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Covert Equine Terrorist Attack Backfires on Horse Slaughter Cult

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Underhanded Dealings Help Further Pro-Horse Cause

Are you ready for a good laugh, today?

Horse Eaters stepped in their own Cow Poop, ROFL

Wrap your brain around this concept for a minute; would any sane, educated adult hand over the keys to the family’s pickup truck, a credit card and a loaded AK47 to a spoiled 10 year old bully with severe personality disorders?  Not in the real world; only in a science fiction, slice-and-dice, B-grade thriller would you expect to see such carnage and anarchy.  But you are all in for a low cost treat as that is exactly what is going on with the two laughable cartoon characters that head the pro-horse eating organization called United Horsemen.  All the cockroaches have come out on the kitchen counter to feed and poop while not one of them has a plan.

Two weeks ago alleged underhanded political posturing quietly removed an approved amendment from an appropriation bill and the minority pro-horse slaughter minions are jumping up and down saying that the Congress and President have re-instated horse slaughter back in the United States.  I beg to differ.

There was no rider “put in” to reinstate horse slaughter, there was only an amendment stripped away that now allows your federal government to fund additional USDA inspectors, yes, more of your tax money, who could inspect non-eatable horse meat for foreign markets and the profit of foreign interests.  The EU is fast loosing it’s taste for carcinogenic U.S. horse meat.  No one “approved” horse slaughter as it would never gain a majority vote on the house floor, full stop.

But running around, actually probably just sitting by the phone in her rural commune in Recluse, WY, is “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis, the self-appointed Princess of Poisoned Food Supplies waving her butcher cleaver in the air and screaming about how excited the horse industry is now that they can kill and eat all of the culls that her big breed registry backers pack into the equine pipeline.  It is an amazing act to watch as she and her handful of hapless followers make promises, threats and guarantees that anyone with half a business mind would never put to text, let alone a documented screen shot.

So embolden by their alleged success, but actual failure for the horse industry, Wallis and her witless lap-dog Dave “Doink” Duquette have begun to use social networks such as Facebook and blog websites to put up potentially illegal pages and sites that have crossed the line of good taste, legalities and rank and file sensibilities.  Even their own are beginning to question the total lack of wisdom and common sense as these schoolyard bullies post gruesome photos, attack established non-profits and criminally assail private citizens…it’s an open candy store for the horse eaters and they just cannot control their lack of a moral compass.

Now please, don’t get me wrong, I will jab at these poor excuses for burning up totally good oxygen all day long and for that I expect, and welcome, a reaction and a jab back.  Unlike them, I am fully transparent, post with my real name, R.T. Fitch, and have no skeletons in my closet but the bloody horse eaters hide behind masks and hoods, who does that remind you of, and lob cow turds over the fence.  Cowards?  Yes, the biggest, literally.

Several weeks ago these perverted pranksters set up both a Facebook page and a blog under the name of my book with a rather disgusting twist to the last word.  I am limited in what I can say due to pending legal action but it is cool to tell you that I was greatly honored by such a deviant move.  For these twisted characters of humanity to take the time and effort to attempt to insult me was a high complement as it is certified evidence that I personally, R.T. Fitch, have gotten under their skin and they consider me, a serious threat. (Yipiee)  To me, I felt like a success…but that feeling of victory was short lived.

I spent a few moments reading some of their tripe and taking screen shots for our legal team when it began to dawn upon me that they really were not talking about me, alone.  In their confusion and within the constraints of their non-formally educated minds they, unfortunately, have mixed me up with my good friend and venerable horse rescuer, Jerry Finch, president and founder of the well known, Habitat for Horses.  They rant on about my Texas 501(c)3 horse rescue, that I don’t have, and all of my horses in need of hay, which my personal horses have plenty of and on and on about my rescue, which I just ain’t got one.  These idiots don’t even have a clear vision on who they hate or who their enemy is.  If they had half a brain they would know that I, R.T. Fitch, am the co-founder and President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation who’s only goal is to litigate on behalf of both domestic and wild horses in an effort to further their present and future welfare.  OUR only bill and the reason donations are accepted are for our legal fund so that we can pay our top-notch team of Animal Attorneys to sue the pants off idiots like THEM.  I am rolling on the floor laughing and still kind of disappointed that toying with this enemy is so easy as they don’t have a clear vision or direction  on anything, not even their own opposition.  (It’s right up there on the top of this Post, Dummies)  Should we color them stupid, please be my guest!

