatever supervisory entity they answer to, until they put such an advisory structure in place. I won’t even start on the genetic issues-both Gus Cothran and I have commented on this already (and I believe that Gus, who is now at Texas A&M is the best person to handle this type of analysis, rather than whatever they were proposing to do at one of the earlier controversial gathers which was not being done by A&M). The medical/scientific concerns about what they are doing are huge, but as your update states, the complete lack of fiscal responsibility takes it to a whole ‘nuther level. It is an outrage.
    Nena Winand, DVM, Ph.D
    Department of Molecular Medicine
    College of Veterinary Medicine
    Cornell University


  22. We went the “chain of command.” Petitions, Petitions, Petitions. Wild horse postcards to state Senators. Contacted the BLM, Abbey, Salazar. Even Senator Reid!!

    Then (!) the ultimate: The Commander-in-Chief. As a last resort, contacting Obama is true dedication and desperation.

    However, no answer at the White House or Aloha Hawaii.

    However, there is still an an open phone line to above. And I am not a traditional, religious person. Just is, I believe. Amazing Grace.

    There will be Justice! The BLM, et al, will be held accountable. Moratorium. Investigation. Ongoing, continuing corruption in the BLM…not only in the Bush Administration, will be exposed.

    However, the horses are paying the ultimate sacrifice, until then.

    It is now snowing here in MA. It is beautiful. Brisk cold.
    But there are no slipping, fallen bodies of horses. No blood. No injury, dying from exhaustion, respiratory failure… I can only imagine Calico!!!

    Yes RT, I too keep calling, writing. It just takes one little “candle” …and we all are lighting the “candles.”



    • ronnie, i’m in ma, too & would like to get in touch with you! what’s the best way? are you on facespace? yahoogroups?


      • Hi Jo,

        In MA too! “Let it Snow…Let it Snow” ~ For today, anyway. But so pretty.

        I am on Facebook…all horses 🙂 Like you! :):)

        I sent you a “friend request.”


    • hello; yes beautifully written; I too; light a candle in hopes of saving our Mustangs; and any wild or domesticated critter; I guess my comment is simply:

      The BLM says “the Mustangs are safe; but what they do not emphasize is this:

      “any Mustang over the age of 10 can be sold ! so this means many Mustangs will be sold..!
      and this is what the BLM does not want the american people to know…BLM? go away!


  23. To Roxy,
    From the Red Bubble page of Kurt Golgart:
    A Very Special Feature – Update
    Unfortunately, of my own volition, I was forced to remove recent photographs of horses. At least 4 unnamed people signed up to Redbubble today with the sole intention of turning RB and the photographs into a political statement regarding their perceived behavior of my employer.

    I know that there are people on this site that deeply care about this subject, have been extremely supportive of my work and chose not to comment; I’m sure out of respect for Redbubble and what it stands for. I sincerely appreciate those people – you know who you are.

    I apologize if I offended anyone. I am not authorized to speak for the BLM and have been very careful to not post any personal opinion regarding this much debated topic. My intention was to celebrate my good fortune and show the beauty of Nevada with my fellow Redbubblers.

    I’ve left only the original journal entry with the Department of Interior approved photograph here on Redbubble. All other related photos have been removed and will not be replaced.

    Thanks for all of your support.

    It’s back to landscapes and automobiles…


    • Here is the orignal posting’s comment:
      A Very Special Feature
      A version of my photo Nevada Mustangs New York Times yesterday (notice the “byline” on the the two photos related to the story). I was “on assignment” as official photographer at this event. While I cannot sell these pictures as they don’t belong to me it does make me very proud and excited. It was due to the support of my Redbubble supporters that I had the confidence to think I could do the job. Thanks for all of the support and I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year.


      • Somebody was looking for the photographs that Kurt Golgart removed. I can’t find that post right now. I saved the photos and can send them to you if you like. There were only 2 others. One was a far away shot of a herd of horses running on open ground. The other was a closeup of a horses face and neck in a holding pen.


      • Are they copywritten? Be careful!

        I already saw two head shots, but not one of horses running, I was one of the first commenters on his page. We can get them from BLM anyway through FOIA.


      • well, except for horsetalk magazine, of course! (sorry, steve. didn’t mean to overlook you in the wild horse & burro news coverage. your mag ROCKS for news on horses & we appreciate it!)


      • I think we should persue getting all the photos during the 3 days.

        There were two close up head shots that he took off, that were just as telling and frightinening, perhaps even more so, than the multiple horse shot.


  24. I found Kurt Golgart’s name in the BLM Staff Directory, with the title, “State Chief Information Officer.” I don’t think that means photographer, does it?
    Here’s the link:

    Click to access Directory_February0207.pdf

    Go to Page 9.
    Here’s my question: Am I correct in assuming that he can’t sell this photo since he is employed by the BLM? That would be gaining financial gain through his government position, if my memory serves my correctly.


    • Ok – attempt at damage control =

      “State Chief Information Officer.” Yes in the IT section, thats computer internal staff support and telecommunications (IT – Information Technolgy – meaning computer systems, telcommunications meanging phone systems).

      You are correct – No that does NOT mean photographer – so this is exaclty what he wrote on his art collabortion page before we got there – that this wa a “break” for him, meaning like in doing something other than computers, something he obviosly loves – it was an “assingment” out of his realm.

      More importantly – How is our activity on this subject saving wild horses?

      We are just making a BLM marter – a Poster Child for them.

      Does anyone think perhaps he does not want to get fired?

      Or, that maybe we got dupped into this? To get us off focus and off point?

      Anyway, by the end of this week the whole art world subculture will think we are a bunch of bullies. Just as there are many wild horse groups, there are many art sites, and most belong to several, and they all have freinds and family – wildfire spread – no means of damage conrol – belly up – I will, I goofed, I was one of the first bloggers on his art page, and as graphic as I usually am.

      Why are we wasting our time on this anyway? What will it lead to? How many new advocates will this gain us?

      He already said on his site he cannot sell these photos.

      But we can get them all for free through FOIA anyway, and then plaster them all over the place, educating the world what they mean. Lets spend our time on that.


    • As an employee of BLM it is about 99.9% likely that any and all intellectual property (inventions, artistic creations, patents, etc.) that he produces belongs to his employer. A photo’s copyright typically belongs to the creator at the moment the shutter is pressed. In the case of an employee working under contract, they usually sign away those rights to the employer. This was the case with the photographer who shot the image of the fireman carrying the little girl after the OKC bombing – he did not own it, his employer did and it went to court over him selling it. That is why Kurt is not selling surely, the BLM as owner SOLD the image (or released a free copy) to the NYT is the most likely scenario here. Most photographers though, do retain some rights to display their own work in their portfolio, even if they sign over all copyrights to their employer. Each case is different but that is pretty standard business convention.

      As for this photographer, there is no reason not to discuss him or his work. Talking about the photo doesn’t demean him or his work. The work just is and our reactions to it just are – we are entitled to that no matter that our reactions do not fit what he wishes. He needs to acknowledge that the world is more than pretty picture aficionados because that is the truth of the world. This is what art is for – the emotional reaction it puts in the viewer – whether the work is intentional photojournalism or intentional art, it doesn’t really matter. Again, it just is….

      The “break” they are commenting about is the break Kurt got by having his work published in the biggest newspaper in this country, the NYT. Photographers, serious amateurs and working pros, aspire to this kind of exposure and he’s achieved it. Nothing sinister in that on its own, it’s a cause for celebration to be published like that, a milestone in one’s career.

      He nor the BLM are being made martyrs – I can’t imagine where that idea comes from. They are just subject to scrutiny like every other photographer, artist and government agency out there. And they are judged by the work/face they show the world. This is just how it works. If they don’t want to be in the game, they shouldn’t be playing… I cannot fathom that the real “artworld” would see critics of the BLM roundup actions as bullies although we know it’s likely BLM sees us that way, anything to discredit our position, but we knew that long ago. Perhaps other aspiring photographer buddies might feel badly that he is not getting across the board adulation but art NEVER provides the artist with that, so that’s an unrealistic expectation. Art lovers who find wild horse advocates to be bullies probably would only do so if they are completely buying the BLM party line on wild horse management hook, line and sinker.

      This work offers the world a look at what is happening. This is a good thing! It offers those of us with more insight on the animals a chance to educate through what we see. There is nothing wrong with that if done respectfully without attacking him directly. Honestly, there is no way the BLM can construe that this man deserves to lose his job or any other reprimand for taking photos as he was on their “assignment” apparently. Surely he had to get their permission given the control they are now taking with access and media.

      Everything we do in life causes a reaction. This is part of life and no one is allowed to completely control the reaction. I wouldn’t worry about this, just use the power of the image — and the main one is still up on his site and on NYT — to focus others on this visible proof of what we are saying. There are still some good comments on his site too, after the two posts on this topic, comments to convey the message we’d like others to understand. It would be really really good if a lot of people wrote letters to the editor of the NYT on this image and what it means to them…. that’s the opportunity here. Don’t get squeamish and back away over a photograph – it’s a gift! It’s art doing it’s job – making people think and talk! Use it wisely to educate!


      • Kathleen, great!!!! When I commented, I didn’t attack him or his work, just pointed out another way to “view” the photos,
        Hopefully our comments will help others in the art community to look at the photos w/new eyes.
        I also agree that letters to the editor at NYT about this article would be good.
        Can we start doing that today!
        Sorry that we used this “personal art” site to comment on these photos, it was the only link on there, and it’s a WEBSITE, for goodness sake,if you want privacy, write letters and mail them individually! Don’t post stuff on the WEB. and then be upset if people other than those you intended see the information, have a different reaction to it than what you expected and express their opinions to you.


      • Kathleen and Jan E, I did the same, I had hoped for a dialogue, not an attack back from him. He seems to have a very narrow view of art by the quote about art is not reality at his site. Too bad. I would have liked to hear about the three days and and what it was like. What a waste to not have his story. But somehow we are the enemy? How stupid. I have never known any one to act like this and I have been around artists and photographers all my life. mar


      • Kathleen, jan and Mar, Well I wrote one of the first comments on his page, and I damned BLM up one side and down the other, as I usually do. I saw your comment, Marilyn, pussy cat compared to me. I don’t know what others wrote.

        I did not see any evil attempt or cover up on his part in what he wrote, or his reasonong for taking the actions he did – he is after all just a computer geek for BLM, not even in the wild horse div.

        If you don’t hear back from him, it will probably be because of my comments on his site and I wish I had caught that he was a BLM employee, I would have handled that differently – so please blame me, not him.

        I don’t know how we are so far apart in our opoinins on this issue, and thats OK, no harm in that, maybe because I feel some personal responsibility. I mean, I can empathize with how his heart must have started pumping when he read what I wrote, all kinds of outcomes rushing through his mind, none good for him, in those few seconds – his eyes probably looked just like those horses! And not knowing him personally, he may have even sweated just as much!

        But I’m putting together some facts and will attempt one last post to put this occurance in context, and that is all I can do.

