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Update: WHFF Founders Carry “Stop the Wild Horse & Burro Stampedes” Message to DC

Dear fellow equine advocates;

We wrote to you last month regarding the frustration and agitation surfacing in common everyday Americans over the rapid and unnecessary roundup and removal of federally protected wild horses and burros from their rightful public land has been growing exponentially.

Said frustration has pushed average citizens, such as ourselves, to extraordinary measures in an effort to either facilitate dialogue with the offending governmental agencies or to effect change through legal litigation in an effort to insist that the violators follow the very laws they are charged to uphold. To date, our efforts have paled in light of the intensity and volume of disputed roundups and continued mismanagement of the very equines that the Bureau of Land Management is tasked to protect.

From our personal perspective, Terry and I have had enough. Our fight through Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF) is ongoing but we are turning up the volume by hand-carrying at least 7,000 individual letters to the President asking him to “Stop the Stampedes” so that appropriate science and sound management techniques can be applied before our western states are devoid of America’s most treasured national icons; our wild horses and burros.

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