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High Winds Grant Twin Peaks Wild Horses a Stay in BLM Stampede

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch

Cattoor Chopper Grounded Due to High Winds

Actress Wendie Malick speaks to BLM officials at observation location ~ Photo by R.T. Fitch

SUSANVILLE, CA (SFTHH)  Although the mean beating of helicopter blades was heard across a portion the public lands north of Susanville not a single wild horse was witnessed being captured this day.  Press and public alike were sequestered on a small, hillside lookout above a temporary horse trap in the valley below.  Although the observation area was closer than in days past it was impossible to see the trap and chute in its entirety, due to vegetation, and observers were forced to fight for viewing spots behind the limited jute rope observation location.  Unlike the access that was granted to the New York Times only 48 hours earlier the press was held a considerable distance from what would be considered fair and appropriate access as set by the earlier precedence.

Present were correspondents and photographers from Horseback Magazine, New York Times, HSUS, actress Wendie Malick and additional citizen, wild horse welfare advocates.

Although most would consider the day to be a bust the general mood of the observation team was one of elation as many wild horses would be able to spend yet another day on their rightful land in the state that both God and Congress intended them to be, free and with their families.

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  1. RT, anyone interview the courageous lady who spoke with the BLM ranchers? Can we get her story? she stood by the photographer and NYT lady..sure would like that story…


  2. Thank you all, for your vigilance. I LOVE the first three words of your headline:
    I pray that we will soon see those same words in the headlines, followed by one more: “PERMANENTLY!”
    Praying for the winds to blow freedom for our ‘stangs!!!!
    Thanks again, R.T. ❤


  3. First of all, I can’t wait to be out on the front lines with you. And secondly, that’s AWESOME! What a wonderful sign from the “powers that really be”! Thank you all SO much for your tireless dedication and wonderful souls! God Bless you all!!


  4. If only Cattoor and evil company would afford the horses the same concern for their safety that they extend to their pilots and their terrible flying machine. I do believe the day is coming when we will see that headline Susan.


  5. I am NOT a mean person, however I believe in UNIVERSAL JUSTICE,……one of these days perhaps the Catoor Chopper will CRASH…..Justice will be served!


  6. I hope the NYT folks took note that they were held back with the others this time, and that the observers’ view of the chute and trap was considerably lacking.


  7. I hope the CATTOORS & BLM all get the time in prison they deserve for murdering Americas living legends – their corruption, cruelty & ignorance and greed knows no bounds !


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