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Horse-Haters: Put Up or Shut Up

They like to call themselves “Pro-Slaughter” as if there is an ounce of good in them but the bunch that supports the uncivilized practice of brutally slaughtering companion horses and then feasting upon their carcasses has nothing “Pro” about them, in fact they are about as “Anti” as you can get: Anti-Horse, Anti-Eduction, Anti-Truth, Anti-Morals and above all, Anti-American. They speak to all that is wrong with our society as they pervert and twist our governmental processes for the sake of a few extra coins in their pockets as they torment the gentle equine soul and spout untruths, lies, rumor and innuendo as if it were fact and one American has called them out and said enough is enough.

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The Unwanted Puffball

The Unwanted Puffball Coalition

“The mission of the Unwanted Puffball Coalition is to reduce the number of unwanted fluffy white dogs (Puffballs) and to improve their welfare by education, buying politicians and planting false stories in the press, combined with the efforts of organizations who say publicly that they are committed to the health, safety, and responsible care but are really interested in the profitable disposition of these creatures.”

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Covert Equine Terrorist Attack Backfires on Horse Slaughter Cult

Wrap your brain around this concept for a minute; would any sane, educated adult hand over the keys to the family’s pickup truck, a credit card and a loaded AK47 to a spoiled 10 year old bully with severe personality disorders? Not in the real world; only in a science fiction, slice-and-dice, B-grade thriller would you expect to see such carnage and anarchy. But you are all in for a low cost treat as that is exactly what is going on with the two laughable cartoon characters that head the pro-horse eating organization called United Horsemen. All the cockroaches have come out on the kitchen counter to feed and poop while not one of them has a plan.

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Animal Abuser – Therapy or Jail?

As part of my less formal education I attended a course from HSUS called “First Strike – The Violence Connection.” While the material presented was shocking, the conclusion fits like a glove onto every scenario of animal abuse and neglect that I’ve witnessed. The bottom line is that when you see a person who is guilty of animal abuse, you are also looking at a person who has no problem beating the hell out of another human. Animal abuse is a proven predictor of violent behavior.

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Hay ‘Bale Out’ for Habitat for Horses

HOUSTON – There’s help for horses this week and a bit of relief for their owners during the record setting drought.

They’re getting a hay “bale out” from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The ASPCA announced today that a total of $250,000 is being granted to 24 equine welfare organizations and animal control agencies across Texas and Oklahoma.

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Doing Something Different

Thus: (Trumpets play, choir sings, enter the dancers)

Habitat for Horses announces…. No adoption fees on ranch horses and donkeys!

For a limited time, Habitat for Horses is waiving all adoption fees for horses and donkeys adopted from the ranch. The requirements for adoption remain the same and there is still a $35 application fee, but there will be no adoption fees on our available ranch equine.

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Who Will Cry for Me?

He came to us because our vet asked us to pick him up. Nothing unusual about the call – a horse down, unable to rise. We’re used to those calls, and the ranch crew responded quickly and with practiced perfection. In a short time the horse, a young gelding, was on the Emergency Glide at the barn as the crew started hooking him up to the Anderson Sling.

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Tragedy Ends at Montana Large Animal Sanctuary and Rescue

There are words to be said here, partly of a deep anger at the staff and management of MSLAR for all the death and destruction they caused, for the lies told to those who sent their loved animals to live their final days in peace, only to have their days end in the cold and misery from starvation while the caretakers stayed warm inside their luxury home with an indoor swimming pool.

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