But I would like to thank these misguided wanna-bees for all the free press as sales of our book “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” have shot through the roof, thanks to their impotent efforts to defame us.  Sales on Amazon, our website, other distribution points and even Kindle sales have lit up with activity as these losers have pissed off so many people that the worm has turned and support has grown for our equine welfare efforts while the United Horsemen crowd continue to test just how low the bottom of the barrel really is. (They set new records everyday!)

And what is even funnier and will put you to your knees is that we are going to take the profits of all these unsolicited sales, which we do anyway, and write Jerry Finch one big fat check for “Habitat for Horses” at the end of the year and we all can thank the dubious duo of despicable debauchery Wallis and Duquette, for the uptick in sales and further support for main stream Americans attempting to bring good business sense and compassion into the equine industry.  Suzy and Dave are defiantly on my Christmas card list for 2011.

Phew, catch your breath for just one more zinger, give me a moment while I try to stop snarking…we have waited for a long time for this bunch to really, really trip up and formally cross the legal line, in doing some of the above, and more, they may have done just that. (Geez, I wish I could tell you what is going on)  But do you know what that would mean?  It is all summed up in one simple word, DISCOVERY!!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, all the records and documents of these clowns both personal and with their long list of recent and ever changing organizations would become “discoverable” and we would finally be able to publicly put a finger on who supports these two clowns.  (Get ready, we beez a comin)  And you could be sitting in the front row, isn’t that great?  In an effort to serve their twisted egos they just might have signed their death warrant with their bogus blogs and public attacks.  I just love it when a plan comes together.

As we have always said, leave them to their own devices and they will self-destruct but I am willing to bet that they never planned on helping out the other side in leaps and bounds.

Thanks for the silver lining in the dark and bloody cloud of horse slaughter and abuse; United Horsemen is my kind of cult!!!!

Keep those cards, letters and books sales coming as it is going to be a great Christmas for the horses, this year.

Ya gotta luv um.

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  1. Ohhhhh, PUHLEEeeeze let this discovery thing begin!!!!!

    Another great post, RT…I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

    Best wishes, happy trails and for the equines, always for the equines that ALWAYS give us so much.

    Now, if we could just “discovery” DOI/USDA!


  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO Love those silver linings !!!! Now lets kick some horse murders Butts together !!!!!! Thanks RT I am so happy I could just run around jumping up and down……………….. Screaming !!!!! What is our next well thought out move ???????????????? Now lets not waste another minute LETS GO GETUM


  3. They were given enough rope now they hung themselves !!!!!!! We are all in the front row !!!!! Applauding their LAST Stupid Act.!!!!!!!!


  4. I LOVE YOU RT!!! Just when things were looking darkest you come out with this. Thank you!!! Looking forward to the rest of the story.


  5. Yaaaaaahhooooooo, some one get the popcorn, saving my pro horse pals a seat “in the front row of course”. RT thank you and aren’t words powerful? And “discovery is” even better. Bet it leads right into the DOI and USDA. I feel like Santa has come early!!!!!!!!!!


  6. First R.T. thank you once again for writing about things that I have been crossing back and forth from hysterical laughter to complete disbelief and anger over.

    Personally, I’ve heard enough about how 501 (c) rescues are hording, scammers, while we clean up their greedy over breeding, predatory mess, on a daily basis. I’m sick of hearing how we are loaded in funds and drawing big fat pay checks . While we watch a politician with her own agenda, seeking profit for her new found company by abusing her position in office. If I’m not sadly mistaken, you can’t use your political stance in this country to gain personal benefit? Or maybe by the looks of the campaign donations I have researched, this rule of thumb has been written out in a back room by our politicians that so deeply lack in integrity, it would just be a natural chain of events for them.

