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High Winds Grant Twin Peaks Wild Horses a Stay in BLM Stampede

SUSANVILLE, CA (SFTHH) Although the mean beating of helicopter blades was heard across a portion the public lands north of Susanville not a single wild horse was witnessed being captured this day. Press and public alike were sequestered on a small, hillside lookout above a temporary horse trap in the valley below. Although the observation area was closer than in days past it was impossible to see the trap and chute in its entirety, due to vegetation, and observers were forced to fight for viewing spots behind the limited jute rope observation location. Unlike the access that was granted to the New York Times only 48 hours earlier the press was held a considerable distance from what would be considered fair and appropriate access as set by the earlier precedence.

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Wild Horse Whispers

Our engaged, reading public has not heard much out of us the past several days but that is not all bad news. We have been traveling in an effort to bring you, our honorable readership, the latest up to date information on the plight of our American icons from several locations at once. Terry is in one spot and I have been traveling, internationally, to get to another. By tomorrow night, we may have some news for you, Monday for sure.

I do not advertise where I am for a variety of reasons but suffice it to say that in the past 30 hours I have put 24,000 miles under my belt with a few more to reconcile with in the morning.

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The Veteran, the Horse and the Lessons Learned

Many young people, just as I once did, trust in their government to such an extent that they pledge to die for their country and then swear allegiance to a supreme commander who has never made such a commitment nor worn the uniform. These, our the young Americans, who to this day defend you, me, our country, it’s laws and all of the icons that represent this great land of ours. From sea to shining sea, the plains, the mountains and all the creatures that make our country so special. One of those great and powerful icons is the horse, both domestic and wild as their ancestors carried the likes of Paul Revere, George Washington at the birth of this land to set us free from former oppressors. Without the horse, the United States of America would never be.

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Wild Horses and Burros Please Take Me Away

Last night I did something that I normally don’t do when I sit down to write, I lost my temper. My wife, Terry, has taught me to think twice before I hit the send key and usually I am pretty good about following that rule. But last night I was so ticked that I couldn’t even see straight.

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Photo of Willie Nelson Adopted Horse Wins Award

HOUSTON (SFTHH) – A photo snapped the first few minutes that a newly adopted horse was released on Willie Nelson’s Texas ranch gained notice at the Equine Ideal 2010 Winter Photo Contest. Sponsored by the Equine Photographers Network the black and white photo titled “First Bite” by Terry Fitch of Magnolia, Texas has won the “Peoples Choice Award”.

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Willie Nelson Tired of all the Horses Asses

by R.T. Fitch  In a recent People.pets article legendary country performer Willie Nelson was quoted  as asking, “Why are there more horses asses than there are horses?”  The celebrity’s frustration is echoed across the country as the federal government’s Bureau of Land Management are rounding up the last […]

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