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No Independence Day for U.S. National Icons: Wild Horses and Burros

It is July 4th, 2011 and I am allowed the brief respite of reflecting upon the past, some forty years ago, when on the 4th of July, 1971 an exuberant, healthy young man was contemplating what the future would hold for himself, his country and the world. Fresh out of High School and fully enlisted in the United States Air Force this novice to the realities of life was only two days away from shipping out to boot camp and the vast mystery of military service in the United States Armed Forces.

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Sgt Reckless: Korean War Horse Hero Video

Story of Sgt Reckless, a horse so heroic during the Korean war she was promoted to Staff Sergeant by the Commandant of the US Marine Corps, and is listed alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and John Wayne as one of our all-time heroes.

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Bill to Ban Double Decker Horse Trailers Introduced

WASHINGTON — The Humane Society of the United States commends Sens. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., and Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., for introducing S. 1281, the Horse Transportation Safety Act of 2011, an important measure to improve safety for horses during transport. The legislation would prohibit the interstate transportation of horses in a motor vehicle containing two or more levels stacked on top of one another. This bill is backed by organizations in the veterinary medical community, the agriculture industry and animal welfare groups, and is supported by a recommendation in a new Government Accountability Office report released last week which stated that a ban on the use of double-decker trailers for transport to slaughter would “protect horses through more of the transportation chain to slaughter.”

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The Way Forward on Horse Welfare

The Government Accountability Office released a new report yesterday, “Horse Welfare: Action Needed to Address Unintended Consequences from Cessation of Domestic Slaughter,” and some proponents of horse slaughter are using it as a rallying cry to re-open equine abattoirs on American soil. But the GAO report is a lot more nuanced than the horse slaughterindustry suggests, and the report provides some good insights into better policy solutions for horse welfare. And it confirms what we have long known: that shipping horses long distances in double-decker trailers and killing them for food exports isn’t good for the horses.

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Horse Slaughter to Remain Illegal in House Bill

Update June 16, 2011: By a vote of 215-200, the U.S. House of Representatives approved H.R. 2112, the 2012 agriculture appropriations bill.

Rep. Jim Moran’s amendment made in committee remained intact in the final version.

Under Rep. Moran’s amendment, inspections required for horses bound for slaughter for human consumption will remain de-funded as they have been since 2006. This means if the House version becomes law, commercial horse slaughter for human consumption will remain illegal.

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Wild Horses: “D” is for Destroy, Devastate and Decimate – the BLM’s plan for Wyoming’s Wild Horses

This morning the Rock Springs, Wyoming BLM office published a Decision Record for the White Mountain and Little Colorado Herd Areas.

Here it is:


Normally these decision records come as no surprise – despite thousands of comments from the public against the roundup, (over 7000 in this case) usually the Alternative A is chosen, what the BLM wanted all along: bringing the herd numbers down to the lower end of AML, using birth control on the mares, and more recently, a crude twist – skewing the sex ration favoring stallions over mares.

Not this time.

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