    All the while, I watch as UH a 501(c), is literally used for nothing but a political lobbying form, to ensure the predatory business gets good press and continues to spread deceptive propaganda. UH on an almost daily basis has practiced deception that often sends me in to fits of laughter, because the claims are just so absurd. Their being a 501(c) means as we all know, they must give to the community. Lobbying being their sole purpose is a no – no. Claiming to be an educational site will not work, as in order to be so, you would have to allow FACTS to be posted. Their recent poster with the dead horse won’t work as factual, after having to admit it was a picture from another country. We all know that factual information that would serve to educate the public is not allowed on UH. For as soon as government data that refutes the lies is posted, it is deleted and we who refute the propaganda with factual information are banned from a public 501(c) organizations site. Wouldn’t want the kool-aid drinkers to see the real truths. Sadly it seems those who drink it, are incapable of seeking facts on their own and continue to drink from a poisonus, and questionably legal source. To add injury to their already less than desirable character, they then start the new FB page, that truly shows just how low they will sink. The postings on that site are truly enough to make a person, even with less than normal social grace, integrity and empathy, feel sick to the core of their being. Non the less, they are telling of the mentality, morals and values that we have been battling against.

    I am sitting on the edge of my chair, as have been awaiting your note saying discovery was on it’s way 🙂 I knew, though it almost seems unfair to the other side, because of their obvious lack of fore thought for behavior, lack of integrity or ability to win a battle through truths, that it wouldn’t be long before the side with the evidence, the intelligence and the moral character to know right from wrong, would say “okay now show your goods.” You have made this old lady one happy character this morning. I await what we all already know or have serious enough reason to suspect, to now be public. The dishonesty, corruption and and true evil that lurks under the cover of “humane processing” is soon going to be on a plate, served up to the public. At least this plate of knowledge, won’t have carcinogens that leave horses and people across this globe, fighting for their very lives. Instead, it will finally put an end to the insanity our equine and the health of the globe have had served to them by a less than human group.

    Sending you the biggest bear hug this 97 pound body can muster, with great gratitude that you, Terri & Laura are there to battle against these cronies.


  7. On behalf of the horses, thank you R.T.! I for one can hardly wait for the slug twins to have their day in court, and get nailed for their debauchery. Sorta makes one have a little faith…
    We’re all here to support you!


  8. I am so glad someone finally got them to shut their faces….I am sure that we had hundreds of people reporting the page for their disgusting pictures that showed up in our newsfeeds, all of the comments they made about you that didn’t seem to make sense(now we know why) and last but not least, their viscious attacks on the many innocent people that came to that page to rebut their false claims of safe horse meat, disrespectful slurs made about the military on Veteran’s Day, and the nasty, down right cruel and hideous comments made to directly target those more sensative. I applaud you. I have to say that they were warned, but they continued to believe that they were above the law and had the right to do as they please…. And to quote the administrator of that page on this particular day, “Turn about is fair game”. Bravo, R.T.


    • RT if you need help reading through the boxes of discovery documents I’m volunteering. In fact you should put up a website just so that every document gets published.
      I thought the personal attack on you, Jaime was particularly aggregious. That page was the sickest page I had ever read, full of fake profiles that were also reported. I proudly use my name to post anything.


  9. Let’s see…the head troll manhandled a journalist at the Vegas scummit (Simone?) and the cops looked the other way and helped inhouse security blow it away. And Doink has word play that calls Mr Holland a pedophile.

    Hmmmmm….now we have a cheap teenage, facebook bullying effort using a copyright term.

    These people are evil…..MORONS. And big ag, you better get this mess straight because after we are through with your frontfools and distractive tactics….we ARE going to come after you if you continue to fund legislators to peddle bad meat, jeopardize human health and support irresponsible, cruel animal treatment.

    Understand big things are afoot for the Rep/Dem Conventions. Hmmm…fire up the vehicles and pull out the banners!


