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Restoring the Takhi

from the pages of trueCOWBOY magazine – Sandwiched between Russia to the north and China to the south the vast, untouched grass covered mountains and plains of Outer Mongolia have been and still are today the perfect setting and habitat for all things equine. It is here, half way around the globe, an emerging democratic country is turning the clock back in an effort to return to the wild an exquisite creature that was allowed to go extinct many decades ago; the prehistoric Takhi (Przewalski’s horse) of Outer Mongolia is making a comeback

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Wild Horses Evoke Deep Feelings

But wild horses touch something inside us, something uncommon, something special, something uniquely connected to them. Something for which we have no name, which bears no surprise considering we struggle with everything about the animals, even identity and name.

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Raw Video Update: The Takhi, Wild Horses of Mongolia

I lot of good folks have been asking for a few media updates from our horseback trek and research trip in Outer Mongolia and with Terry just getting back to the U.S. and me still out of the country we have been struggling with pulling together all the photos and video for your review.

To add to the headache is that I do not have my hands on my normal video editing program but none the less, please find inserted here a rather raw look at some of the fruits of our labor while we attempted to locate and photograph the reintroduced, primitive wild horses of Mongolia, the Takhi.

Please note; no helicopters, fences or traps.

Calming for one’s soul.

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Animal’s Angels Auction Goes Live

Still looking for the perfect gift? Animal’s Angels have received some incredible artwork from remarkable wild horse photographers such as Carol Walker, Terry Fitch, Cat Kindsfather, Melody Perez, Katleen Selig, Ellen Holcumb, Craig Downer, and many more, who kindly donated their works to support our cause. The proceeds of this auction will be used to help finance a wild horse investigation. Please check out the listings (HERE)

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Amateur Wild Horse Photographer Picked as Finalist in Photo Contest

Once again I am proud to report that my wife, Terry, has several photos that have been selected by the nominating committee of the Equine Ideal: Winter 2012 Photography Contest as finalists in their annual online competition. In the past she has won honors for a head shot of a rescued horse (click HERE) as we, with Habitat for Horses, released him at Willie Nelson’s ranch on his first day of adopted bliss. Last year she won ribbons (click HERE) for a shot of the famed wild horses of the Pryor Mountains and this year she is up for ribbons on two different head shots of our very own Pele who was rescued from a slaughter auction through the efforts of Habitat for Horses. Pele is half quarter horse and from the neck up he is pure wild horse, we can see the beauty that heralds back to his wild roots as he glides across our pastures in play.

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Contraceptives For Wild Horses Are Just What The Government Ordered

Here’s a $70-80 million-dollar-a-year welfare program sure to bring out the wild beast in every taxpayer, regardless of religious or political affiliation. Private accommodations for unwed mothers, fathers and their offspring? Check. Free food? Check. Free contraceptives, sterilization and medical care? Check. Check. Check.

Before you go accusing Obamacare of promoting immoral behavior at taxpayer expense, let me clarify a few things: The program got started under the Nixon administration; its recipients have been protected by law since 1971; and it’s brought to you by a government agency usually associated with allowing large oil and mining companies to despoil public lands without paying either you or me or the rest of the public much for the privilege.

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Equine Advocates Take Horse Slaughter Debate To Air Waves

HOUSTON – The horse-flesh back of the Fitch’s Magnolia home is considered “family”.

No question about it.

“All four of these guys were throw away horses,” said Terry Fitch as she kissed a nuzzling gelding.

Even the possibility their “friends” could some day reach a dinner table in Belgium or France has spurred a need for the Fitch’s to fight.

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