        I have already written to him and apologized for my actions, and congratulated him on such fine work that it sent us into a fevered attempt to educate – and pointed out to him that is every artists’ dream – to create that much emotion and reaction! I cannot believe by the quality I saw that he should need any encouragement from his peers, and I told him so – such beautiful work. I asked for a reply, but indicated that I realize what I had done and did not really expect one.

        Anyway, his photo will end up all over the place with his name credited – he will get a lot of really good exposure.

        And we will get ten fold the oportunities to educate thousands of people through those photos (I hope we can get the two head shots too – not the one shown on Horseback – the two others he removed were as telling as the one in NY Times).

        Now, on to bigger and better things.

        We are all doing great things, little fizzles and frazzles along the way will not hold us from working toward our cause.

        Fizzles and frazzles happen!


  25. Respiratory damage, psychological and other internal complications. How can we assume that these horses, if they survive this trauma, make for adoptable beings.
    To offset this tragic image, look at Pam Nickoles Wild Horse Medicine. She actually went out to Adobe Town and Sandwash Basin to share the Holiday with her Wild Horses. Even in economic hardship that is what will heal and show the BLM that we are taking ownership of these beings far earlier than the questionable adoption process begins..


    • Yes, Gabriel, This year will see changes and I for one will celebrate the wild horses I can see and drive to and I welcome my friends to visit and come out to see them with me. What Pam Nickoles, Carol Walker, TJ Holmes and others do right here in Colorado and beyond is what we all can do. These horses have been an inspiration to us and we are there for them. In Nevada there are people doing all they can, daily, and we need to let them know we are behind them 100% and will do as they have when BLM comes near us. Our Horses. Mar


    • hello; GM wrote: Respiratory damage, psychological and other internal complications. How can we assume that these horses, if they survive this trauma, make for adoptable beings.

      I agree 100%; the physcological tramau is esp. bad for the younger and older horses

      my 2c is this:

      The BLM makes things sound like this:

      hey get your Mustang here; y’all; just buy this here Mustang; put him in he back of a truck (like we just did; hee haw…); and put ’em in yer pasture !

      truth;is: Mustangs are not like big floppy dogs; are they are NOT pasture ornaments in fact most wild mustangs will not be trained and are not genteled;

      most mustang have to have paid trianers; this is not feasible during a rescession;

      so the whole concept of : Rounding up Mustangs for people to adopt and enjoy is preposterous; if anything they could round up the younger horses and gentle them;

      but I dont’ see how an older Wild Mustang would make a good Horse pet; so they will have thousands of Horses WHICH WERE DOING GREAT WHERE THEY WERE !

      as some what elsse said; what is the urgency ? they create a false ssesse of urgency and this itself is indicative of the way they do wild horse roundups;

      They give us a false ssense of alram that the wild Horse management is urgetn

      and then the BLM actually “Incites horse stampedes which endanger everything in the stampedes path

      so they create a stampede; for no actual casue; Save the Wild Mustangs from the Pens! little ones could be freezing and going hungry or be terrified in the pnes !
      (I know the BLM brings orphaned Mustang Faals to Rescues at time; if Mare not seen;


      • Anna, you write in excellent manner and get the point accross.

        And this one is leading into a banter for me –

        I am going to hzve to hound and hound until, preferably someone in the military, challenges the statements made in the Rose Bowl.

        We must demand that the Marine Corps back up those statements or that they squash them!

        I have read from pro BLM on the YouTubes that only the sturdiest horses are returned to the wild to keep the lines going.

        So the Marines have sub quality horses?

        And they “came from horrible existances”?

        So the Marines have, not only sub quality, but as this roundup shows, potential medically inferrior horses?

        Its one or the other – announcers can’t have it both ways!

        I’m on this! And it will be all over YouTube soon enough. Anyone out there a Marine or ex marine, or other military? You are needed on this one.

        Those were a beutiful group though – all color matched! Took my breath away!

        And Anna, you are correct, mustangs that turn out well, do so with diferent training and desinsitizing (as you are learning) – that was the case with my childhood mustang. We were only able to afford that because my greatuncles were in the horse and cattle business and got a favor from a well known trainer who had a knack with wild horses – wish I could remember his name – in the Riverside County area around 1950 – 1955?. Though who knows where is was actually located, cause he trucked the horse away for the training (I was too little then).

        Flash foward, about 15 years ago I used to live in a little apartment in downtown Scottsdale and could walk to the Parada Del Sol parade – I must say at the end of the parade, where I love to go to see the interaction of the fans with the various entries – the mustangs always had people, and yes young girls mostly, ringing them, petting thier faces, asking their riders questions, a totalyu diferent scene from the other horse, tht wre fairly protected away from any of the crowd – what is that line from Seabiscuit -“though I may be little in stature I am mighty in spirit” someting like that – from Shakespear I recall?


      • Hi Roxy:

        I like reading your posts; very interesting about your great uncle being in the Cattle and Ranch industry; and how they were involved in Trainng Mustangs; I think people might misunderstand what a Wild Mustang is; A Wild Mustang is not like a Wild Animal; a Wild Mustang is simply a Horse that lives outdoors instead of in a stable or a barn;

        so the point I make is:

        The Mustang is a highly trainable Horse; any Horse is; just due to their intellignece and character;

        but ANY WILD HORSE; being of any breed is diffciut to train; so the point is: A Mustang is not diffcult to train; any WILD HORSE is:
        and since Mustangs are Wild Horses; they can be diffcilut to train; altho’

        some are wonderfully easy to train;
        so for the BLM to ask the general public to “adopt and train a wild horse;

        just doens’t make sense; as for the smaller statrue of the wild Mustang; and some of those wild Mustangs pix I have seen they are pretty big horses imo but the reasons I PARTICUARlY like Wild Mustangs ? is for that very reson; their small sizes make excellent riding horses for children IF the Mustang can be genteled; and so

        their plan is not well thought out; A.


      • Anna, reply to your Jan 5 post to me –

        Thanks for the supportive words. My uncle, actually great uncles (plural), however were not into training wild horses, they were into rounding them up, and either 1. Breaking them (the old fashion way – horrible), 2. Sending them to slaughter, or 3. Sending them to rodeo. My grandparents were of a different view point, and I got most of my early character from them. And they were wise enough to percieve that my wild horse needed some other experienced handling to be gentled. He arrived at our farm as a baby. My uncle picked him up from along side his dead mother while on a roundup, and brought him to us. So, though he was raised with us, my grandfather was not able to work with him, and I was too little, so that is why he went off to a very good trainer, who unlike my uncles way of “breaking”, was referred to us by that uncle – somethings just can’t be figured out! Unfortunatley,my own earlier trauma prevented me from anything further than walking around the corral. But if you run across my earliest writing on the PBS blogs you will recognize some latent “frontier” mentality, that I have sense “evolved” from.

        My only other knowledge of todays wild horse gentling is what I see on Ginger Kathrens experiences and from some of the commenter’s such and Diane Stillman(spell?) and others on the many videos – most caution that special attention is necessary. There are some trainers on RTF and elsewhere that talk a lot about wild horses, but I have not really watched them in entirety. It seems to be a way of “horse whispering” rather than what I grew up with as “breaking”, which left me traumatized actually. But I believe from what little I’ve seen wild horses have been traumatized in ways unlike domestic horses, by the helicopter and the sticks with baggies and by the humans, by just being ripped out of an entirely free life and family structure so unlike domesticity. And I understand that can make for some unpredictability unless they are desensitized to that and you are sensitive to that – check out Gingers story. But certainly all the ones at the, what was it called, Mustang Expo? Those were all very compatible with walking around the crowds, being petted (as are the mustangs I have experienced in parades for many years), without even a lead just following their trainer. I hear many people say they are better horses, more connected with them than most domestic horses they have had.

        A wild horse is a wild animal; they live in the wild, with all the other wild critters and survive without human domestication. I am of the opinion that they should be classified as wildlife, endangered species at that – but I leave that determination fully to the Craig Downers of the world.

        Yes, some are larger than others, I guess I was referring to the purer Spanish Pryor wild horses – that is the only herd I really know much about, and only know the tip of the iceberg at that. I have read from some commenter’s that Arabians have been added along the way to some herds to improve their genetics – don’t know if that is true or not. My wild horse was from the California /Southern Nevada border areas, don’t know exactly, but he wasn’t any bigger than our circus pony, but better “conformation” I think is the term – more Horse like, again like the small Pryor horses.

        So, anyway, I’m no expert what so ever, glad to have an opportunity to “practice” what I think I know – many good folks here will correct any errors I may have made.


      • Thanks Roxy for your intersting reply; I did not know the Wild Mustangs had been trained for so many decades; lools like this escapade has been going on for quite some time!;

        In alot of ways I agree with what you say about keeping the wild Mustangs as Wildlife; not every single animal on this earth has to be domesticated; when you domesticate an animal you take aqay some of the spirit of the aniamls;

        Looks to me like this wild Mustang round up escapage is a plan that runs itself in sicrles; transporting horses from here to there; causing stress; the idea of moving Wild Horses form GREAT OPEN GRASSLANDS such as in Nevada; Arizona; Montana;

        to the Midwest and East Coast is utterly ridiculous…

        There isn’t a grass land or a Praire in sight in Conn. “A STUPID PLAN !

        There is no extra land in New England!



      Pnemonia is an extremely contagious disease caused by a Microscopic Bacteria;

      Prob. they are already selling and adopting mustangs out to prevent an epidemic;

      WHICH THE BLM CAUSED by overcrowding; not clean water; Hay on ground not in bins;
      NO SHELTER FROM THE ELMENTS is a known cause of “Pnemonia; stress also causes this!


      • ps imho; the BLM abuses the Mustangs to such a degree; with “roundups; helicopters; men running @ them; men and women waving flags; whips; etc.; the mustangs being put in pens; the separation of the foals too early from mares; not enough hay for every horse; starving sick horses in pens;
        “shooting horses in front of others; such as the shooting of the original Mare in front of her foal “Trooper;
        the leaving of sick foals to perish;
        the chutes; the branding; the torment;

        THIS is what causes the Adopted Mustang to have problems in training;

        NOT because the Mustang has a bad personality; such as the BLM tries to say; the Mustangs are “ruined by the BLM; treated like they are Convicts !

        no wonder they have trouble being adopted ! BLM MUST STOP ASAP


        which has been going on for 40 years !


      • pps not to mention the “extreme trauma of being put in a narrow chute!


        GET A NEW VET !



      • Anne, where is the source of the pneumonia report? I don’t find that on the BLM site.

        I did find the vet report that the feed includes rye.

        Also, fyi horses over 10 years or turned down at adoption 3 times are available for sale – via the Burns Act.


      • Roxy: here is the one-liner; 2/14
        One mare died. Death attributed to pneumonia.

        Feb. 14 Indian Lakes Road Facility
        Overall, the stallions and weaned colts are doing well and gaining weight. Mares from Black Rock East, Black Rock West and Granite appear to be doing well. Mares from Warm Springs and Calico are improving. Several poor condition mares being held in hospital pens are eating and drinking and under observation. Several colts with sole abscesses are also in the hospital pens and being held for treatment and rest.
        One mare died. Death attributed to pneumonia. No miscarriages noted today. During the late afternoon an unidentified helicopter hovered and circled the corrals. Horses panicked and milled about in the pens.