  10. We love you R.T. 🙂 Help us keep fighting the good fight for our Beautiful Horses & a ” Thousand Thank You’s” for all that you keep doing non-stop for the sake of them * God Bless You Always **


  11. RT Great job…I bet the discovery goes from one end of of the country to the other. I believe the tide is turning. Also, there is a great movie coming out entitled “War Horse” in my area around Christmas. I think that tells the whole truth about our horses. As I talk to idiots that talk about the dangerous horses, I always remind them they did not start out that way, but in most cases have become bad actors due to contact with some human in its life time. The movie is good for our horses because this horse can be multiplied by the thousands who provide companionship and showmanship to us. Our horses are in the spot light now and we should take every chance to talk about our horses. After seeing that movie how many Americans would support the slaughter of American equines both wild and domestic. There are a few of my horsey friends that seem to have everything except your book. So I shall be ordering a few for my friends for Christmas. The ABU Arabian horse club will be sponsoring our 2012 horse show in June so I am going to see if we can give the proceeds of one of the classes to the Wild Horse Federation. I can tell you the heat on the slaughter people may be just starting. I know the fight and the day Cavel Intl was closed down in DeKalb, Ill was the day I vowed to fight forever to keep that business out of our country. Just imagine the Equine Stress committee of the Arabian Horse Association taking and passing the vote to support the BOD’S position on slaughter at the annual convention. What in the hell could be more stressful on a horse than meeting its demise in an undignified way such as slaughter. But you are so spot on, the breed associtions truly feel that this is a way to rid themselves of what they term their
    “culls” irrationaly thinking business would pick up. I sometimes wonder where those in the horse industry get their brains. A good marketing strategy should be to try and get more people interested in the horse and take avantage of all the seasoned horses instead of trying to seal their fate. So I do not beilieve for one minute that anyone is interested in the care of the horse, but how many more show horses they can put out from their farms. I recently received the magazine Horse and Rider and they did a survey of how many mares where going to be breed in 2012.- 73% Definitely would not be breeding, 8% maybe, 11% at least one, and 8% probably not. At least this shows some are being wise and concerned about where the horse industry is going. Have a Great Day All!


  12. Wow! I woke to the sound of paper shredders in high gear from as far away as Wyoming!! You go R.T.!!!!! It’s a pleasure to know they have finally been given the rope they needed to hang themselves. They’ve been spewing trash far too long! I actually feel for those who believed their vomit as there are a few in their group who truly do care for animals but saw no other way because they couldn’t see past the lies they were being told. It’s an honor to be on the side of the equines, who have done nothing but serve man their entire lives! These great beasts deserve peace!


  13. It really seems to be that she has overstepped the ethics laws as well. It really might be worth getting this reported and get her out of office (double whammy to her wicked behavior). This website might be a good start in reporting her. Not only does this state representative continue to lie, but is also misleading her constitutes. I would state wholeheartedly that this is ethic violations (especially liable).


  14. God bless you and keep you RT!! This morning’s reading was exactly what I needed to help heal my emotional wounds from the last few days. Even though I’ve been calling myself a “warrior” for horse welfare for the last 4 years, I’m apparently still a mere fledgling, because I haven’t figured out how to NOT let these awful people get under my skin. I have lost so called friends over it, but have decided that they were not MY friends, nor the horse’s, nor ANY animal’s friends, and so, good riddance. I spent the last 2 days so upset that I can only be thankful that I have a good supply of Xanex! I live in the farthest northern reaches of Utah, merely 2 miles from the Idaho border, and I feel totally isolated. I feel completely alone, stuck in the middle of the biggest population of animal murderers there is. The full scale onslaught and proposed extinction of wolves is in full swing up here. The gov. of Idaho is a Sarah Palin follower, and has declared war on the wolves. They actually consider the wolf an enemy, and blame ALL their woes on this beautiful creature just for trying to survive. The hunters are all pissed off at the wolf, declaring that the wolves are dessimating the deer and elk herds and leaving nothing for the hunters. And they CLEARLY believe the pro slaughter BS that bringing back horse slaughter is the BEST thing for the horses. They staunchly refuse to admit, or do intellient research on this issue. They are closed minded, and OLD SCHOOL as hell! I feel like a poor little seal swimming around in the middle of a shark frenzy. But YOU, my friend, whom Simone cleverly refers to as our “Fiery Wordsmith”, just made me feel a whole lot less alone today. I hope to grow up to be as tough, intelligent, and productive as you one day!


  15. The “good guys” always NEED help…no need to ask, just give whatever you can (pennies, dollars or mega bucks); remember that our living equines are sold for pennies for the pound.

