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Horse-Haters: Put Up or Shut Up

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

HfH Founder Issues Challenge to the Dregs of the Equine Industry

They like to call themselves “Pro-Slaughter” as if there is an ounce of good in them but the bunch that supports the uncivilized practice of brutally slaughtering companion horses and then feasting upon their carcasses has nothing “Pro” about them, in fact they are about as “Anti” as you can get: Anti-Horse, Anti-Eduction, Anti-Truth, Anti-Morals and above all, Anti-American.  They speak to all that is wrong with our society as they pervert and twist our governmental processes for the sake of a few extra coins in their pockets as they torment the gentle equine soul and spout untruths, lies, rumor and innuendo as if it were fact and one American has called them out and said enough is enough.

Jerry Finch, founder and President of Habitat for Horses has publicly issued a challenge to the horse-eaters which simply stated says, “Give me one logical, ethical and scientifically proven fact why we should slaughter horses and I will give you a cool one thousand dollars and publicly apologize for my years of battling you.”  The gauntlet has been thrown down and do you think Jerry is going to get any takers, or better yet, winners…not in a million years.  Facts, laws and science send these livestock fans gone bad screaming into the hills while hurling cuss words and babble over their shoulders as they run for cover.  Like roaches in their kitchens when the light comes on they skitter away to hide in the dark filth.  No one will ever claim the prize as between the bunch of them they don’t have enough common sense to come in out of the rain.  So confident am I that the club of horse-killers will fail that I offer Jerry insurance, clear and simple, should by some stroke of devilish evil a horse-eating cultist concoct a sane reason to slaughter a friend and eat their flesh then I will donate $1,000.00 to HfH to reimburse the loss so your challenge is in the good hands of the R.T. Insurance and Feed Store, Jerry, but I believe we will be sitting under a pecan tree and sipping on Wrangler Iced Teas laughing our silly backsides off versus digging into our wallets.  These dolts just don’t have what it takes.

One clear indication of the weakness of their stance is the leaders that they have chosen to mindlessly follow on their quest for moral degradation and depravity; Wyoming Rep. Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette.  These two obscure individuals have only one  infamous claim to fame and that is their almost sexual attraction to the blood of American equines be they domestic or wild; if not for that black blotch on humanity no one outside of their immediate circle of family and limited friends would ever have known who they are.   And answer me this, if you will, where are their credentials, their degrees, their certifications, their status in noted professional associations and documentation that verifies that have the education, training and professional practice and expertise to make the blanket statements and public claims to be subject matter experts on equines, law, medicine, research, science, business, economics, animal husbandry, meta-physics or any noted skill or claim to fame for that matter.  Once again, nada, zip, zero, nothing.

Jerry has called them out, challenged them to crawl out from underneath their respective moss covered rocks and quantitatively qualify their stance and I add my voice to that challenge.  Come on Dave and Sue, prove your point.  You have the forum and Jerry has our attention, put your money where your mouths are…wide open and usually full of deceit.  We are all ears and awaiting your public reply, but I am not going to hold my breath as I hope to live long and enjoy a nice retirement free of equine abuse, neglect, slaughter and the likes of you.  Your days are numbered, our numbers are growing and they are going to continue to swell as your lack of a moral compass sends you into a tailspin to oblivion and I want to stand on the edge of that abyss and applaud as you disappear into the darkness.

The Force of the Horse is NOT on your side and we can see clean through you from one ear to the other, so, again, answer the challenge and for one last time “Put up or SHUT UP!!!”

Click (HERE) to read the Challenge from HfH

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  1. Waiting with baited breath (not really) to see if there are any horse haters up to the challenge. I doubt it.
    Love the new look for your page R.T., or is it not knew and I was just too tired to notice before?


  2. Its a very cool new look, and what a great challenge, Ill quit too if they come up with one scientifically supported fact.

    Wait, Id like to win a thousand dollars. Can I give it a try?

    Ummm it is humane?
    Umm it is good for horse welfare?
    It will solve world hunger?
    Umm it is healthy for you?

    Did I win anything?