        Facility death: 1, cumulative death total: 44

        I have read the Mustang toll is 54 !

        (For whom the Bell Tolls: The American Mustang ! comment: I hear ya’


  26. just a comment: since this is the first wild horse roundup I have followed on a day to day basis; and I will not deny this; I have ridden horses many a time; “wanna buy a mustang; hoepfully I can buy one and stable her if possible;

    but what I thought a Wild Horse Round up was; A large herd of Wild Mustangs in a remote field or meadow and cliff area somewhre; say a herd of 100 or 200 and the BLM rounds them up(i have been following the roundups since 2005 but not one on daily basis til this

    I actually had no idea these were little tiny “bands of horses; a lead and a harem and some straggling stallions I guess; and these bands are only about 10 to 15 horses each: I do not think the American people understand this; my point is;
    the BLM gives the false impression there are great big herds out there; “not true; the only time there are big herds is when the BLM puts them togher; “I get it !
    so; great big herds of critters can do damage; but little tiny bands of Horses would not!; as far as the Horse being native or not; every Horse was originally from the prehistoric ancestor; so every horse on earth is from the original wild ancestrally speaking; altho’ some of the horses genese have been modified;summary

    BLM makes the roundups look different than they actually are; which is too bad for the Horses and creates feelings of dismay for the american people; Save the Horses!

    The BLM rounds up tiny bands; but does not show the holding pens of 1,000 horses !


    • Anna, I think you have amde a great point that has not been really pushed out there.

      Yes, “herd” in the mind of most people will be seen like cattle herds – hundred or thousands all crammed together.

      We need to do a better job of education, that horse herds, are comprised of separate little bands (and the bachelor groups), that migrate around, thus the term “roaming”, and don’t stay in the same spot like cattle. Cattle eat till there is bare soil, horses nibble the tops of the forage as they wander.

      They do all come togehter occasionally, the young ones play, the bachelors play, mating occurs across bands, but again they are not just standing on the ground ruining it, they are actually “tilling” the soil & then, anyone jump in here if this is a bad analogy, they poop seeds, along with its own fertilizer. Thus making forage for all the wildlife.

      I’ve also heard that in winter when the water supplies are frozen, horses hooves, unlike deer, can punch though the ice when needed – this agian, making water available to all the other wildlife.


      • Terms – Grazing for cattle, they take a bite, stand there while they chew, then regurgitate, chew some more including seeds, then just poop.

        Roaming, while grazing, is what wild horses do, however they do not regurgitate and stand in the same spot, they keep walking while nibbling, seeds go straight through.


  27. Cheryl Crow and Willie Nelson are doing great work; I read the daughter of Willie Nelson; Amy Nelson said: Wild Horses have to run around in order to stay warm; so in pens and corrals they do not run and their health is at risk: (paraphrased…) I was thinking of the same thing but couldn’t get it down in words; the reasoning the BLM has for placing Mustangs in cold barren pens with no shelter is:

    Horses lived out in the wild with no shelter so they can live in pens with no shelter; but Amy Nelson says it right; the horses have to run around; and the foals should be playing with each other to build up energy and stay warm;

    I do not see the horses running around much or the foals playing in the Corrals !so I was just hoping the Horses in corral done’t get upper respritory diseases esp. not the 68 foals they rounded up from the cold; Nevads has sleet with ice !

    to BLM: A corral is not the same as a mountain range ! A Pen is not wild terrain !
    “from anne: “there is no shelter for the Horses at the BLM Inn (corrals; pens…!
    Gimme shelter ! say the horses atleast a wooden fence around pen to stop the wind!


  28. question: I have not heard of putting fewer stallions in with the mares. Do you have a reference for that tactic?

    answer: actually; I thought of the idea; just based on common sense; goes to the idea of “abstinance; if one is abstinate one cannot reproduce; simple as that !

    so what the BLM does is: from the 5 years or so I have been following this: (roxy; about 5 yrs. ago one winter night I was driving home:I heard a short clip on cbs news about the wild horses being rounded up; this began my interest in this topic);

    what the BLM does IMO; “they scour the land by air to find any bands or herds of Horses; then they map this out on a table in an office; then they gather their “convict friends; like the Cattmoor family; they plot out a horse gathering scheme; where they a. round up Mares b. round up Foals c. round up Mares with Foal and then they round up a few stallions; then and this is the stoooooopid thing:

    THEN THEY RELEASE UNFIXED STALLIONS BACK TO THE HERD OF UNFIXED MARES; so they do NOT fix (geld;castrate) the Stallions they return to the land; so the viable Stallions breed with the viable Mares who have not been given birth control; soooo

    The BLM’s plan actually “Breeds Wild Horses ! ! !(in the wild by putting Stallions)

    then they “round up the Horses and sell them ! (over the age of 10 to anyone ! ! !
    (Mustangs do get sold at horse auctions; this is where most of them meet their fate

    and so the very simple answer is this: a. DO NOT ROUND UP ANY MARES OR FOALS AT ALL
    b. ROUND UP ONLY STALLIONS (my terms may not be correct; just a horse novice…
    c. then GELD or CASTRATE a certain number of the Stallions; leaving only a certain number of viable stallions who can reproduce; then in this way:

    LESS MARES WILL REPRODUCE; the Mares and Foals will stay on the land; The fixed Geldings will simply live out their lives on the land; and the Mares will not reproduce as much because there will be fewer Stallions able to reproduce;

    simple as this: if you separate the Stallions from the Mares; the Mares will NOT Reproduce ! in a nutshell: By gathering up Mares and fixing some of those Mares with birth control; and returning those Mares to the field with non-fixed mares;
    you do not solve the problem; because the unfixed Mares will reproduce rapidly;

    HOWEVER: if you simply leaves Mares and Foals in field (wild terrain) AND SIMPLY remove the Stallions (they could round up the Horses and simply quickly release the Mares and separate the Stallions by sight); then fix the Stallions and put those Geldings in the Herd; so the Mares do not have Stallions to mate with; then put a few unfixed Stallions in the herd; and the Herd will reproduce;just my 2 c’s
    summary: Mares cannot reproduce without a stallion; why not just fix the stallions;
    instead of the roundabout way of rounding up Mares and giving them chemical birth control; which is bad for their health; so this would be my plan and then after the herd has gotton smaller due to less reproduction; then I would: if I could; build a great big refuge on the tops of the Calcio Mountain Range for the public to enjoy; and I would do this with every herd; simply Neuter the Stallions; anna


  29. As a 7 generation native of the Sierra Nevada I find all this celebrity outcry for the mustangs absolutely laughable-Sheryl Crow-who the hell and what the hell do you know about horses-you asked for one every year and then had your first orgasm riding some barn sour stable horse?-Have you taken care of large numbers of stock or any large animal at all?-you are talking out your bleeding heart absolutely uniformed stupid arse-The “wild mustangs” are not native to Nevada they destroy the desert habitat and are a left over from boom towns in the mining era just like poisonous mine trailings-if left on the range to their own devices they slowly overpopulate for the vegetation and then slowly starve to death-this is why the round-ups started-because of starving horses with many diseases-somehow these idiots have convinced themselves that they are doing some kind of “great work” here-it is the classic example of some crusading do-gooders with no education actually making something worse-what these idiots propose to let the mustangs run free would be a long miserable death sentence for the animals they think they are protecting-Sheryl just because you like to were buckskin on stage and act like a cowgirl it is SOOO Obvious you are NOT a COWGIRL but a delusional NY bee-yotch sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong because she has some dime store novel dream of what the wild west is-my ancestors MADE the WILD WEST and we laugh at total celebrity idiots like Sheryl Crow-we call you flat-landers and city slickers and we could give a shhitt about your opinions on OUR NATIONAL PARKS and FOREST and WILD PLACES-we live in them because we love them much more than some jerk like you could even conceive of loving a place-and your dull witted unintelligent reasons and suggestions to manage our lives is so much crrrapp-look where you are from-did you, your relatives and everyone of your ancestors from that area already FUBAR the whole region-now you want to venture into the wild west because of it’s untouched beauty-thanks to us that live here and protected this for the last 150 years- and pretend like you need to step in this very minute because those who live here are destroying it-get the freakin rafter out of your own eye before you start criticizing the land management practices in the west-our rivers don’t run gray with sludge and sewage-our skies are blue-we would never tolerate the human waste product that IS new york city-How can any fool living in these places have any right to question or impose their ill informed and dangerous opinions on people who already live and love the wild west–Sheryl Crow-you wish you were a cowgirl but the closest you’ll get to that is having a horse mouth-maybe you should keep it shut-I see why Lance dumped you now-you are nothin’ but a poser


    • So you’re a native because your family has lived there for 150 years? Well, the horses have been there much, much longer and I figure that makes them natives too. By your logic, they have more rights to the land than you or your kin. That makes you the “invasive species”. How would you like the government coming in with helicopters to chase you and all your family into a trap to be removed and put in camps for the rest of your lives??????

      This debate is not about Sheryl Crow. It’s about wild horses and their natural habitat, which belong to you AND all the other people on this blog. Your post (your opinions on OUR National Parks…)made it sound like we had no vested interest in the land and I wanted to make it clear to you that We Do!


      • Ok TG, the gold and silver rushes happened in the mid to late 1800’s right? and horses have been back here in this country for at least 500 years, so IF you’re able, do the math, horses have been here longer, as in the Native Americans have had horses longer than you can claim ancestry wherever it is you live; horses began in this country, and have returned to their place in the ecosystem, EUROPE???? wow, where did THAT thought come from????


    • You are the uneducated one. Ignorant too, if I may say, with all due respect. And you know, “ignorant” means “not knowing.”
      That said, just reading your post says more about the writer. You disagree. You are angry and the only manner in which you know how to express yourself is by being crass & gross. Sad.

      I suggest you get educated on this matter.

      Read: “Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West.”

      And if you are able, read: “Waste of the West: Public Lands Ranching.”

      In books such as these, you will learn of the research, science, documented statistics, history through the *decades, back to the late 1800’s, proving cattle are the major destruction of the West. Ecological balance. Wildlife. Destroying the land, the pure water, that flows and flows to give life to plants and animals.

      And of course, there are many books by learned, educated ecologists, scientists, conservationists, clearly outlining the benefit of wild horses to the western range lands. The ecology. And how they are able to care for themselves quite well…as you can see from the healthy, robust horses running in terror in a BLM helicopter roundup. And! The wild horses do manage their herd numbers. Too many horses and foals will not be born.

      Yes, wild horses manage quite well without man. It is called “survival of the fittest,” a synonym, another way of saying, “natural selection,” for those who do not understand the concept. You know, Charles Darwin?

      It is only MAN that destroys Mother Nature. In this BLM corrupt, inhumane situation, did you know the ratio of horses to cattle is 2:200? Meaning, there are 2 wild horses on the western range for every 200 cattle. To further explain, about 18,000 wild horses to @ 8,000,000 cattle. I say “about,” as the BLM, for some reason, cannot come up with a quota as they are employed to do.

      I feel sad for you. To be so “back-woods.” There must be a library near you?