    Where is Jobs, Gates and all the other foundations/billionaires when you need them?


    • RT: Will the Houston Fox station allow you to have a copy to post, for us to spread to all the areas where a good rebuttal has not been available? I am so excited about the progress with the public and in the House. Thanks again.


  16. After being INSANELY MAD over the wording being removed from the Slaughter Bill this has been a breath of fresh air.
    I live in Idaho & EVERYTHING Kristy Amado said about this State is true & there is no changing the minds of THE STUPID GOVERNMENT HERE! THEY DO NOT LISTEN TO US THAT LOVE NATURE & WANT TO PROTECT IT.
    Idaho wants to save us money…or so they say yet our Mustangs must go in any way possible, if that means Slaughter then be it!
    I haven’t gotten letter written to my Senator yet on this Horse Slaughter Bill as I’m shooting for the proper wording but I’m more than sure that I will get a HA, HA LETTER back as that’s what they always send me.
    R.T. can you give me some ideas as to what I should say that will hit home?
    I have tryed the Tainted letter bit but it seems to go nowhere.
    Thank you R.T for sharing this with us. I too will be waiting in the front row to see what happens. I hope Slaughter House Sue LOOSES HER A$$$.


  17. Great story here RT. I just love ya and I have never met ya.! Im so thankful to read all this, getting involved, and learning more about how devious Sue and dorkead are.


  18. All,
    You have to see what is going on in Congress. We have 108 co-sponsors in the House now and my own Rep. said he is filing the paperwork too. Unfortunately the Senate hasn’t changed but I think they might be in recess. Lets hope its a landslide and when our bills pass no horses will be going on the long truck trips. Not even the wild ones. We need to get our Congressmen/women on board NOW!!!


    • Who would have thought Yahoo, and the black-hearts of Horse Slaughter would be the impetus to get our Legislators to move in the right direction. Thanks to EVERYONE, who has spoken up, written down, typed and reposted. We are strong together!


  19. So well written..Thank you.. And perfect timing. Able to post just under the Yahoo story, that is being forwarded from state to state and nation to nation. Already almost 4000 comments.. Mostly from outraged Americans. We should be diligent about reading those comments and correcting things that are invalid. I think this may become the turning point and a great day.


  20. I just opened my home page on the internet which is the MSNBC news page and this story was on the top of the page. You can get to it probably by going to: or it could be found maybe by just going to The Bottomline News and looking for this story, “Horse meat may be back on the menu. The comments added to this story became enough for me that I quit looking after about a half a dozen. There were comments used in the story line from both Suzie and Dave also.


    • Yahoo had the same report.. Blowing up the internet. MSNBC’s comment site..shut down. this could be the best day for horses ever. Keep the comments coming out in public.. Let them know the truth about Horse Slaughter.. Inhumane..Toxic.. Does not stop neglect or starvation..Overbreeding is responsible; and Only the most greedy associations and corporations internationally support this action… Americans are against it over 70%.


  21. By the way when I talked to my Rep.s office she remembered me that this bill was only good for a year then it has to go back to Congress. so what investor in their right mind would spend millions on opening a new plant and not know if it will make it another year. I think Wallis and her sidekick saying that more then 10 investors is a bunch of horse poop. They are just trying to make us think we are beaten. So do you guys think we are beaten??? I heard the BIG LOUD NO!!!


    • No Lynn, No now not ever… equine slaughter has no place in the USA or anywhere in the world. People buying and eating slaughtered horses should be made aware of all the deadly chemicals they are eating.


  22. Is it to late to stop this bill from passing? I call my Rep. and Con. and they were on the floor voting, I don’t know if this was one of the bills, I pray not. Let me know if it hasn’t been pass yet. Thanks


  23. Thank you for taking this issue head-on. I know the page you mean, and it keeps cluttering up my newsfeed on Facebook as appalled friends share the graphic images asking “can you believe someone posted this?!” Pictures of horses cut up, a dead leg on the ground, and hunks of muscle — and whatever other graphic images they can find. What they don’t realize is that the other 99.9% of us who aren’t suffering some sort of psychiatric pathology find graphic depictions of violence to horses distasteful. But there is a silver lining: these extremists are making their entire cause look bad. And the worse they make themselves look, the easier it should be to convince anyone who is undecided to stay away from their violent and unnecessary cause.

