Equine Rescue

Doing Something Different

by Jerry Finch ~ from the pages of the Habitat for Horses Blog

Beautiful Horses Coming to a Home Near You

It’s time to try something different.

Packed and Ready to Go

Someone once said something along the lines of, “If you keep doing the same thing over and over again there is no reason why you should expect a different outcome.” Every week we adopt out horses – two last week, three the week before – and every week we bring in more horses – four last week, five the week before.

That’s a perfect example of spinning the wheels – all that effort and we end up further behind thanevery before.

Thus: (Trumpets play, choir sings, enter the dancers)

Habitat for Horses announces…. No adoption fees on ranch horses and donkeys!

For a limited time, Habitat for Horses is waiving all adoption fees for horses and donkeys adopted from the ranch. The requirements for adoption remain the same and there is still a $35 application fee, but there will be no adoption fees on our available ranch equine.

If you ever had your eye on a horse, now’s the time to act. I doubt and hope that we never do this again, but we absolutely must do whatever it takes to reduce the load at the ranch.

The details are simple – the horses on the website have adoption fees. Those residing at the ranch are now set at $0. This doesn’t apply to horses in foster homes. All the rest of the rules remain the same – application fee, background check – and if you feel that you would like to make a donation, I don’t believe we would turn it down.  You still have to provide your own transportation. (Someone in New Mexico asked why we couldn’t deliver two horses to her without charge. Seriously. )

Speaking of donations, thanks to all the wonderful folks who signed up at Just A Dollar A Week  We’re deeply thankful for every single donated dollar.

Link this on Facebook, tweet about it, let’s work together to spread the word. Maybe a friend of a friend has been looking for a horse. This is a perfect time to make it happen.

Habitat for Horses, Inc.
P.O. Box 213
Hitchcock, TX 77563

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  1. They are all so special and beautiful in their own ways. I hope they find GOOD homes where they can be loved and respected the way they should be. It’s very sad to see your aticles and not cry for these horses. I couldn’t imagine what they could be thinking of us as humans. I hope they know we aren’t all like the cruel BLM and abusers that walk these lands.


  2. I hope your new attempts to find loving homes for the horses and donkeys go over with a bang. I know if I lived close and had the facilities, I would be visiting to bring at least one home. God Bless You for all you do for these beautiful animals. THey deserve so much better than what they are experiencing — and damn the humans for doing it to them. May God see that this travesty comes to an end REAL SOON.


  3. That is such a generous offer. I hope I got it properly posted on Facebook. A lot of my Texas friends go there.
    Good luck in finding wonderful homes.


  4. Joe at TB Friends decided to do this a while back….only cost transport and if you can’t keep the equine….the equine comes back to TB Friends.

    Hang in the Jerry. I made my donation 2 weeks ago, but may decide for the. “Buck a Week” Club (I think that’s what the deal was)….still remember the Grace Fund.

    Tough times call for tough people….imagine if a thousand people donated $4 bucks a month. I know it would help.

    Paucity of responses here…hmmmm. Where’d all the outraged Cheyenne people go???????


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