      Very Sincerely, & with Empathy, Compassion,


      • Ronnie, LOVE your comment, this “person” is so ignorant it is almost amusing!Do you think he/she knows HOW to read? or even USE a library, assuming there IS one nearby?


    • Sorry, but this not YOUR back yard – its called PUBLIC lands. What is it about PUBLIC that you can’t or don’t understnd? Thats PUBLIC as in paid for with all of our taxes.


  30. OMG!-wild mustangs are a human by product not native to Nevada-they cannot go extinct-even using this word describing the situation does nothing but show just how completely ignorant of the mustang situation you people really are-These horses, stave, get bitten by snakes, harbor and transfer equine diseases-they really don’t have great quality of life on the range-they just ended up there and barely survive -BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT NATIVE TO THE AREA-besides they are rounding them up so they can have homes where people can take care of them-they are domestic animals and need human care to be healthy-don’t be stupid and think if they could just run free their lives would be perfect-and when you all talk about maintaining mares to stallions for reproducing I swear it is like watching a bunch of monkeys trying to send a fax-you people just don’t get how delusional you really are-go save the freakin fire ants or something-the only input we want from the city idiots is their $$$$ spent in our tourist destinations-and stay out of the back country so we won’t have to come rescue your flat-lander butts


      • Gardenbelle, here’s the answer to your question:

        He erroneously thinks we’re all from the city, and that his 150 yr western family history trumps all else, because apparently many of these anti-wildhorse people are narrowminded, illiterate brainwashed simpletons. Sadly, many of them refuse to believe that ranchers (and ranch cowboys) are next on the list for “relocation” and “extermination” by the government (remember how the Native Americans were “relocated”?).

        They’ll only believe it when, after removing the horses from the range, the BLM tells them “no more grazing leases, we’re gonna sell/put energy leases on that land instead”. I hope they don’t think the wild horse advocates will be rushing to help them then after they’ve been so evil towards anyone supporting the horses. We might stand with them in the future if they were working with us now to protect the WESTERN lands, the horses and all the wildlife because as sure as the sun rises in the East, that is the aim: remove the protected horses and take the now unprotected land to lease or sell for big business.

        Sorry, just no nicer way to put it than that. It’s the truth, so many of the wild horse haters are completely in denial that this is about more than just BLM/ranchers versus wild horses. Just look at the English composition skills and see for yourself the cavity where the brain should be located. It’s sad to think these folks can’t seem to reason their way out of paper bag and so the next best approach in their little minds is to attack those that have reasoning and comprehension skills.

        All that said, it must be acknowledged that some wise ranchers have it all figured out and they are supporting wild horses and the advocates – quietly though. Who can blame them? They are in the minority and have to live amongst the majority of the cretin types we keep seeing here and at other advocate sites.

        Wise up, cowboy/tahoegeminii. Do some good hard thinking and try to realize the world is not black and white nor does it revolve solely around your idea of ranching and the West. There are much more important and powerful villains lying in wait for you and your kind than the innocent wild horses and the advocates that stand for them.


      • to taho gemini; my 2c: to you buddy !

        “YOU are NOT the reason God make Nevada; or Oklahoma or any other plain

        The Wild Horses and other wildlife are

        The Wild Horses are the reason God made Nevada’s wild plains and mt. ranges;

        and for other wildlife; not for man !
        (beause man doesn’t manage land well
        anne conn. usa


    • To tahoegemini on American wild horse ancestry:

      Akhal-Teke blood runs through veins of most of the world’s horses, including horses reintroduced to North America by the Spanish. That’s right – the ancestors of American wild horses.

      The Akhal-Teke dates from 3,000 B.C., and is among the most ancient horse breeds in the world. Unlike some Americans, the Turkmen treat their horses as family. They are exceptionally well cared for – first to eat, and first to see a doctor. Can you say the same?

      Some consider the Akhal-Teke to be the direct ancestor of the original Nez Perce Horse and other wild horses in America. They can live on small amounts of food and water, are not picky eaters, can withstand temperature extremes, and rarely get sick. They are intelligent, tough, bold, and courageous.

      Akhal-Tekes are well known for their endurance. In 1935, an Akhal-Teke won a 2,700-mile race in 84 days, at one point crossing 225 miles of desert in three days, virtually without food and water.

      Do any of these characteristics seem at all familiar? Maybe you just aren’t looking at the right wild horses, or looking at wild horses right.

      Another tidbit for you: The current Nez Perce breeding program is an effort to replicate their stolen horses. They have crossed the Americanized Appaloosa with the Akhal-Teke, and have, once again, come up with outstanding horses.

      From your various ramblings, I can only conclude that you have no appreciation of “the big picture”.


    • Ok Tahoe – one of your other comments asked “who are you people?”. We are the taxpayers that support your socialist welfare ranching.

      Thats right, 27 welfare ranchers, not only paying a fraction of market prices to graze on the public lands in the first place, but also receiving direct subsididies from me, and the rest of us of in the tune of 123 Millin Dollars a year. Some have said 150 + million, some economists have indicated a direct and indirect cost of over 500 million dollars a year on a broken socialist welfare system.

      But what makes this even whakier, most beef from the USA is EXPORTED – thats right, we USA taxping citizens, suporting you, to get to eat beef IMPORTED from South America.

      Anyway, 27 ranchers getting 123 million dollars a year – thats $4,500,000 EACH EVERY YEAR. Oh, you didn’t know this? -that your boss, your family was getting that? Do some research before you come here agian and “attempt” to insult the people that are paying your way in the world – the hands that feed you!


    • I’ll admit when I’ve ered – I mis copied a figure – its not 27 ranchers its 27,000 ranchers – $4,500 a year in subsidies. CATO Policy Analysis No. 234 “Beyond Grazing Fee: An Agenda for Rangeland Reform” by Karl Hess Jr. and Jerry L. Holechek
      Karl Hess Jr. is a senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute, and Jerry L. Holechek is a professor of rangeland science at New Mexico State University:

      “Public-land grazing is an American anomaly. In a culture and economy of free enterprise, it is the nation’s most conspicuous and extensive flirtation with socialism. Deeply regulated, like other sectors of the economy, it is an industry owned and operated by the U.S. government. The land and grass are federal property, planning and management are federal functions, and the workers–the 27,000 ranchers who own the livestock–are federally licensed, supervised, and subsidized.”

      Ok, this policy was written July 13, 1995 – when perhaps “Deeply regulated, like other sectors of the economy,” was true, or thought to be true – how blind we all have been!

      I did not cut and past this section, but I am clear about it – “the total cost direct and indirect is $500 MILLION Dollar a year.” Divide that by 27,000!

      I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, the current experience (meanig last 8 to 10 years) of the American Wild Horse is a lesson of how our apathy and greed have allowed our government to run amuke! How our over consumption of energy is destroying all of our public lands. Ranchers – your next, you just don’t know it yet. When they are done with the horses adn the rst of the wildlife they will be coming after your portion of public lands you get scott free – this is my prediction, and I say about time – The only reason your at the end of the list is your supporting and helping them now.


      • Hi Roxy; I wanted to thank you for permission to copy your letter to Prez. Obama to my Representative Himes of Conn. who is a co-sponsor of a Horse Protection Bill; not sure exactly which one; so I sent the copy of your letter to Rep. Himes yesterday
        I hope he feels the emotions I did;
        (esp. about the Foals and no shelter;
        thanks again dear ! appreicate; anna
        ps when I write the word “fool; that is to the tahoe gemini guy only; thanx
        (didn’t want you to think i was talking to y;all; hey cool about the Eagle Mountain roundup being halted !

        you guys rock ! go guys go ! the letters are working; don’t give up !

        the horses are counting on us “yesterday today and tomorrow ! a.


    • see its like this: “fool…”; if you take only the Stallions from the Range; and leave the Mares and Foals; and then you fix the stallions and then put the stallions back on the range; they cannot reproduce with the mares; this is called
      Birth Control; get it ? Birth control by fixings the stallions; then keep a herd of Stallions who are viable for breeding so we can predict how many new Horses will be born; then the BLM won’t spend 40 years breeding horse by putting stallions

      like they took 60 mares and put out 40 stallions back on the range; none fixed

      that is nothing but a wild horse breed and round up scheme; see ya later idiot !


      (this is called Gov. job creations…big energy co. is…THINK !
      listen up: “Business Men they drink our wine…foul men dig our earth; jimihendrix anna in conn.


    • hey tahoe gemini dual personality; unless you are a native american indian; YOU are not only a non native species;

      but you are an Invasive species; just geld the Mustang Stallions and things will be good; If the BLM puts 40 unfixed Stallions into a herd of 60 fixed mares and 100 unfixed mares in the wild with another 50 unfixed Stallions in the Wild;


      THE BLM IS ACTUALLY BREEDING WILD MUSTANGS; then claiming there are too many !


      • Hi Anne, You have hit on an excellent point. I know Ginger Kathrens has mentioned this on more than one radio spot – that the horses will over breed to compensate. They know how much land they need and they know how to regulate accordingly. Likewise it is indicated that when numbers reach maximum they will not continue to overbreed. An interesting theory – so perhaps this is a BLM plan to keep up business?

        I wish there were more research to actualy prove this compensatory breeding idea – and perhaps there is and I don’t know where to find it.

        And yes, humans are invasive – look what we have done to our earth.


  31. Dear Tahoe Gemini, try watching one of the PBS Nature features about the Pryor Mountain mustangs, they show very graphic pictures of predator kills, and lightening struck horses being eaten by bears, so most of us who comment here are well aware of the dangers of living in the wild for these horses. We also have viewed videos and/or witnessed firsthand foals run so hard their feet have come apart, mares aborting their foals, horses run to death, we all support them staying in the wild and having to deal w/nature rather than suffering inhumane treatment at the hands of mankind. And if you are of Caucasion descent, than you ARE an invasive species, as the horses have been here way longer than your family has, and probably helped your ancestors get to wherever it is you live in the first place. You make braod assumptions about the people who comment here, knowing absolutely NOTHING about where any of us live or what any of us do.
    Name calling is a truly juvenile trait and really showcases your total immaturity. You don’t cite any REAL facts because all YOU know how to do is belittle others. Quite frankly, I don’t give a rap about what you think about me or anyone else, and I really doubt you are even a blip on Sheryl Crow’s radar.
    We who stand up for the wild things of this country feel immense pity for people like you, because you don’t get it, and never will. But nothing you say will have ANY deterrent on what we say, feel, believe and fight for.
    have you actually LOOKED at any of the mustangs that are being rounded up, because they are in really good condition, especially at this time of the year. The fact that so many older horses are surviving on the range is indicative of the high quality of forage that is available for them.
    I don’t believe you can be swayed by facts, and we don’t operate in a dream world, by the way, all of our knowledge comes from FACTS. If you’d take the time to really investigate, look at the documents and sources quoted on this and other websites, look at reports filed by investigative reporters. Sorry, that’s mean you would have to actually read and think about something, it seems that it’s easier for you to just call people names and hope they return the favor, which is not going to happen, as we have more important things to do.


    • my comment : Right On ! Yay !

      ps what I don’t get is this: why does the BLM sell some of the Mustangs ? and to whom?