    As a side note: to anyone who knows which Facebook group this is, I have an answer for you to make it go away. The “Report Abuse” link, when clicked by enough people, will shut down a facebook group automatically.

    I admit I am discouraged when I see funding for horsemeat inspections sneak back into a federal bill. But I hold out hope: in upcoming years, I strongly believe the industry within US borders is dying. It comes down to a very simple thing: the meat made of our riding horses absolutely CANNOT meat the E.U. food safety laws. It’s illegal to be sold in the EU. And it’s only a matter of time before EU authorities wise up to the lies the horse meat processing plants in the US are telling. Americans aren’t going to willingly accept the expense & burden of a euro-style “passport” system for horses, and we sure aren’t giving up our access to common drugs like bute. Horsemeat produced in North America is no longer profitable if made *only* from horses raised for meat specifically. Horsemeat production from our riding horses is just about dead.




  25. It’s like a big wrapped gift under the tree–shake it,tap it,pull the ribbon—tear the paper…….can’t wait ! Thanks RT…waiting…..
    On another note—-I am really pissed off that USDA has slapped a big fine on Ringling Bros. Circus for elephant abuse–but BLM can run a horse for 2 hours and when she goes down exhausted they shoot her. Now that not equal justice–USDA ought to go after BLM for abuse. Send the elephant back to Africa–it’s an invasive species.


  26. Thank you so much, R.T., for all your hard work, & that of all horse lovers & advocates! Thank you for sharing this very witty post with us. My only hope is that horse slaughter in America will NOT EVER return!! In my opinion, a complete ban on horse slaughter, &, a ban on exporting horses to other countries for slaughter needs to be put into law, ASAP!! I am more than willing to fight for this cause, I am also willing to give up my own “freedom”, if need be, to stop the return of horse slaughter. I will, somehow, stop “them” before they can even think of starting! And, yes, that WAS a threat. I live in Missouri, & if they try to build anywhere within a 100 mile radius of my home & family, I WILL stop them! (Hopefully, with a little help!). We, the people, are very weary & tired of all the government’s lies, &, of them not listening to us. Thanks for letting me vent, keep us posted, & God Bless you! 🙂


  27. Love your stories on Slaughter House Sue and her Merry Dimwit Dave. I still don’t think they have a clue and should have their 501status pulled especially after their Debaucle after the NFR.


  28. RT I love you work and all that you do for Americas horses, and thank you for getting that awful facebook page taken off. Those people are the scum of the earth and it makes me sick to even see their names. I love your book and your blog but I hope that you will put more time toward our horses than SS and DD. They set out to pull your attention away from what matters most and every dollar you spend on them is a dollar less to spend on OUR horses. I don’t mean to criticize because I love you and Terry and everything you have done and continue to do. Happy holidays! XOXOXOX


  29. Now that I’ve finally picked myself up off the floor from convulsing laughter, I want to thank you for this update. You’re one Kool Kat R.T., and the vacuous SS and Doink will not have boots high enough for all the crap they will encounter 😉


  30. One fact you will discover in Discovery, is that the alliance just officially announced by United Horsemen, is business partners with “Bouvry.”

    Bouvry is the Belgian company that owns Canadian slaughter plants. The Canadian organization is deceptively called “Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada.” Read their list of Partners. There was an official announcement about the UH/HWAC partnership, but Canadians have known of the alliance for ages. If you go right to the bottom of the Partners page (because the bottom is where slime is found), you’ll see the United Horsemen link.

    In the past, Sue Wallis has called HWAC “our counterpart to the North.” It’s now official. Both orgs are in business with big slaughter business.


  31. PS I almost forgot. In that list of horse killers, you’ll find NAERIC. Also deceptively named: “North American Equine Ranchers.” PMU farmers. Note that most Canadian equine federations are also Partners. This is HUGE business.


  32. Some day we must meet…A man with such great descriptive passion for calling soft-skulled, mouth breathers what they are…that would be, soft skulled, mouth breathers that run in circles. Join Mr. Dissapointment Valley for a vacation and we may have that chance, over a bottle of Guinness. Love your comments- it’s gotta feel so good to get them out there.