  3. As you were commenting on lack of expertise, I just had to look up Horse-eater Sue’s Bio. You are right! NO degree at all. Under the heading, “Professional Experience”..She states; “Executive Director, Cowboy State Free Press.
    Vice President/Chief Operating Officers, United Horsemen,”

    You won’t believe her campaign motto: “”The Problem? Incivility, Selfishness, Irresponsibility…The Solution? Abundant, Accurate, Relevant Information.””

    I thought I would barf!


    • Yes, she had a huge grant for start up money for the Cowboy State Free Press, which was nothing more than a mouthpiece for her, and she ran it straight into the ground. Most folks start up a paper from scratch and the best build it into something but this one pissed away the money and killed the enterprise because she does not have one once of business sense. And now, she has quit the United Horsemen so she can pursue the “business end” of starting up a slaughterhouse, with her lack of common sense and credentials I guess the horses will be pretty safe for quite some time.


      • exposing how much of grant money was wasted at the local level, and federal/state level would go a long way to discredit these people at the political level.

        far as business goes, I think the wallis family have meat livestock ranches, remember reading they also bred draft mix horses. Just like Dorkett the horse trainer/breeder..both probably have bred and sent horses to slaughter, as part of their business for many, many years. wish there was a way to expose the sea of bones on their back acres.


  4. Bravo RT Also been waiting for this A Debate WOW…. This is awesome < a challenge wooo hooo, Go Get UM RT and advocates………………………………. I am up for this for sure !!!!! all you will get is the rantings of fools…………..


    • Jerry threw the gauntlet down, I am only backing up his effort…still, they have not responded. In fact, someone posted Jerry’s challenge on Wallis and Duquette’s United Horseman’s Facebook page and Davie Doink deleted it, after calling Jerry a dumbass, nice President, eh?


  5. This is a great looking page R.T.
    I also will await the great debate, but I will be in my grave before they will be able to come up with an civil answer about making this humane. THANK YOU


  6. I know in my logical mind that we anti-slaughter people are absolutely correct in our stance. But it’s surreal to me that this issue is even being debated by anyone. I understand the freaks who buy horses and squeezed them into overcrowded, short trailers to drive them to slaughter; they are criminals with psychopathic personalities. But for this opportunity, they would be engaging in some other criminal activity. What I can’t wrap my head around is the “other” horse industry people who may try and answer the challenge or who go on about business every day and think this is all okay. Even if and when no one answers the challenge, they will still advocate this practice. WTH!!!!


  7. I love it! Finally, let them put up or shut up. I guess its like those who contend that the concentration camps never existed in Europe. Its very sad that so many people are so uniformed about horse slaughter and its apparent that some people just don’t give a rats a– about their care or what happens to them. Some of these see them as property only. How sad and misled! The challenge is great, but we’ll see if they climb out of their holes. I would be willing to bet, none of them will because they are a bunch of cowards, along with the other hypecritical horse people who are waiting for their time to feed at the trough.


  8. 1 .How about Dr. Grandin’s circular pen for the horses to walk in til they get to the kill box? Only one at a time and its sound proof so the horses can’t hear the screams of the dying horse or when he collapses.

    2. How about a smell proof room where the horses are bled out–those smells can’t be smelt by those waiting there turn in the kill box.

    3. How about making sure you ACTUALLY KNOCK the horse out BEFORE cutting him up????

    4. Only legal American’s can work in a slaughter house???

    My answers and please feel free to add to them!

    1. Not sure that that circular pen would be at all helpful for a flight animal. And I can’t think of anyone who would take time to help the horses calm down. Then add to that the horses aren’t fed or watered, they don’t know one another and will fight. Sound proof room sounds good on paper but the cost involved? These places are in the business to make money NOT spend money.

    2. Horses smell fear. It isn’t a smell like perfume–one that you can disguise. No amount of air freshner will remove the scent of fear. Horses know when things aren’t right. A rider gets scared–then the horse does because he knows the rider has just lost it. No way to hide fear.

    3. Can you say DUH!!!! Slaughter exists right now in Southern FL (although its TOTALLY illegal), Mexico and Canada. And they still can’t manage it! Why would anyone think this would change because the law did???? If they can’t or won’t do it today–that’s not going to change because someone said they could slaughter horses.

    4. Other than Doink and SS and their small band of cronies with maybe one or two Senators tossed in I can’t think of too many American’s that would willingly take this job.


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