      I thought the BLM ADOPTED OUT MUSTANGS; but where do they get off selling them ?



      Anyone else think it strange the BLM built the Corrals RIGHT NEXT TO A RENDERING PLANT ?



      THIS MUST STOP ! signed Anne White Hadley 1951 US Citizen since birth; thank you !


  32. and Born in the Y-why am I a horse hater? I have cared and owned more horses than you will ever see-I know them inside and out and it is you idiots that are forcing a cruel death on these horses-I don’t hate horses -I don’t want to see idiots who THINK they are DO-GOODERS CAUSING THE SLOW DEATH OF HORSES-you are the abusers and to stupid to know better -like the ruling class of Rome that thought lead was a good way to sweeten their tea-and thus poisoned the whole population of Rome and was a large contributing factor to it’s fall-Go on follow that crusade with the rest of the lemmings right off the cliff


    • Do you mean to tell me that you actually believe these horses are starving?? Have you looked at the pictures? You say you know horses SO well, you must be able to tell fat and healthy from “starving.” Good grief! Or do you believe it because the gods at the BLM told you so? Talk about blind-faith, or whatever kind of blindness you’re afflicted with.

      Did you know that starvation is the way the VAST majority of mammals die? Has been so ever since mammals evolved. The brain has evolved to handle it without pain because it’s Nature’s way. Would I allow a horse of mine to starve? Never. But these are wild creatures, and, as I said that’s the way most wildlife perish. Frankly, I think nature is cruel and I hate to even think about it, but that doesn’t change anything. I do NOT believe any of these animals are in danger of starvation however. If the mares the BLM summarily executed had truly been starving, I don’t imagine they would have made it down the mountain at all.

      And, in my humble opinion, starvation on their home range, with their family members is far preferable to what the BLM has in store for these innocent individuals.


      • hello to any wild horse advocate:

        At the top of the page is a pix of a Horse lying in the snow; i think the title is: “Horse in Snow; I was wondering; does anyone have any info on this Horse? how he/she perished?
        I have a collection of Horses the BLM; the APHIS Vet; and or Cattoor has harmed or caused horse to perish;(either by bad hay; no hay; old hay;
        or stress or being run to much;

        In a way the Cattoor BLM roundups remind me of the Bull Runs in Spain;
        totally out of control and stupid…A.

        ps I sent the info from the Vet.s page (quoted); to the BLM Nevada;
        sent me an automated reply;ok thnx; a.


      • We just went back and changed the photo with one of a foal that did die after the Calico round-up. 45+ deaths and counting with 30 spontaneous miscarriages. One of the deadliest round-ups in BLM history…and they were told by equine professionals that it would be such, along with a Federal judge warning them that it was a bad idea, they went out and killed our horses, anyway


      • Which photo is this: could not find; ps the so called “sponaneous miscarriages”; are actually what is known as “Red-Bag deliveries…; you can see one of the Mares in one of the pix “having a red bag delivery; now this may make some people sick;

        but…(in a red bag delivery the vet is supposed to rush over and “rupture the red bag to get to the white bag to let the foal out; instead they let Mare unattneded !

        Inside what the BLM calls the so called “After birth; was actually “a living Foal !
        the blm vet does not know the dif. between “a red bag delivery and a horses afterbith; so I plan to file a complaint with the USDA for “aninaml neglect reslutling in cruelty to the Foal and Mare…I have pix and scientific papers to boot; and they cleaned the mare out of an afterbirth; which was actually a foal !
        (who perished because the Vet was supposed to let the Foal out of the bag ! DUMB ?


      • Probably all the vets are cow vets since it appears the whole BLM holding operations are run just like a cattle feedlot. In my area(East) we have a horse vets and cattle vets–very specialized and certainly not the same. Wonder how they intend to geld these poor horses too?


      • I read on the BLM website they are already beginning to sell ship or adopt horses;

        trying to get them out of the way…

        so no pix can be seen of the “hungry horses lying in sand pits with no feed or water in sight;

        no shelter; The BLM leaves living Mustangs in Sand Pits to die lone horrid demise;(anyone can see the pix of the Young Foal left to die in sandpit at top of this pg.


  33. Ronnie :
    To Tahoegemin: You are the uneducated one. Ignorant too, if I may say, with all due respect. And you know, “ignorant” means “not knowing.”
    That said, just reading your post says more about the writer. You disagree. You are angry and the only manner in which you know how to express yourself is by being crass & gross. Sad.
    I suggest you get educated on this matter.
    Read: “Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West.”
    And if you are able, read: “Waste of the West: Public Lands Ranching.”
    In books such as these, you will learn of the research, science, documented statistics, history through the *decades, back to the late 1800’s, proving cattle are the major destruction of the West. Ecological balance. Wildlife. Destroying the land, the pure water, that flows and flows to give life to plants and animals.
    And of course, there are many books by learned, educated ecologists, scientists, conservationists, clearly outlining the benefit of wild horses to the western range lands. The ecology. And how they are able to care for themselves quite well…as you can see from the healthy, robust horses running in terror in a BLM helicopter roundup. And! The wild horses do manage their herd numbers. Too many horses and foals will not be born.
    Yes, wild horses manage quite well without man. It is called “survival of the fittest,” a synonym, another way of saying, “natural selection,” for those who do not understand the concept. You know, Charles Darwin?
    It is only MAN that destroys Mother Nature. In this BLM corrupt, inhumane situation, did you know the ratio of horses to cattle is 2:200? Meaning, there are 2 wild horses on the western range for every 200 cattle. To further explain, about 18,000 wild horses to @ 8,000,000 cattle. I say “about,” as the BLM, for some reason, cannot come up with a quota as they are employed to do.
    I feel sad for you. To be so “back-woods.” There must be a library near you?
    Very Sincerely, & with Empathy, Compassion,


  34. jan eaker it is obvious no one will ever get you people to see the truth -you have your blinders glued in place and no rational discussion will ever persuade you-I am sure-like they say-you can lead a horse to water but you sure can’t make them drink. You people are the physical manifestation of loving something “to death” you idiots will be the death of the wild mustang-so ironic and karmic it’s not really even funny anymore-it’s like the little girl who smothers her kitten to death cause she loved it sooooo much-


    • tahoegomaniac – where is your “rational discussion”?

      I know where it is at, I started in a diferent place, not as badly as you, and I was going to prove to myself that I was right – the deeper I got the more obviose were my “blinders” – then I took off those “blinders” and started understanding – I will hold out hope for you as well.

      All – Sorry, but I just feel like jumping back in with these debates, not that “they” will, as tahoegomaniac puts it “see the truth” or “you can lead a horse to water but you sure can’t make them drink”. And I apologize to you all for stooping to their level on a temporary quest.


  35. About the photo-I have seen more “upset and pissed off” horses fighting over a grain pile in the pasture on a spring day-what makes you all think they are so terrified in this photo-this is why I question your commentary on any photo of horses-thise are not “terrified horses” and if you have been around any you would know that


    • tahoegomaniac: I can see from your remarks why you think the horses are not terrified, as I suspect all the horses that encounter you are also terrified so that is all you have seen.


  36. Hi Anne,

    I read that BLM has reported on their web site, I think 2 years ago, that miscarages are expected and occur during winter roundups. I have not found that myself on the BLM site. I have read other sites where the folks who manage an area do not do winter roundups for this reason.

    Thousands of voices called out to BLM all the way up to Obama to stop these roundups, so, as far as I’m concerned these deaths are on their backs – that will never change, its not up to me to forgive them. They have the power to stop this though and they can reclaim “some” respect, have to power even to rebuild themselves and perhaps rebuild some credability with the American tax payer and world perception.

    BLM has reported their feed mix on thier round up site. I don’t recalll what is was. Anybody else recall that or can find it on their site?

    I do know that I find further insult to injury in the vet reports (and I think in the daily reports also) about the deaths due to the horses not adjusting to the food. He makes it sound like that is the horse making some consious decision somehow, like it is thier fault! Did he use the term “refusing” the food, or did I dream that? I can’t look at the site very often.

    All of these people are dillusional, and I guess you would have to be to be involved in this. I still hold out hope that some to most really do understand (they are not all total psychopaths), have buried thier “care” in order to cope day to day, and will step up and do something about this befor they implode – before more horses have to suffer needlessly.


    • Hi Roxy; I just read this; computer has spam and I have been researching another topic about Wild Horses and their feed; which I will expand on below;
      Thanks for the info on the “roundups in winter causing mare problems with foals;
      Roxy wrote: BLM has reported their feed mix on thier round up site. I don’t recalll what is was. Anybody else recall that or can find it on their site?
      I do know that I find further insult to injury in the vet reports (and I think in the daily reports also) about the deaths due to the horses not adjusting to the food. He makes it sound like that is the horse making some consious decision somehow, like it is thier fault! Did he use the term “refusing” the food, or did I dream that? I can’t look at the site very often.
      Anna wrote:
      Concerning the Feed: according BLM; the feed is “Orchard Grass and Rye Grass; ” then after the horses adjust to this; they are fed the higher protein Alfalfa Hay;
      I found out Orchard Grass Hay is good; but I already knew Rye Grass Hay is not good
      because Rye Grass Hay gets “a fungus which makes Mares so sick they “miscarry !
      this has been known for 40 years; so i wrote the BLM and told them about this;
      the sent me an automated reply; the Horses also require Salt Blocks to make them thirsty so they drink water; the Rye Grass Fungus gets worse if Hay gets damp;
      this is called “Rye Fescue Ergot Fungus…: kown to cause miscarriages in Horses !
      ps you are right; the failure to adjust means the horses refuse to eat; actually the horses are obviously refusing to eat due the undue stress they have encountered


      • Thanks Anne.
        This is really good info you have provided. I propose we all do a writing campaign to BLM for the next few weeks or so with this information about the Rye Fescue Ergot Fungus causing miscarriages.

        With your permission I will send this to Horseback Magazine – the makings of a good informative article. They will want to know the source of your information.

        But perhaps that was the plan, not to have any or very few born in holding – I am no longer surprised at what my mind thinks the BLM will stoop to – it used to bother me that I could think this of fellow human beings or any of our government agencies or employees, nor am I surpised at the actual depths BLM has stooped to.

        I continue to hold hope that either the horses care will be removed from them and put in the hands of knowing caring people or that BLM will somehow have an awakening – I believe it could happen, I’ve seen it happen in similarly broken organizations.


      • Just curious as to where on the Calico gather BLM site you saw rye grass listed as being fed to these horses?
        I was just on there and it says grass and oat hay and then to alfalfa,
        I still believe that most of the miscarriages occurred because of the mares being run over miles of rough country in the last trimester of pregnancy, I can’t even imagine the horror of that, which is why winter roundups are not a good thing, not that there’s EVER a good time to do this to horses.