  33. Hurrahhh! for the horses.Can I help Kick the chair out from under them now that they have hung themselves-Please..Just visited a group of starved,neglected well bred Arabs that we are trying to help and prosecute the BREEDER who left them in such a mess!This has certainly brightened my day.Thank you R.T. for your patience to wait for them to screw up so royally and being prepared to pounce.I see large herds of “horse lovers”descending on their representatives and demandind justice and safety for our equine brethren.Thank you.


  34. Denise, I followed the link that you posted. I was about to post this in the comments, but wasn’t sure that it tells the WHOLE story well enough for those that have been following it.:

    This is the Environmental Assessment used to justify the Calico roundup which is going on, as we speak. Horses have already been killed. One was a Mare that panicked and broke her neck:

    Click to access Calico%20EA.pdf

    Read the comments from the public and then read BLM’s response:

    Click to access Response%20to%20Comments.pdf

    RESPONSE TO COMMENTS Calico Mountains Complex‐Wild Horse Capture Plan Environmental Assessment, DOI‐BLM‐NV‐W030‐2010‐0001‐EA
    In excess of 10,000 comments were received from individuals, organizations and agencies following the issuance of the Calico Mountains Complex‐Wild Horse Capture Plan Preliminary Environmental Assessment, DOI‐BLM‐NV‐W030‐2010‐0001EA. Greater than 9,500 of the comment letters received were one of three form letters. All comment letters were reviewed and considered and resulted in approximately 25 unique substantive comments. Substantive comments were utilized to finalize the EA as appropriate. BLMs responses to the comments received are identified in the table below. Comments received were organized into the following general categories:


  35. Ah, discovery. What a wonderful thing it is! While practicing as an equine appraiser, I did quite a bit of work in the area of discovery, and learned that something criminals usually do when alerted that the process of discovery is about to begin, is to try to destroy their incriminating documents. The problem is that the removal of those docs leaves great big giant holes in the paper trails that they’re trying to cover, and that gets them in more hot water than ever! The documents that are missing can be as revealing as those that aren’t. Can’t wait to learn what discovery process lays in your lap. Good readin’. Good readin’.


  36. Can’t wait until the “discovery”. That is so funny you made them drop their Facebook and blog. Their lawyer must have warned them about libel and lies.


  37. R. T.,
    Thanks for being a light willing to shine on the under belly of humanity.

    And Terry,

    For being the everpresent spark

    From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of a wild-hearted BLM refugee and a quirky little Quarab,



  38. Well, it certainly earned you another Kindle Book sale. I didn’t even know about your book until I followed a link to this blog from FB.

    I do hospice for a living, so I tend to stay calm in the face of just about anything. I’m talking this news of potential horse slaughter in the US with quiet determination. I take heart in that the firestorm over this issue, and the underhanded way that it came about, may be the best way to get a law banning all horse slaughter and transport of horses across borders for slaughter illegal. One has been languishing in the Senate, and this may be the wave that gets it moving again. I also take heart in knowing that this bill only lasts 1 year and I am sure that many people will insist that the ban be reinstated if a law banning horse slaughter has not already been passed.

    I think Ms. Wallace is full of it when she says that they’re ready to go. What investor is going to put a dime into a business that has a very good chance of being closed down in 12 months? I don’t think so.

    On a more personal note, I am very moved by the book and I can share my own story. In 2008, when my father was dying of kidney failure, my brother called me to tell me that it would be that day sometime, very soon. I was at the boarding farm where we keep our horses when I got the news. The owner of the farm had put up a temporary fence to let the old timers (my old gelding Smoke and another old horse named Rock) mow the front lawn, and I was up by the house when my brother called. After I hung up the phone, I sat down under a tree by the house. Smoke came and stood over me. He stood guard over me as I sat there, waiting to get the call from my brother that my father had died. Every now and then, Smoke would lower his head and touch me with his nose. He knew, and he didn’t move until I finally got up and went into the house.

    When the barn owner gave me one of the foals born in 2009, I named him Jersey Traveler in honor of my father because that was his CB handle when he drove truck as a young man.


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