      • please be my guest; I could send you the info; and you could forward to horseback magazine; possibly you could rewrite some of my “ramblings…

        I wrote this to the BLM; about Rye Grass causing “miscarriages; yet this has been known since the 1940’s ! I do not think they purposely fed the Rye Grass to induce miscarriages; I think plain ignorance ! on account of the Vet.; who I believe is the prob.;
        Rye Fescue grass does worse things than miscarriages; causes weakness in stallions; also called “Rye Staggers; where the Critters walk off balance;
        causes poor diegestion; I cannot say for sure if the Rye Grass the BLM Vet is feeding the Horses in the Pens @ Fallon is infested with the Ergot Fungus; however; one way hay gets this is by “dampness; and mositure; which is evident at Fallon Mustang pen
        either way: Rye Grass Hay is not usually recommended; unlessa special “endophyte-free (sp.)Rye Grass
        I have other reasons too which I will explain when I have time; pls. contact horseback they can contact me;
        ps stress for sure causes this too !a.


      • to Jan: the info I read about the “Orchard Grass and Rye Grass” being fed to the Wild Mustangs @ Fallon was on the BLM DAILY GATHER PAGE: I’d say about 2 weeks ago the BLM posted a 2 pager about the “Hay being fed to the Horses @ Fallon: says
        Orchard Grass and Rye Grass Mix quote
        maybe they took the pages down since I wrote them about this; see if u can find the article and let us know; Listed under: Vet. Report Hay…thnx.A


  37. Tahoegemini, you do put out some spectacular rants, but you seem to be challenged in your knowledge of history. FYI:

    THE NEZ PERCE DID NOT GET THEIR ORIGINAL HORSES FROM THE WHITE MAN! They traded for horses from the neighboring Cayuse tribe about 1730, and became the most skilled, renowned and prolific horse breeders among all Native Americans.

    Lewis and Clark (heard of them?) were THE FIRST WHITE MEN the Nez Perce ever set eyes upon. When they stumbled out of the Bitterroot Mountains in 1805, the tribe welcomed them warmly, and may well have saved their unprecedented expedition. They traded for Nez Perce horses, and the tribe cared for them until the expedition returned from the West Coast.

    Lewis wrote, “Their horses appear to be of an excellent race, they are lofty, elegantly formed, active and durable; in short many of them look like fine English coursers and would make a fine figure in any country.”

    Treaties between THE WHITE MAN’S GOVERNMENT and the Nez Perce were continually ignored or broken. WHITE MEN coveted their fertile grazing lands, the gold they found there, and, yes, their thousands of prized horses.

    In 1855, the Nez Perce were told to move to a small reservation in Idaho. Chief Joseph and his people had had enough. 700 tribe members struck out for the Canadian border. They took 2,000 of their best horses with them as foundation stock for new herds. Those left behind were captured and branded. THE ORIGINAL NEZ PERCE HORSES WERE TAKEN BY THE WHITE MAN!

    2,000 U.S. Cavalrymen pursued the Nez Perce and their horses well over 1,400 miles, finally cornering them in Northern Montana. In an act of desperation and grief, the remaining tribe members killed the last of the courageous horses that had brought them so far. They slit their bellies so their children might survive in the warmth, and in the end ate the very horses they sought to save.

    In October of 1855, Chief Joseph formally surrendered with the understanding that his people would be allowed to return to the Idaho Reservation. THE WHITE MAN’S GOVERNMENT TRICKED HIM. He and what remained of his tribe ultimately ended up in Oklahoma, their lands lost and their spirits broken.


    Got it? If not, GO LOOK IT UP!


    • Linda, what an excellent peice you have provided. I learned so much from it. Have copied and saved it for future reference – thank you.

      Ha, I was going to suggest he get a dictionary and look up native, wild, etc.

      But we are talking to a socialist welfaire rancher, one of the 27 that get 123 million dollars of our tax money every year to subsidize them so they can raise beef that, according to USDA most of USA beef is EXPORTED! Just found out, not verified, from a commenter on YouTube that most of the beef we eat here in USA comes from South America. Isn’t that a hoot!

      I’m not particularly anti socialism – pretty neutral at this time since our free market seems to have gone amuke – but, is it just me, or has this particular socialist progem seem out of whack? Not really socialist after all. Just “welfare”, but “welfare” so that they can make profites?!?!?!?!?!

      tahoegemini – don’t bother telling me how bad off you all have it that you need welfare, we have all seen pictures of your ranchers “shacks” (NOT!) and spreads.

      When was the last time any of the 27 welfare ranchers on our Public Lands gone to sleep hungry? While the rst of the country is losing jobs, losing homes, 1 million hungry children in the USA at any given time – SHAME on you Tahoe…

      Add that 23 Million, plus what should be paid to graze on Public Lands, deduct what BLM needlessly lines the pockets of rich helicopter companies, feed lots, feed, vets, etc = a lot of money to help upside down mortgages, retrain the unemployed, food for hungry children.


    • Linda, that is an awesome account of the truth. Makes me ashamed to think our govt was that wicked to Native Americans. And boy, oh boy, it is such a corollary for what they are now doing to the wild horses. Thank you for posting that. The truth shall prevail and set them free.

      Roxy, there are some really good studies and reports using the government’s own data over at the website: . Just look under the THREATS and MANAGEMENT categories. It doesn’t seem they take a position on the wild horse but they sure do on the public lands grazing program. They have huge reports on this and other threats to the western lands. I know at one point last year, they supported at least in part the wild horse advocates’ position/request to Obama with a formal press release (cannot recall exact detail just now…).

      Seeking the truth as we do, will always trump attack, evasion and obfuscation that the anti-horse trolls and BLM tools typically utilize against anyone speaking for these animals.


  38. Tahoe, We do “show some dead bodies of horses that died on the range from predator attack or distemper or broken legs in gopher holes”. Its called PBS -Public Broadcasting System, try Nature, Cloud Mustang series. And yo will find suchimages on all teh advocates sites. Along with horses dead from starvation from BLM holding facitilities, starved by the people you and Ipaid our tax dollars to house them.

    We also see how beautiful, spirited, wonderful these family bands are, how they live in social family structures, the way nature intended. WE do not, as many of your camp would indicae advocate NO Mangement. We advocate natural predatin – stop killing the mountain lions – stop teh roundups, return the prisoned horses – cost to taxpayer – zero. Benefit to wild hrses -survival of the fittest. I have read BLM volunteers comments on some YouTube sites, they think the horses they see, the broken spirits residing in depressed shells of bodies in BLM concentration camps are respresentative of wild horses. When they are directed to the images of the horses out on the range in shows like the Cloud series, they are flabergasted and change thier course.

    We also post ALL news articles, whether favorable to us or not. Where does BLM do that on their site? Why not? Are they afraid of the truth? Are they afraid people will see the truth and decide for themselves instead of lifelong rhetoric passed from generation to generation?

    Our advocate sites even include links to BLM. Where are the links on the BLM sites that represent advocatees – I’ll answer that – there aren’t any! Ask yourself why not? Because you might learn the truth?


  39. Tahoegemini – as to your post #143, please read my post #140 and get some real information about “basic bloodline lineage”.

    And you might want to investigate the truth behind why Washington is ignoring the wild horse issue. The whole thing is about greed, money, and especially power (both kinds), with wild horses stuck in the middle. The President is undoubtably being spoon-fed biased information by the BLM/Salazar & USFS., and, as one of your “city slickers” (you are soooo disrespectful!), doesn’t question what he’s told.

    By the way, do you or any of your pals get farm/ranch subsidies, or graze cows on public lands? How about your ancestors over 7 generations? That’s American taxpayers’ money, just like the money spent on wild horses. Let’s add up the two columns and see whose total comes out on top. Any guesses?


  40. tahoegeminii :
    Right on Nevada Resident -I am here with ya-have you ever seen more self-righteous arrogance in all your life-who do these people think they are-I think most of them still think horses are unicorns-they definitely have a hard time distinguishing reality from the dream world-blind faith crusaders are the world’s worst enemy

    I don’t even believe what I’m reading. Oh, I see, it’s US who are self-righteous because we expect laws to be followed and a modicum of humanity shown to other living, breathing creatures that are extremely capable of fear and pain. Is this being self-righteous? If so, I guess we are. So, what are you?

    As for horses and Unicorns – I’ve never seen a Unicorn but I’ve owned horses for over 30 years. How many years have YOU worked with horses? How much do you know about how they act and feel? Nothing? Thought so. Don’t care either, right?

    As far as blind-faith crusaders, gee whiz, I’m an agnostic.


  41. tahoegeminii :
    Because from your complete novice remarks it is obvious most commentors here are either city dwellings who come to the untamed lands and then think the place can’t exist without them or are the more arrogant city people who have moved to the country and now are like the jerk that has no kids but wants to tell everyone who has kids how to raise them-basically your stupid comments could never be posted by someone that lives in the wild lands-your dialect gives you away

    Who’s complete novice remarks are you referring to? Your own? How long have you worked with horses? How many have you owned? What hole did you crawl up out of?


  42. ps the reason horses get disease is because “man and his never ending developments pour toxic chemicals in our water supply constantly; lower the horses immunity and clearing the horses and other wildlife land; forcing them to eat less quality forage; did you know this ? In Chicago in November; the environment protection agency “poured aobut 10,000 lb.s of chemicals into the Illinois River; purposely to kill asian carp in the river; guess what happened ? “only one Asian Carp died and floated to the service of the river (they were expecting thousands of carp to die); and countless other river species perished and got washed out to great lakes!


    (this is called Gov. job creations…big energy co. is…THINK !
    listen up: “Business Men they drink our wine…foul men dig our earth”; jimi hendrix anna in conn.


  43. Ur rong. they help these horses not hurt them. if u call president obama he may stop these RESCUERS from saving these horses and farmers will be mad that all these horses are eating everything. THEY WILL KILL THEM. So call President Obama then come tell me how many horses have died.


    • Brianna, I suggest you write President Obama yourself and ask him how many horses have died. But don’t waite for that answer, look it up yourself on the BLM website where they have documented over 40 deaths, and still counting. Then go to the Cattoor Livestock web page where you will find they are dilusional – they are claiming only .003% have died – huh? Thats easy for Cattor, they do not see fit to take responsablity for deaths of horses after they hit the chutes, that die as a direct result from the roundup – don’t believe that? – read the vets reports, its right on the BLM web site.

      What farmers? As far as I know there are cattle on public lands, not farmers. Cattle ranchers that are part of a failed socialist program called “welfare ranching”, that has become a corporate run business at taxpayer expense instead of helping family ranchers. They have crowded out over 20 million acres that were designated for the wild horeses primary use in the 1970s, just because BLM has gotten away with it does not make it right.

      Who will kill them? Some farmers – do you have names?


      • OK first,
        u r all adults right. k im 14 years old. I’m in 4-h. I went to a semenar and learned alot about BLM. Horses die sometimes, it happens. There are many horses out there. they cant all survive (including the cows) on the limited resources they have. i got my facts frm a BML worker. SHE told us that thats y BLM was formed in the first place. Im going to another seminar next week. ill ask more questions


    • Brianna, so you are getting all your information from BLM. Please after the next seminar do some research of your own. Watch the Cloud shows on your computer at PBS: Nature: Cloud Wild Stallion of the Rockies. Then go through all the little extras on that site. You will find me in the blogs – I started out where you are because I had not studied the subject. Do yourself a favor and do your own digging, not just on this subject, but on everything – always look for all sides of an argument. You will change your mind about many topics throughout your life as new information and technology comes along and things change. We humans thought the world was flat at one time right?

      Congratulations for jumping into the debate – not too many 14 year olds would do this. But you will be considerd by your debate not by your age here.

      To continue the debate – yes horses die, everything dies. We advocates believe that wild horses should die in the wild, not at the hands of humans. In fact we believe that wild horses should die so that they can feed other wildlife. We believe that if and when roundups are really necessary they can be done in a much more humane way if BLM would just consider alternatives. Watch the BLM Advisory Board meetings on The Cloud Foundation web site, you will see the disconnect with the citizen commenters – you will hear them talk about “programs” and “managment”, seldom do they ever actually talk about “wild horse or burro welfare”, if ever.

      And remember 4-H is about AG business, not about wild ecology. Domestic horses and wild horses are not the same. Domestic horses are property and are breed for profit. Wild horses, are, well just wild life. They have evolved naturally to survive their environment by survival of the fittest. They cease thier wild horse way of life once in holding. If you compare the images of wild horse inthe wild to the wild horses in holding you will, I believe, see what we all see – just depressed shells standing around, dead dull eyes – versus the eyes and actions of the horses in the wild or in the home of loving human companions and keepers.

      If you really dig you will find we belive that BLM has not examined all the possible options, that they are stuck in thier own rhetoric and propaganda and from self preservation won’t admit it because it might make them change. Change is tough for anyone and any group – it is natural to resist it, just human nature, just the way it is. Thats why it becomes a challenge to get change accomplished, thats what we are trying to do – to get BLM to not do things just becasue that is the way they always have – we’d still be living in caves by that measure right?

      But go the seminar and learn everything, but make a “start” to learning, not the end.


    • Welcome, Brianna. I also want to thank you for joining this forum. I’m 62 years old, so I guess that makes me an adult. I remember when I was your age I really started wondering whether adults were telling me the truth. I wanted to make up my own mind, so I started learning everything I could about a lot of subjects.

      One of the most important things I learned was to try to figure out whether something was a fact, a piece of information, or just propaganda.

      Facts are real, true, measurable, and provable. Ideas, studies, conclusions, and theories may be interesting and informative, but they’re not facts.

      Information is a gray area. You need information to establish facts, but people often interpret the same information in different ways.

      Propaganda is the manipulation and misuse of information to further a cause, or to damage an opponent’s cause. Most advertising is propaganda. I won’t even get in to how politicians and lawyers use propaganda.

      I always consider the source. Why does this person want me to believe what they say is true? What’s the payoff for them?

      And I try to be open-minded. I often say, “You’ve got an interesting point. I’ll have to find out more about that.” I try not to pretend I know more than I know, and come clean when I’ve been mistaken about something.

      Remember, Brianna, this is only my approach to life and learning. You are unique upon this earth, and it’s up to you to find you own path.


      • Thanks,
        I appreciate all the comments. I know i dont have to believe you guys. i just feel…mmmm..protective. I deffenatly dont want this program to end. I most likly will change my point of veiw. If we can (like i said below) make these roundups safer with out ending them we can get a win win and Maybe instead of sending the excess horses from the roundup to slauter, we can get BLM to reset these horses free. we have so many options.These horses dont need to be killed un-naturally.


  44. We shuldnt stop these roundups. I personally cant wait 4 more years untill i can adopt one. If we can make these roundups safer without totaly elminating them we can make everyone happy


    • Brianna,
      I have been reading your comments and thought that you were a young person. I am glad that you have posted here and would like to let you know that it good that you are beginning to ask questions and learn. I was a 4-H Leader in a Horse Club and am still involved in 4-H. Are you in a Horse Club or Cattle Club? I think the 4-H teaches very valuable skills but please know that domestic horses and those in the wild are very different. Over 20 years ago I adopted a wild BLM horse and 3 years ago I purchased a Chincoteague foal. Since he was younger when I got him he has been much easier to work with. The mustang still has many wild instincts but is a fascinating creature to watch. Don’t worry that there won’t be any wild horses to adopt in 4 years. I am sure there will be wild horses available for adoption. Do you know that the BLM has over 30,000 wild horses in holding pens? Do you know many wild horses have been sent to slaughter? I hope since you are here you will go to lots of wild horse web sites and read and learn all there is about wild horses. Have you ever read Marguerite Henry’s book Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West or Misty of Chincoteague? She even wrote about the little burro, “Brighty, of the Grand Canyon”. The BLM wants to “zero out” many small burro herds. Please learn all you can and ask good questions when you attend BLM meetings. Be aware that they don’t always tell the whole story.


      • Barbara wrote:
        Do you know that the BLM has over 30,000 wild horses in holding pens?
        comment; guess there are enuf to adopt
        so not to worry there…
        why the BLM rounds up wild burros is beyond me; be like the africans rounding up Zebras; Wild Burros and Wild Zebras dot the landscape with paintings of life; like Zebras; Burros and Wild Mustangs;
        why do they make a dull boring landscape ?
        to make way for Monster trucks i guess to build the Ruby pipe line;
        ps they had a gas explosion in Conn. last week on a natural gas line co.
        5 people died; Gas lines are hazardous
        This is the other reason I want to Stop the Wild Horse Breeding and Roundup Scheme;
        to stop future land devolopments; becuz what the people of Nevads do not get is this:
        The Us Gov plans to “dot the landscape in place of the wild life with Tractors; Trucks; Roads; Monster pipelines; earth diggers; road makers;
        monster man made earth digging equip.
        and that’s what most people don’t “get
        The Roundups are nothing but “getting the Horses out of the way of the Tractors; and the impending Gas Lines!


    • Brianna, Good reply from Barbara. I wanted to add in my other comment but hit send too fast – don’t believe what any of us tell you just because we say so – do your own research. Likewise don’t believe only what BLM tells you – the person may not know, or may believe what they are saying is so, and is most likely doing what they think is right and must be respected. But please learn all that you can from various sources.


  45. oh; you mean the pix of the “near dead Foal lying in a cold sand pit at top of page; who before the roundup was grazing peacefully in a meadow next to his Mum?

    and after the Round up the same foal is lying in a “cold wet food less waterless



    • ps Tahoeegomanicgemini:

      do YOU know what the BLM did to the poor innocent foal lying in a sand pit with no food or water for days?

      becuz the lil’ foal did not “starve fast enough ?

      they picked the foal up and shot him !


  46. pps and get this: one of the major causes of “a red bag delivery (note: a red bag delivery is not as bad as it sounds; many Foals are born healthy from these types);
    (but not the foals at the BLM who had the red bags; those red bag foals “perished;(because as I said in a red bag dleivery the Vet is supposed to “tear open the bag)
    anyhoo…ONE OF THE MAJOR CAUSES OF A RED BAG DELIEVERY IN HORSES (this MAY be what the BLM calls “spontaneous miscarriage and or afterbirth (ignorant fools);
    RYE HAY ERGOT FUNGUS (Being Fed to the incoming Horses @ Fallon; (BLM Nevada site);
    cause: Rye Staggers (loss of balance); Miscarriages; Red Bag deliveries;+ sickness
    and the incoming horses are fed ONLY: Orchard Grass (good) and Rye Grass (Terrible
    and the dampness of the Fallon Pens and cold is what makes Ergot fungus grow !
    ps to Roxie and Jan et al. Ergot Fungus on Rye Grass causes illnesses in Horses on two front; a. the fungus upsets the reproductive system and b. upsets digestive;
    hey i am only a horse novice; and I know this? but the BLM APHIS Vet does not? fool
    I also have a video of this same dumb APHIS Vet. blatantly abusing a Mustang;
    by hitting the horse; pulling the horses mane; bending the horses neck; he history!
    (pls. excuse typing errors…); pps Stress of roundups also causes “miscarriages..A


    • ps If anyone would like to see pix of a “Red Bag Delivery in a domestic horse; and how the red bag was torn open to get to the white; and then the foal was deliverd safely and is fine today; and then compare these pix to the pix of “The Mare lying in the BLM Pen giving Birth in “a red bag delivery; suffering through intense labor pains; pushing and pushing to “deliver her foal in the red bag; and what does the BLM do? Does the BLM Vet rush over and “puncture the Red bag to let the Foal out? NO ! does the BlM Vet go over and pull the Red Bag out to get to the Foal inside ? NO ! Does the BLM Vet help the Mare give Birth to the red bag Foal ?
      No ! what do the BLM Vet and other BLm workers do? they stand there like freakin’ morons and they let a Foal die inside it’s own placenta and then call this afterbirth; when actually there was a living Foal inside the Red Bag trying to push its way out; just as the Mare was trying to push her foal out and the BLM thought “the red bag Foal was after birth ! Stupid stupid fools; dumb idiots! Anne

      Suumary; The BLM Fools thought the Red Bag Mustang Foal was “afterbirth ! Stooopids


    • Rye Grass Ergot Late Gestation Mares;

      Ergot Alkaloid Toxicity in the Late-gestation Mare

      The primary clinical signs of ergot alkaloid poisoning in the late-gestation mare include: dystocia, with mares sometimes trying to foal for many hours, “red bag” placentas from premature separation…(Ergot is found primarily in Rye Grass Fungus
      Anne’s comment: “does anyone recall the pix of the Mare in the Fallon Pen; lying down; with what looked to be “a big red basketball…emergin from her hindquaters?
      The BLM mistakenly thought this Mare had “afterbirth; however; I think the Mare had “red bag delivery syndrome; (the red basketball); inside was a living foal !
      the other evidence is this: Rye Grass causses dystocia, with mares sometimes trying to foal for many hours, ‘ looks like the Mare was trying to foal for days !

      Yet the BLM did not open the white and red placentas to let the foal out; so If
      the BLM does not know Rye Grass causes this; or what this is: they should be fired!

      * an extended gestation length from 11 to 12 months,
      * dystocia, with mares sometimes trying to foal for many hours,
      * agalactia with poor quality colostrum (low immunoglobulin levels),
      * “red bag” placentas from premature separation,
      * thick edematous placentas with weights exceeding 6.5 kg for a thoroughbred mare,
      * weak or dead foals with aspiration pneumonia from struggling to get out through a thickened placenta.

      Mares are sensitive to ergopeptine alkaloids at concentrations as low as 300-500 ppb, while cattle do not show visible signs until 400-700 ppb (13). These alkaloids exert toxic effects on the reproductive tract and mammary gland of the mare and have been associated with depression of serum prolactin and progestagens (5 alpha-pregnanes), a prolonged gestation, a thickened edematous placenta and agalactia (14). The ergopeptine alkaloids interfere with the normal rise of progestagens (mainly 5 alpha-pregnanes) and prolactin in the last 40 days of gestation. The progestagen levels normally increase from 300 days to birth (4.8 + 1.5 to 22.7 + 2.7 ng/ml). Suppression of progestagen levels indicates ergopeptine toxicity (14). Brendemuehl suggests the use of a commercially available radioimmune assay (RIA) progesterone assay to measure total immunoreactive progestagens in pre-foaling sera of mares.

      Foals born without the normal increases in maternal progestagens suffer hypoadrenocortical function and are small, weak or stillborn (14). Edema of the placenta increases the placental weight. The placental weight of the normal thoroughbred mare is reported as 5.7 + 0.08 kg or about 12.5 lbs. or 11% of the foal’s body weight (15,16).

      The primary clinical signs of ergot alkaloid poisoning in the late-gestation mare include:

      * an extended gestation length from 11 to 12 months,
      * dystocia, with mares sometimes trying to foal for many hours,
      * agalactia with poor quality colostrum (low immunoglobulin levels),
      * “red bag” placentas from premature separation,
      * thick edematous placentas with weights exceeding 6.5 kg for a thoroughbred mare,
      * weak or dead foals with aspiration pneumonia from struggling to get out through a thickened placenta.

      No studies have shown the effect of ergot alkaloids in horses other than with late-gestation mares. Fescue is grown extensively in the arid areas of the USA because of its ability to withstand drought and its resistance to many insect infestations. Fescue is not commonly grown for pasture or hay production in Ontario. Endophyte-free varieties have been developed to get away from the problems caused by these mycotoxins. Endophyte-infected varieties of fescues are commonly used for erosion control and golf greens. Occasionally, endophyte-infected seed will be accidentally sold to horse owners.

      Sampling and Analysis

      Samples of straw and hay bales can be taken using a core sampler. Laboratory testing for Fusarium mycotoxins should be performed using HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) or GC (gas chromatography) methodology rather than using one of the quick ELISA tests. ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) assays are only validated for testing raw grains. The tolerance levels of mycotoxins suggested for feed can be used to determine the potential risk when using straw bedding.

      Laboratory tests for ergovaline (the ergot alkaloid of fescue toxicity) and lolitrem B (the ergot alkaloid of perennial ryegrass) are commonly available. Dr. Morrie Craig’s laboratory at Oregon State University analyzes thousands of samples annually for ergovaline. It is difficult to analyze for other ergopeptine alkaloids due to the lack of control standards.

      Mares in the last 30 days of pregnancy can be monitored for placental edema by ultrasound. Low pre-foaling progestagen concentrations in the late-gestation mare are indicative of exposure to ergot alkaloids. Monitoring of progestagen concentrations is done by collecting serum samples from the mares when they enter the foaling barn (approximately 330 days gestation). A comparison with a second serum sample around day 335 of gestation would show whether there is a normal rise or peaking in progestagen concentration. Concentrations below 15 ng/ml are suspicious of ergot alkaloid toxicity. A pre-foaling serum progestagen concentration below 5 ng/ml is seen with fescue toxicity. In 50% of normal mares, progestagen concentrations drop 6-10 hours prior to foaling. Unfortunately, the RIA progesterone assay is not readily available and, from our work, there is wide variation between mares and on different days.

      Mycotoxin Levels for Horses

      The following table provides some guidelines for the tolerance levels of mycotoxins in the total ration dry matter (TRDM) above which they are potentially harmful.

      Tolerance Levels of Mycotoxins in Total Ration (expressed in ppm)

      Horses – Mature
      Non Breeding

      Aflatoxin .02 ppm (due to risk of milk residues)
      .02 ppm (Maximum for humans
      and immature animals)

      T-2 toxin
      0.7 – 1.5 ppm
      No effect on estrous cycles
      of mares when fed at 1 ppm

      (DON) 2.5 – 6 ppm
      2 ppm (Or 5 ppm in grain. Total
      not to exceed 40% of diet)

      (ZEA) 3.9 – 7 ppm
      No effect on estrous cycles
      of mares when fed at 1 ppm

      Fumonisins 30 ppm (Breeding
      Not to exceed 5 ppm (No more than 20% of the diet on a
      dry-matter basis)

      .4 – .7 ppm
      .3 – .5 ppm

      Prevention and Recommendations

      Research into the effects of mycotoxins on horses is in its infancy. As a general rule, err on the side of caution.
      * Feed and bed horses with hay/grain and bedding free of mycotoxins.

      * The amount of DON in cereal straw depends primarily on the presence of contaminated grain and chaff. Tedding or raking prior to baling the straw will reduce the chaff and kernels and, therefore, the concentrate of mycotoxins.

      * Since the potential concern with horses is the risk of an additive effect, in harvest years with high DON concentrations, consider limiting the use of straw bedding; ensure horses are fed high quality hay and in sufficient amounts to limit the eating of bedding.

      * Late-gestation mares should never be allowed to consume cereal-rye straw, endophyte-infected hay or stubble or eat sclerotia-containing grain.

      * All pasture/hay seed mixes containing tall fescue and perennial ryegrass must be guaranteed endophyte-free.

      * Mow grass pastures to keep them in a vegetative state rather than letting them develop seed heads. This will minimize the opportunity for proliferation of airborne ascospore and the invasion of pasture plants.

      * Check with your laboratory. HPLC methodology may be more sensitive than thin layer chromatography (TLC) when trying to identify ergot alkaloid concentrations less than 1 ppm.

      * Mares can be treated with domperidone should an ergot alkaloid problem be suspected.

      Binding Agents

      Feed manufacturers often utilize binders of various types in feeds to tie up mycotoxins. These include clay-based binders and yeast cell wall extracts (e.g., Bio-Mos-M). Raymond et al. concluded that supplementation with 0.2% yeast cell wall extract (a polymeric glucomannan mycotoxin adsorbent) improved feed intake over feeding contaminated feed alone but not when compared to control diets not containing mycotoxins (2). The long-term effects of binding agents are not clear; therefore, they should be used with caution.


      • THE BLM VET REPORT ON THE HAY”some orchard grass, some rye grass…
        These horses came off the range in poor condition and were most likely eating brush (woody shrubs) because of the lack of preferred grass forage on overgrazed rangelands.
        Upon arrival horses are fed a mixture of grass hays (some orchard grass, some rye grass).
        They have free choice access to this ration and can eat one or any combination of grass they choose.
        Calico Mountains Complex
        History and Report on Outcomes and Complications for Horses Adapting to Hay
        From 12/28/2009 to 2/01/2010 approximately 1,646 horses from the Calico Mountain Complex of HMAs have been received at the Indian Lakes contract holding facility in Fallon. Eighteen horses have died or have been euthanized as acts of mercy because they were not adapting to being fed grass hay in a domestic setting. These horses ranged in age from 12 to 20 years and had Henneke body condition scores from 2 to 3. The horses that were euthanized were losing weight and condition and were incapable of maintaining a Henneke body condition equal to or greater than three. These horses came off the range in poor condition and were most likely eating brush (woody shrubs) because of the lack of preferred grass forage on overgrazed rangelands.
        Upon arrival horses are fed a mixture of grass hays (some orchard grass, some rye grass).
        They have free choice access to this ration and can eat one or any combination of grass they choose. Initially some hay is scattered in the pen near the water trough until horses are used to eating from a feed bunk. Most horses adapt well to this ration. It is as close to a diet of range grass as any hay that we can find. A small percentage of
        horses do not make the transition from range forage, especially if they have been eating brush, to a domestic diet of hay but most make the transition without serious complications. The few horses that have not adapted to this domestic ration are primarily older, poor body condition pregnant females. The horses that died were in body condition 2-3 and aged 12-20 years.
        After 2 – 4 weeks alfalfa hay is added to the grass ration to increase protein and energy in the ration for horses that are doing well. These changes help the horses regain weight and condition they may have been lacking when gathered. Alfalfa hay is a good choice for horses, makes it possible to provide a consistent diet between BLM facilities across the country and is the one most likely to be fed by potential adopters.
        The horses that have trouble adapting to feed typically show inappetance (lack of appetite), loose manure, weight loss and pregnancy loss. Hyperlipemia develops when remaining fat stores are broken down as the body tries to maintain energy levels. Treatment offered is free choice hay, minimal competition for feed, free choice electrolyte fortified water and plain water.
        Many horses recover following this regimen. Some horses will have miscarriages and then recover. The miscarriage reduces the energy demand on the metabolism of the mare.
        The cause of death for the small percentage of mares that do not recover is typically kidney and liver failure secondary to hyperlipemia and general metabolic failure.
        I hope this helps explain the possible outcomes for horses that have been recently gathered from the range, have trouble adapting to hay in a domestic setting and the factors that affect those outcomes.
        Richard Sanford
        NV # 565
        anne comment: wet RyeGrass has Ergot!


  47. I know ! I was wondering about the gelding too! I do not think one Veteranarian is adequate for a herd of over 1,200 horses ! I plan to write to my Representative (again); and say: First; employ some extra Vets. @ the Fallon Corrals a.s.a.p. and hire a Hay Analysis expert from the usda to test the hay in and around the pens; a.


  48. Tahoe – city idiots? You are so disrrespectuful.

    I don’t live in the ocean or own whale, nor am I ever likely to do so, are you saying I have no right to care or try to protect them from extinction at the thands of man?

    I don’t live in the antiactic or own a polar bear, nor am I ever likely to do so, are you saying I have no right to care to try to protect them from extinction at the hands of man?

    I can tell you what I do wish would go extinct – socialist “welfare ranching” – 500 MILLION DOLLARS a year – year after year is the cost of this failed experiment in socialism. Helicopter roundup operations – $2.5 million last year. I would just like to read about in in books in the future, maybe a picture of you included. I’m not necessarily anti socialism, nor am I necessaarily anti free market – waiting to see outcome of current events – but failed is failed.


    • Brianna, thanks for asking. I think we already gave you an earful. Whatever you are going to ask already I’m sure will be enough. I’m anxious to hear back. Expect the debate to contnue.


  49. ps there is a nre video out of ‘a downed mare trying to get to some straw to eat adn a BLM worker rushed out and makes sure the Mare does NOT get any Hay !

    and then the workers pushes the Mare with his hand on her back so she falls down !

    BLATANT ANIMAL ABUSE ! ! ! (coincidentally; in this same video; you can see “the Mare giving the “Red Birth Delivery; which the BLM Vet. mistakenly called “afterbirth ! The BLM Vet. did not not the difference between “A Foal DELIVERed and A MARE’S AFTERBIRTH ! The Foal in the red bag “perished and was thrown out as “the afterbirth ! The BLM thought a Foal was “afterbirth ! ha ha ha !
    (ps I named this “red birth undeliverd foal ALPHIE: after the “what’s it all about?


  50. Anne :I read on the BLM website they are already beginning to sell ship or adopt horses;
    trying to get them out of the way…
    so no pix can be seen of the “hungry horses lying in sand pits with no feed or water in sight;
    no shelter; The BLM leaves living Mustangs in Sand Pits to die lone horrid demise;(anyone can see the pix of the Young Foal left to die in sandpit at top of this pg.

    This is why I ask that someone with 300-400 dollars to spare call your local airport (local to these BLM holding areas) and hire a small aircraft service to fly over and take survey photos. All the airports have these services. we need photo proof of how horrific the BLM conditions are.


  51. I can not believe how these beautiful horse are treated!!!!!! It is the job of the land management bureau to protect these horses and not abuse and kill them. Not only that, what right do they have to be giving all the land to cattlemen!! The horses were there long before they were. It is like all our poor wild life, man keeps taking and taking. don’t they realize if they kill all of them, we are next!!!!!


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